One of the K-pop groups that is so productive and diligently working hard is the group called The Boyz. It is a group consisting of eleven talented members that made its debut in 2017. The Boyz were working hard during the year 2020 when the pandemic started. The Boyz joined the competition show called Road to Kingdom and won first place. They also had a comeback by releasing an extended play and a full album in 2020. Not to mention, they released an album in Japan in March 2021, and they participated in Kingdom which started filming in 2021. However, we’re not going to talk about how productive and energetic The Boyz is. Instead, we’ll be talking about one of the members who works even harder since he also has individual projects besides The Boyz’s activities. It’s Lee Jaehyun or Hyunjae from The Boyz! So, let’s get to know Hyunjae from The Boyz better in the sections below!

The Boyz’s Hyunjae’s Profile

We talked about how active The Boyz has been even though we’re facing a crisis in the pandemic. Even during hard times, The Boyz makes sure that fans, The B, are in good condition by releasing projects such as a new song, participating in survival shows, aand appearing in dramas. Hyunjae is also one of the members of The Boyz who is not only active in The Boyz but also individually. Hyunjae started his debut as an actor by starring in a drama, following another member in The Boyz who made his acting debut, Younghoon. In The Boyz, Hyunjae is the visual and is in charge of the lead vocalist and lead rapper positions. Hyunjae is one of the Bermuda visuals in The Boyz. Along with Younghoon and Juyeon, the three of them make the triangle of gorgeous visuals in The Boyz. But, Hyunjae is not all about his handsome face, he’s also a talented vocalist and dancer, and he sometimes raps. So, let’s see the full profile of Hyunjae down below! Full Name: Lee Jaehyun Korean Stage Name: 현재 Korean Real Name: 이재현 Stage Name: Hyunjae Nickname: Jangku, Cheonhyenaem, Hyenaem, Jjakjae, Small Jaehyun, Eater, Joke Bear, etc. Birthplace: Songso-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 179.7 cm Weight: 62 kg Foot size: 265- 270 mm Birthdate: September 13, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Ox Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer MBTI Type: ENFJ-A Blood Type: B Hobbies: Exercising, watching hero movies, eating chicken, etc. Family: Father, mother, older sister Debut: 2017 Agency: Crek.ker Entertainment

The Boyz’s Hyunjae’s Facts

So, after reading his profile, Hyunjae’s real name is actually not Hyunjae. Instead, his real name is Jaehyun and he goes by Hyunjae for his stage name. You probably wonder why. Well, you will find the answer soon! There are more things about Hyunjae that you should know. Let’s see the interesting facts about Hyunjae!

Hyunjae likes chicken, and even when he was a trainee, he ate chicken a lot of times a week. Hyunjae is in charge of the visuals of The Boyz because of his natural beauty. Hyunjae likes Bart from The Simpsons. Hyunjae likes melon as his favorite food. Hyunjae’s favorite colors are black and blue. Hyunjae doesn’t like perfumes, but he said that his favorite scents are the smell of his house and the smell of his dog Darongie. Before he debuted as Hyunjae, he wanted his stage name to be Lee Hanbit but the company was against it. Hyunjae is good at sports. According to Juyeon, Hyunjae’s skills in all sports are above average. Hyunjae is confident with everything if it involves his body, including sports, dancing, playing games, etc. Hyunjae said that Darongie, his dog, doesn’t seem to like him because he lived in the dorm for years and hasn’t been home for quite a long time.

The Boyz’s Hyunjae’s Pre-Debut

We have seen the profile and the list of Hyunjae’s interesting facts. We learned that Hyunjae wasn’t born in Seoul, and he transferred schools in high school, which was probably caused by the fact that he got accepted as a trainee and he had to move to Seoul. But, you might be wondering how did Hyunjae get into becoming a K-pop idol? Where did he come from? A lot of questions could be popping up in your mind about the history of Hyunjae, so, instead of just wondering, let’s see the full story of pre-debut Hyunjae right here! As you may have known from his profile, even though it looks like a real name, his real name is not Hyunjae, instead, it’s Jaehyun. Hyunjae’s stage name came from the reversal of his real name. But, Hyunjae in Korean means present. So, that’s why you will often hear Hyunjae introduce himself as the present or see the gift emoji refer to him since Hyunjae is the present of The Boyz. Hyunjae was born and raised in Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. Hyunjae lived with his parents as well as his older sister. His family also raised a dog named Darongie. Hyunjae was born on September 13, 1997. From elementary school until high school, he attended the school Shinsong. As a child, Hyunjae always became the jokester in his class. Hyunjae likes to perform in front of people. No wonder that his MBTI type is ENFJ, his personality has always been an extrovert since he was a child. Hyunjae was also popular with the nickname small Jaehyun. That is because there was also one of his friends who was named Jaehyun in his middle school. However, the small Jaehyun has grown bigger now. When Hyunjae was in high school, he attended Shinsong High School majoring in the science department. He has been a fan of science and math since he was a child. If he didn’t join an audition, he probably would be majoring in science at a university. But, we don’t know if that would have happened or not because Hyunjae passed an audition in 2014 as a trainee in LOEN Entertainment, the same agency as the popular singer IU at the time. Hyunjae who was in high school at the time had to leave his hometown, family, and his high school mates. Since he would be moving to Seoul, Hyunjae transferred to a school in Seoul. The school that he went to was Hanlim Multi Arts School, a school that is focused on performing arts so a trainee like him that had to train in the company building until midnight or even until dawn could adjust to the education system and rules in school. In Hanlim, Hyunjae majored in the musical department.

The Boyz’s Hyunjae’s Debut with The Boyz

The boy named Lee Jaehyun who moved to the capital city when he was in high school, or who we know now as Hyunjae, didn’t make his debut quickly after becoming a trainee. Instead, Hyunjae needed to spend years being a trainee until he finally debuted. Hyunjae is one of the members of The Boyz with the longest trainee period. He arrived first at the company and watched trainees come and go, including the other members of The Boyz. On July 4, 2017, Cre.Ker Entertainment, the subsidiary of LOEN Entertainment where Hyunjae was, announced that they would be debuting a new boy group which was still named Cre.kerz. They announced the official name, The Boyz, on July 18, 2017. The name The Boyz itself means that they are “the boyz” who will capture people’s hearts. They released the members’ profile video for the introduction. Here is the video introduction of Hyunjae which was released on July 18, 2017.

In October 2017, The Boyz finally announced their official debut date, which was December 6. Just like what they promised, The Boyz released their first music video on December 6, 2017. Their debut song was called “Boy.” Let’s see the music video down below!

And now, it’s time to see the dance performance of The Boyz in their practice room!

What do you think about The Boyz’s debut era? They were so talented even though they were so young back then, right? Congratulations Hyunjae who finally made his debut!

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