Younghoon’s visual also granted him various model gigs from Paul Miranda Italy, CASH Korea, to Seoul Fashion Week in 2017. He has also appeared in several music videos, such as IOI’s “Whatta Man”, Melody Day’s “Color” and John Park’s “DND (Do Not Disturb)”. Not only handsome, but he’s also multitalented as he has excellent swimming skills and even won a national swimming competition. So, is that intro has managed to intrigue you? Get to know the man through his full profile below!

Full Profile of The Boyz’s Younghoon

Stage Name: Younghoon (영훈) Birth Name: Kim Young-hoon (김영훈) Position: Vocalist, Visual Birthday: August 8th, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 182 cm (6’0″) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Group Number: 67

Fun Facts about The Boyz’s Younghoon

Younghoon was born in Seoul and raised in Incheon. Since Younghoon is from Songdo, Incheon, fans call him by the nickname ‘Songdo Prince’. The number that represents him is 67. Jelly Kim is his English name. Younghoon has an older brother. Younghoon was initially a model and appeared on Paul Miranda Italy and CASH Korea. Younghoon has appeared in several music videos, such as IOI’s “Whatta Man”, Melody Day’s “Color” and John Park’s “DND (Do Not Disturb)”. He admitted to being recruited by the agency at a shop while eating bread. BTS’ V is his role model (he even used V’s picture as his phone wallpaper). As a BTS‘ V fan, he said he especially wants to resemble V’s stage manners. Younghoon is a fan of Dean and Yoon Hyunsang. Watching movies is his hobby. Skiing is his specialty. Sky blue is his favorite color. 7 is his favorite number. Iced Americano is his favorite coffee. Younghoon likes McDonald’s Schwiburger and Bacon Tomato Deluxe. Younghoon has a poodle. Younghoon has excellent swimming skills and even won national swimming competitions. Younghoon learned to swim as a hobby for about a year, from the first year to the second year of middle school. Younghoon also won second place in a swimming competition in Incheon when he was in middle school. When Younghoon was nervous or excited, he has a habit where he would fold or hold his hands in front of his chest. Younghoon has the best physique and face in the group. Despite Younghoon’s cool appearance, he is timid and also easily shy. Younghoon loves playing games. Younghoon said he likes spending time in cafes. Chocolate muffins and cheesecakes are his favorites foods. Along with Juyeon, he appeared on the runway of Seoul Fashion Week in 2017. Younghoon enjoys his time alone, and he doesn’t really like being bothered by other members either. Younghoon especially likes to eat alone. There aren’t any foods Younghoon hates, but he says he doesn’t like raw cucumbers, although he can eat them. Younghoon likes home-cooked food, especially kimchi jjigae. When he cooked, he guessed the measurement instead of using the exact size. Younghoon can imitate the sound of motorbikes and windows that are open and closed. Younghoon shares a room with Juyeon and Sunwoo. Younghoon’s MBTI is INFP-T. Younghoon said he wants to appear in many entertainment programs such as Youth over Flowers, Running Man, and Infinite Challenge. Younghoon has several other nicknames, such as ‘Panghoon’, because he likes bread, and ‘Breadja’, from Breadhun + Prince or Wangja since his handsome appearance reminds him of a prince. Younghoon’s other nickname is ‘Young-Hoon-Nam’, from Young-hoon + Hun-nam as an introduction to his catchphrase. Among fans, Younghoon is also known as ‘Maltese’. Although he is the tallest in the group, he has a cute figure with a lot of charm that reminds them of Maltese. Because Younghoon cried a lot, he is called ‘Bread Wet with Tears’, unlike his impression of being cold. Younghoon is also called as ‘Starbucks Uniform Man’. During the “Right Here” promotion, he became a hot topic when drinking coffee at Starbucks in a police uniform. Younghoon tends to sleep with various thoughts before going to bed. According to Younghoon’s roommate, Juyeon, he sleeps very gently, and he used to talk and drool in his sleep. Younghoon said he was thinking of Mobius as his fandom name. Among the other members, Younghoon really likes Q as a trainee. Younghoon gradually lost weight while preparing for “Giddy Up”. Younghoon said he would like to try a tattoo in the shape of his parents’ faces about 10 years later. If he weren’t an idol, Younghoon would have gone to a liberal arts college. According to Younghoon, G-DRAGON and Zico are the best fashion icons. Younghoon often appears to rap like a joke and refers to himself by his rapper name, YH. Before his debut, Younghoon said that not only did he not have a stage name set by the company, but he also did not want to use a stage name. Younghoon described his ideal type as ‘a girl who has aegyo and who looks like his mother’.

Younghoon’s Official Debut with The Boyz

Younghoon was cast by his current agency while eating bread at a shop. He was initially a model and appeared on Paul Miranda Italy and CASH Korea. Before his debut as an idol, during the years 2016 and early 2017, he appeared in music videos of different artists, such as IOI’s “Whatta Man”, Melody Day’s “Color” and John Park’s “DND (Do Not Disturb)”. On July 4, 2017, Cre.Ker Entertainment (a sub-label of LOEN Entertainment) first announced they would be debuting The Boyz through the agency’s social media. Younghoon was first introduced on July 19, 2017, through an introductory video, THE BOYZ X DAZED PROFILE FILM #04 YOUNGHOON.

On October 11, 2017, The Boyz released a special video titled “I’m Your Boy” for the fans before their official debut. The group then held their first fan meeting, “Heart to Heart” for 1,000 fans, on October 28, 2017. In November, the twelve members were booked to sign contracts as exclusive models for school uniform brand Skoolooks and cosmetics, brand Siero Cosmetic.

The Boyz released the individual teasers of its 12 members; Younghoon, Jacob, Sang-yeon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Hwall, Sunwoo, and Eric. On November 29, 2017, the group released the ‘Fresh’ version concept photo with an orange background. Younghoon appeared with a serene expression in his 2nd photo teaser. The Boyz officially debuted on December 6, 2017, with their first mini-album titled The First with “Boy” as its lead track.

Younghoon filled the position as a sub-vocalist and visual of the group.

The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Visual

Younghoon represents an image of a handsome man among The Boyz’s members because he has an outstanding appearance. It is no wonder since he has a beautiful appearance and a slim and well-balanced body. Not only the front side of his face but the sides of his face are also pretty. He has thick and dark eyebrows, and the long lashes are very long with a high nose.  Many people said that he is a million times more handsome than what we see on the screen. And he also knows very well that he is beautiful. He often took the center on stage since he is the visual of the group. Check out his godly visual below!

The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Personality

Younghoon is a self-aware and straightforward person. He knows he is good-looking (and he’s confident about it). But at the same time, he’s really pure and shy. He even has a habit of raising his hands when he is nervous.

He is a member that has many aegyo. He’s cute not only in his speech but also in his gestures. He shows a lot of aegyo, and he enjoys the reaction of the members who are suffering from seeing his aegyo. He also likes to do skinship with the members, such as putting his head on the members’ shoulders.


The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Collarbone Injury

In early November 2020, Yeonghoon took a break from The Boyz’s promotion due to a clavicle bone injury. At the time, The Boyz’s agency posted on the group’s official fan cafe on November 15, 2020. Below is the complete statement from the agency: Thankfully, on February 10, 2020, Younghoon was getting better and appeared on the showcase to commemorate the release of The Boyz’s first full album, REVEAL. He commented on his current condition, “I’m almost all improved. I was recovering when they are performing the choreography, so that we couldn’t participate together. I fell in the middle of the stage, but I’m grateful for being able to stand on the stage with 11 people.” Younghoon fell while walking up stairs and injured his collarbone. He received a thorough examination at the hospital, and the doctor suggested that he should rest for two to three weeks. Following the doctor’s suggestion, he will be temporarily unable to participate in scheduled activities for a fast recovery and treatment. Inevitably, 10 members with the exception of Younghoon will be participating in upcoming activities starting with the 2’019 Chuncheon Youth Concert’ today. We will put in our full effort for Younghoon’s quick recovery. We ask for the understanding of fans. Thank you.”

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