The leader of Twice is Jihyo or Park Ji-hyo. In this article, we introduce her backstory and the reasons why Park Ji-hyo became a leader of Twice. Just scroll down to find out more about TWICE’s leader, Park Jihyo!

Why Did Jihyo Become The Leader of Twice?

Some of you probably wondering why did Jihyo become the leader of TWICE instead of other members? Especially, some K-pop groups choose the oldest member as their leader, for example, Irene of Red Velvet or Victoria of f(x). Here are some reasons that make you 100% sure that Jihyo is really meant to be the leader of TWICE!

TWICE’s Members Voted For The Leader Position

In an interview called “Showterview” with Jessi, TWICE revealed that before their debut day, TWICE’s members voted to choose the leader position of their group. And Jihyo got the highest votes among other members! “We always abide by the decision of the majority,” said Nayeon. But, just because they used an unsigned ballot, it doesn’t mean that Jihyo won the vote because she was popular. Instead, Jihyo was chosen because most members thought that she is reliable. Why Is Nayeon Not The Leader of TWICE? Being the eldest member, some people might have mistaken Nayeon as the leader or probably wonder why is Nayeon not the leader of TWICE? Well, not only that because Nayeon didn’t get the highest vote, but she also believes that Jihyo has a most reliable personality than other members. “And also, she spent the longest time in the company (JYP Entertainment.)” said Nayeon. She also said that although she is the oldest she didn’t get disappointed in not becoming the leader. Nayeon believes that not being a leader sometimes might be better than become one.

Jihyo’s Personality Is Suitable To Be TWICE’s Leader

It’s over 6 years since the day of TWICE’s debut, and through the ups and downs, Jihyo is really dependable as TWICE’s leader. It really shows how Jihyo’s personality matches the role of TWICE’s leader. Check out how Jihyo acts towards TWICE’s members as a leader! Jihyo really cares for her members. This could be because she is in the middle in terms of age order in TWICE because it makes her understand the younger and older members in TWICE. Jihyo Is Sweet and Caring Towards TWICE Members As the leader, Jihyo is a sweet and caring older sister to the younger members such as Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Among the same-age or older members, Jihyo can be a good friend too. That’s a perk of being in the middle in terms of age order in TWICE. She can blend well with the older or younger members. Jihyo Treats The Members Who Were On Hiatus Really Well Jihyo helped TWICE members who had to go through a hiatus due to health problems such as Mina and Jeongyeon who had an injury. Jihyo as the leader said encouraging words to Mina who was the first TWICE’s member ever to took hiatus because of anxiety. “We can do this together, just start slowly by doing what you can manage,” said Mina. These words really helped Mina during her tough time. On the other hand, Jeongyeon who just returned from hiatus felt nervous when TWICE appeared at 30th Seoul Music Awards. But Jihyo as the caring leader she is took Jeongyeon‘s hands and constantly look after her during that time. Jihyo Is A Wise And Smart Woman Not only that, but Jihyo is also smart and thinks about her group and her fans a lot. She is wise and can speak well. Jihyo once stated TWICE’s members’ concern that they are worried the public will be bored with TWICE’s concept. She asked this question in Super Intern, a program of JYP Entertainment that recruits interns to their company. What a true leader she is!

Jihyo Has The Longest Trainee Period Among TWICE’s Members

Jihyo has the longest trainee period as she spent almost 10 years as a trainee. Jihyo has entered JYP Entertainment since she was 9 years old. She is trained with some popular idols from the 2nd generation of the K-pop era. There were also rumors that Jihyo was supposed to be in Miss A along with other Miss A members, such as Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy. However, the time wasn’t right and Jihyo had to wait a little more. It was a pity knowing that Jihyo could only wait, while her fellow trainee friends debuted in girl-groups or boy-groups and became famous K-pop idols. A lot of other trainees came and went while Jihyo patiently waited and kept improving her skills to become a proper idol. Due to her patience, she finally perfected all the skills and talents that she could have while she was waiting to debut. In 2015, Jihyo appeared as one of the participating trainees in SIXTEEN, a TV Program from JYP Entertainment that was aired on Mnet to search for a fixed lineup for JYP’s new girl group. On Jihyo’s introduction video, she said that it was the tenth year of her trainee years, and it made her want to debut even more.

Later on, Jihyo was chosen as one of the members that succeeded to debut and even became the leader of Twice.

How Does JYP Choose Their Group’s Leader?

How does JYP Entertainment choose the leader of their groups? As you know, TWICE is one of the groups under JYP Entertainment. So, let’s see how JYP Entertainment chooses the leaders of each group that debuted under their agency. Even though TWICE revealed that they chose Jihyo as their leader based on voting, TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment is known to be the company that chose the more experienced member as their leader. For example, Jay B who was the longest JYP trainee in GOT7 and became the leader of GOT7, Bang Chan who also spent more years in JYP Entertainment and became the leader of Stray Kids, or Sungjin who wasn’t the oldest but became the leader of DAY6. Then again, not only because Jihyo is a reliable person for TWICE’s members and because she has a lot of experience being a trainee, but JYP Entertainment’s system will eventually choose her as the leader. That’s how she is really meant to be the leader of TWICE! That’s all the information about the leader of Twice, Jihyo, that you should know. Twice is such a popular girl group in Korea and worldwide, it must be hard for Jihyo to be Twice’s leader. So, let’s continue to support her and other Twice members! Don’t forget to keep updates on Twice’s news with us in other Channel Korea’s articles. You can also share this article on Twitter so your friends can know how wonderful Jihyo is as TWICE’s leader.

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