It’s Lee Juyeon from The Boyz, everyone. Juyeon has been getting a lot of attention these days due to his talent for dancing. Not only that, but his handsome face is also successfully capturing people’s hearts. Just like the popularity of The Boyz that started to rise, especially when The Boyz joined Road to Kingdom in 2020, Juyeon and the other members started to get recognition from people. In some music awards and festivals, Juyeon has often represented The Boyz and did a collab stage with some other K-pop idols. Enough with the introduction, let’s learn more about Juyeon in the sections below!

The Boyz’s Juyeon’s Profile

Juyeon is in charge of dancing and visuals in The Boyz. He was born on January 15, 1998. The visual line in The Boyz which also includes Younghoon and Hyunjae is often called the “Bermuda line” due to their top-tier handsome faces. There are a lot of things you should know about Juyeon. Let’s see Juyeon’s basic info from his profile! Full Name: Lee Juyeon Korean Name: 이주연 Chinese Name: 李柱延 Stage Name: Juyeon Nickname: Memory Manipulator, Junyang, LJ, My Baby, Heodang, Joosoon, Baby Fried Rice, Hamtory, etc. Birthplace: Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: January 15, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Chinese Zodiac: Earth Tiger Education:

Chowol Elementary School Gwangju Middle School Seoul Samyuk High School

Position: Main dancer, sub-vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: AB Weight: 62 kg Height: 181 cm MBTI: ENTP Hobbies and Specialties: Basketball, documentary viewing, reading books, watching movies Family: Parents, 1 younger brother Debut Date: December 6 Debut Year: 2017 Agency: Entertainment Instagram: @official_theboyz

The Boyz’s Juyeon’s Facts

It feels like we know Juyeon better after seeing his profile. We now know his MBTI type, how tall he is, and even what his zodiac is. But, there is a lot more about him that you have to know besides his basic info. Juyeon has big hands, did you know that? Well, let’s see other stuff that may or may not shock you about Juyeon from The Boyz.

Juyeon looks good in blue. Juyeon represents the memory manipulator in his group. Juyeon is passionate about everything. Juyeon is an older brother in his family, so sometimes he naturally treats the younger members just like his brother and takes care of them. Juyeon rarely has a goofy personality; he’s more like the serious guy. But, there are times where he pops out jokes suddenly. Juyeon speaks slowly, eats slowly, and his reactions are sometimes slow, too. Juyeon’s favorite TV program is a documentary. Juyeon said that his parents wanted to name him Joosoon if he was born a girl. Juyeon picked the nickname “Joomi” as a nickname that he likes the most because it has a cute personality, unlike his impression. Juyeon is one of the members who drinks coffee a lot along with Jacob and Kevin. He said that he drinks around 3 cups of coffee a day. Juyeon and Kevin have a lot of similarities. They both like coffee and were born in the same year. Juyeon is confident with his cooking skills. He claimed that he is the most capable cook in The Boyz. If Juyeon was offered a role in a drama or movie, he would want to be a villain. Even though Juyeon looks serious, he thinks that he has a playful personality. Eric said that Juyeon is one of the members that is closest to him since Juyeon takes care of him. Juyeon is in charge of the Bermuda trio in The Boyz along with Younghoon and Hyunjae. Juyeon is very friendly and has a good smile. Juyeon likes to play basketball. If he chose to be a professional athlete, he would want to be a basketball player.

The Boyz’s Juyeon’s Pre-Debut

Before becoming the Juyeon from The Boyz that we know, Juyeon was only a little boy with a big dream (and big hands) from Gwangju. He was born on January 15, 1998. He was raised in his hometown along with his little brother. As a child, he was quite active in sports just like some other male students. When he was in elementary school, Juyeon was the president of the student council in his school. He was a good student that liked Hello Kitty. He collected Hello Kitty merchandise that he stored safely in his house. He even used a small tabletop when he was in elementary school. When Juyeon was in high school, he was overworking in studying to the point where he got the nickname Memory Manipulator. As you may have seen in the facts about him, he is passionate about everything including his studies. Being the good student he was, he probably didn’t think that he would be an idol in the future. Juyeon’s journey to becoming an idol probably wasn’t like other idols. He didn’t mean to join an audition at first. Instead, Juyeon and his family went to the beach to enjoy the night festival when he was around 17 years old. There, he met a scouter from the agency and he got an offer to join an audition. In June 2015, Juyeon officially started his trainee life in a company that later debuted him as an idol. As a trainee, Juyeon worked hard on improving his dancing skills, singing skills, and rapping skills. Juyeon was interested in creating a rap song. He used the name LJ for his rap mixtapes, which stands for Lee Juyeon, his initials in English. This way of naming is unique because usually, people go by the hangul initials, for example, JY for Ju Yeon.

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