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Full Profile of Jang Seung-jo

Name: Jang Seung Jo (장승 조) Birth Name: Jang Hyun Deok (장현덕) Birthday: December 13, 1981 Zodiac: Sagittarius Height: 179 cm Weight: 73 kg Spouse: The Grace’s Lina Children: 1 Instagram: @ssangear1004 Film appearances: Secret Zoo (2020), Heart Blackened (2017) Drama appearances: Snowdrop (JTBC, 2021), The Good Detective (JTBC, 2020), Chocolate (JTBC, 2019-2020), Encounter (tvN, 2018-2019), Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018), Money Flower (MBC, 2017-2018), The Package (JTBC, 2017), Teacher Oh Soon Nam (MBC, 2017), My Son-In-Law’s Woman (SBS, 2016), The Roots of Throne (SBS, 2015-2016), Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC / 2015), Hwajung (MBC, 2015), Wild Game (tvN, 2014), Quiz from God 4 (OCN, 2014)


Jang Seung-jo’s Fun Facts that You Should Know

Jang Seung-jo was born with the name Jang Hyun-deok. After debuting as an actor, he chose Jang Seung-jo as his stage name. Jang Seung-jo is a Sagittarius. Jang Seung-jo made his acting debut with a role in the 2014’s drama Quiz from God Season 4. Jang Seung-jo became known for his roles in Money Flower (MBC, 2017), Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018), and Encounter (tvN, 2018). In Encounter, Jang Seung-jo plays the role of Song Hye-kyo’s ex-boyfriend. Jang Seung-jo often plays the role of a second lead. Jang Seung-jo began dating The Grace’s Lina (Lee Ji-yeon) in 2012 and married her on November 22nd, 2014, Blessed with a youthful face, Jang Seung Jo is often mistaken for being single, although Jang Seung-jo has children. In September 2018, Jang Seung-jo’s and Lina’s child was born. Jang Seung-jo is the best friend of actor Ji Sung. Both are once captured holding on to each of their children together.


Jang Seung-jo’s Debut and Career Journey

  In 2018, he appeared in two tvN dramas, Familiar Wife and Encounter, which also elevated his name as a drama actor. He continued to star in dramas such as Chocolate (JTBC, 2019-2020), The Good Detective (JTBC, 2020), and Snowdrop (2021). In 2020, he also made his second appearance on the big screen through the film Secret Zoo.

Jang Seung-jo’s Dramas

As you can see, Jang Seung-jo is no stranger in the Korean drama world. His face often appears in major weekend dramas, playing the role of a pretty and charming man. Although he began his career in drama in 2014, it is only through these dramas that he started to gain recognition from the viewers. Check out a few of his dramas below!

Money Flower (MBC, 2017)

The drama Money Flower aired on MBC on Nov 11, 2017. The drama stars various top names such as Jang Hyuk, Park Se-young, and Jang Seung-jo. Although Jang Seung-jo only plays the supporting character here, his role in this drama becomes his notable role. The drama receives wider recognition and critical acclaim for its well-made and engaging storyline. Money Flower tells the story of Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk), a man who grows up in an orphanage, but now he works as the managing director of a legal team. He was recognized for his intelligence and dedication to work, and several friends at work were jealous of him. Meanwhile, Na Mo-hyun (Park Se-young) is a woman who works as a science teacher in middle school and an environmental activist. She is a good listener and humorist, and she dreams of love. Both characters became linked as they bridged their opposite world. Jang Seung-jo played the role of Jang Boo-cheon (37), the heir of a prestigious company. Take a glimpse of his impressive acting in the video below!

Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018)

In 2018, Jang Seung-jo starred as a supporting character in the tvN drama, Familiar Wife which also starred Ji Sung, Han Ji-min, and Kang Han-na. With 16 episodes, this fantasy and comedy genre drama has received a fairly high rating. The drama tells Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung), who was unhappily married Woo-jin (Han Ji-Min) for five years. One day, he woke up to find himself in another alternative timeline, where he marries Hye-Won (Kang Han-na), the girl he has been dreaming of since his college days. Jang Seung-jo plays the role of Yoon Jong-hoo, Joo-hyuk’s co-worker and friend who fell in love with Woo-jin. It is said that Jang Seung-jo and Ji Sung’s bromance chemistry really work together, so much so that the two became best friends in real life. Check out his acting in the clip below!

Encounter (tvN, 2018)

Encounter is a melodrama series starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum as the lead characters. This drama is directed by Park Shin-woo, who also worked on other popular dramas such as It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020). First broadcast in 2018, Encounter offers love stories of a man and woman of different ages and family backgrounds. The drama follows the story of Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo), the daughter of a politician whose life has been stressful since childhood. She was involved in an arranged marriage with a conglomerate son to smooth out his father’s political career. Unfortunately, the fate of his marriage did not last long, and she had to get a divorce. On the other hand, there is Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo-gum), a young man in his 20s who lives a simple life and comes from an ordinary family. One day, he goes on vacation to Cuba and accidentally runs into Soo-hyun, who is on a business trip. From there, the two different people’s fate encountered each other. Jang Seung-jo played Song Hye-kyo’s wealthy ex-husband, Jung Woo-sook, who actually still loves her. Check out his appearance in the drama clip below!

Jang Seung-jo’s Marriage with The Grace’s Lina

Jang Seung-jo and The Grace’s member Lina’s marriage news was first broadcasted in November 2014 through a released statement by Neos Entertainment. The news came in shock as it was revealed that they would get married at the end of the month. It was often revealed that the two has met while starring in the same musical, The Wolf’s Temptation, back in 2011. Although the rumors started to spread in early 2014, the two denied their romantic involvement at first. That’s why the public has been so shocked that they suddenly decided to tie the knot. Lina and Seung Jo get married on November 22, 2014, at a wedding hall in Gangnam. The wedding is held in private through the pre-wedding, and wedding photos were released publicly. Lina was a member of SM Entertainment’s first-generation girl group, CSJH The Grace, consisting of Lina, Sunday, Dana, and Stephanie. The group debuted in 2005 and decided to disband in 2010. After the disbandment, Lina became active as a musical actress afterward.

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