Well, it is sad. But, at least there are K-pop idols who can speak English and think about the international fans sometimes when they are doing lives or writing a post to fans. They speak both in English and Korean or write the message in Korean and English which has the same meaning. Usually, those idols are the ones who learned to be good at English, but there are also idols who originally lived in an English-speaking country. Imagine being an idol who once lived in a country outside Korea. If being a fan is a struggle to understand or adapt to the culture, the idols must be having a harder time. So, it’s time to appreciate an idol who moved from his hometown to Korea. Let’s talk about Kevin Moon, the Korean-American idol who moved to Seoul and became a K-pop idol. He debuted in a group called The Boyz. Scroll down to find out more about him!

The Boyz’s Kevin’s Profile

Kevin Moon, or we can just call him by his given name Kevin, is one of the eleven members of The Boyz. Kevin made his debut in December 2017 along with the other members of The Boyz. They debuted under an agency called Cre.ker Entertainment, the subsidiary of LOEN Entertainment. Even before making their debut, some of The Boyz’s members had appeared in the public and gained popularity. One of them is Kevin. Kevin made an appearance on a survival show called K-pop Star Season 6 before he made his official debut with The Boyz. Just like his surname Moon, Kevin is our moonlight boy who will fill your day with moonlight. In The Boyz, he’s in charge of the main vocals. He has a great voice that made him pass the audition for K-pop Star Season 6. Let’s see more essential things about Kevin in the profile below! Full Name: Kevin Moon or Moon Hyungseo Korean Stage Name: 케빈 Korean Real Name: 문형서 Stage Name: Kevin Nickname: Kev, Teen Pop Sensation, Nyeongseo, Kevin Moon, Krung, Kethoven, etc Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea Nationality: Canadian Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 176 cm Weight: 60 kg Foot Size: 265 mm Birthdate: February 23, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Position: Main vocalist MBTI Type: INFP Blood Type: AB Hobbies / Specialties: Singing, drawing, playing the piano or guitar, designing, cooking, baking, etc. Family: Father, mother, older sister Debut: 2017 Agency: Crek.ker Entertainment

The Boyz’s Kevin’s Facts

Just like what is written in the profile, Kevin was born in Gwangju, South Korea, but what made him an overseas Korean is that his family moved to Canada when he was 4 years old. There are more things about Kevin that will shock you yet make you fall for him even deeper. Do you know that Kevin went to the same elementary school as Michael Bublé? No way. But, it’s real. He talked about it in the podcast called K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam. Kevin also said that someone put his sign on The Boyz’s album next to Michael Bublé’s at his school. Fantastic! Let’s see more interesting facts about Kevin from The Boyz that you should know!

Kevin likes Korean pickled radish with chicken. He said that he buys a chicken just to eat the Korean pickled radish. Kevin likes pumpkin pie. Kevin said that he wasn’t close with his relatives who live in Korea. Kevin was the last member to join The Boyz. He was so happy to meet the members since there weren’t males of the same age as him among the K-pop Star‘s participants. Kevin talked with Jacob in Korean because they both came from Canada. Kevin used to play the saxophone in school. He jokingly said that he had experiences playing saxophone at a graduation ceremony for hours, and listening to the congratulatory song gives him goosebumps. Kevin’s parents named him Kevin after the boy Kevin from Home Alone. Kevin said that his parents are the typical Tiger parents who are passive-aggressive. Kevin said that he’s a socially awkward social butterfly.

The Boyz’s Kevin’s Pre-Debut

We mentioned that Kevin is one of the overseas Koreans that made a debut as a K-pop idol. It must be so hard to be a K-pop idol when you have to train and adapt to a new culture at the same time. What do you think made Kevin debut as an idol in Korea after spending almost all of his life in Canada? And, where in Canada did Kevin used to live? Does his family still live there? Well, all of those questions will be answered in the story of Kevin Moon before he became our moonlight boy from The Boyz. Check it out! Kevin was born in Gwangju, South Korea, on February 23, 1998. When he was 4 years old, his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, because his father had to work at a branch there. Kevin has an older sister named Stella who was born in 1996. Even now, Kevin’s family lives in Vancouver, and only his other relatives live in Korea. Kevin grew up in Vancouver and attended the schools there. And, as we mentioned before, he attended Michael Bublé’s elementary school. Growing up as a child, Kevin was already into music. He learned to play the piano, guitar, and he could also sing well. One of the musicians that inspire him is Bruno Mars. His favorite song is a song called “Gorilla.” He also likes Beyoncé. Well, who doesn’t like Beyoncé? But even though Canada produced a lot of famous musicians and the fact that Kevin has a talent for music, he hadn’t thought about being a musician. Instead, Kevin set up his plan for university. He had a dream to be an elementary school teacher and major in the art department at university. But, everything changed when he joined the K-Pop Star Season 6 audition. Kevin probably didn’t predict that he would pass the audition, but he did. He asked his parents for permission, and thankfully, his parents let him do what he wanted. Even though he was accepted at the University of British Columbia and attended the first year for only the first four days, Kevin went to Seoul and joined K-Pop Star Season 6. Here is a clip of Kevin on K-Pop Star Season 6.

However, Kevin was eliminated in the first round. That was so unexpected seeing how good he was when he sang a song by Ariana Grande, “Almost Is Never Enough.” But, thankfully, one of the agency staff contacted him and asked him to join them as a trainee. They wanted to make Kevin a K-pop star. The agency that contacted him was the agency that later debuted Kevin as a member of The Boyz. He trained as a trainee for around a year and was included in the line-up for the upcoming boy group The Boyz. Glad to know that Kevin is in a good place!

The Boyz’s Kevin’s Debut with The Boyz

Getting accepted in the next round for K-Pop Star Season 6 was probably such a game-changer for Kevin. Although he was originally into music even before he joined the audition, he never imagined being an idol. But Kevin still went for it and tried his best. Even though he didn’t make it to the further rounds, destiny found a way to let Kevin be a K-pop star. In July 2017, Cre.ker Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new boy group called The Boyz. The members of The Boyz were revealed one by one. Some of them had appeared in some projects such as Younghoon who became a model for I.O.I’s MV, Joo Haknyeon who was a Produce 101 Season 2 contestant, and Kevin who gained attention because of his amazing voice and handsome face in K-Pop Star Season 6. People were expecting the debut of The Boyz. They could not wait for the boys to officially release their first single. Thankfully it wasn’t that long of a wait. Cre.ker Entertainment released the date of The Boyz’s debut which was placed on December 6, 2017. They released their first single called “Boy.” Let’s see the music video of The Boyz’s first single called “Boy!”

They also released the dance practice of “Boy.” Let’s see how energetic the boys performing “Boy” in their practice room are!

What do you think about Kevin’s dancing skill? He’s such a good vocalist, but he is also a good dancer, right?

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