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What Is the K-Pop Mullet Haircut?

K-pop idols’ styles are something that everyone looks out for now. They are in the spotlight with whatever they wear, their lifestyle, and anything. Nevertheless, one of their hairstyles is called the mullet haircut. A mullet haircut may look like a weird and out-of-the-box style. This hairstyle is shown with a short cut on the top and leaves it long on the back of the head. Check the mullet haircut below!

List of K-Pop Idols with Mullet Hair

Do you find this haircut interesting or weird? Let yourself decide after seeing these K-pop idols wearing this kind of hairstyle. Many idols have tried mullet haircuts. Read and see the details below!

EXO’s Baekhyun

EXO’s Baekhyun used the mullet haircut during the group’s comeback in 2017 during the “Ko Ko Bop” era. He let his hair show with an iconic red color to fit with their song 80’s summer vibe. Besides, he looks different and mesmerizing. Do you like Baekhyun’s style?


V is a member of the phenomenal boy group BTS. In 2018, he showed his mullet style and fans fell in love with it. He expressed that he felt sexy using this kind of haircut. He said he chose this style because he wants to be himself. Despite all outside criticisms, he still chose the mullet anyway. He looks cool!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon, the King of K-pop, also used a mullet haircut in 2017. He really rocked the mullet! Many people said that his hairstyle looked rather cute on him! He received opinions that his mullet looked like business in the front, party in the back. Do you agree?

NCT’s Taeyong

The handsome Taeyong of NCT 127 also used a mullet hairstyle. This hairstyle made him look more appealing and sparkling as a leader. Moreover, it also matches his facial features. What do you think?

Winner’s Mino

Winner’s Mino is considered best with his mullet style. Mino put a dazzling green color in his mullet. It looks cool and stylish!

GOT7’s Jay B

GOT7’s Jay B with a mullet looks stunning, and everyone agrees. Although it first hit in the ’80s, the style still looks modern on him. Jay B returned with a mullet hairstyle during the “Eyes on You” era. It is a great match!

Seventeen’s THE8

Seventeen’s The8 with a mullet haircut does not look oldish but goldish. He promoted his mullet as more of a business look. Do you agree?

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Who doesn’t know Super Junior, the second generation boy group of K-pop from SM Entertainment? Eunhyuk showed with a mullet style and looks so cool with it. Although this hairstyle he wore when he was in his ’20s, he succeeded in bringing it on to the stage. Even their fans suggested he do the mullet again. Do you agree?

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin with a mullet hairstyle never looks outdated!

EXO’s Chen

Chen also did a comeback with a mullet during the “Ko Ko Bop” era, same as Baekhyun. He looks unique with a braid in the back.

BTS’s Jin

BTS’s Jin also chose the mullet on his 2020 Seasons Greetings! ARMY, BTS’s fanbase, showed affection for his new style and fell in love with his mullet!

The Power of the Mullet Haircut

The mullet hairstyle first came in the ’80s, yet the style was an instant hit in the K-pop world in this century. The contribution of G-Dragon, who is considered the King of K-pop, may have influenced K-pop entertainment. He appeared in a Chanel campaign, and his mullet haircut became a look of high fashion. That’s all about the K-pop mullet haircut! Which one do you favor? Let’s comment, and share this article if you find it helpful. Keep supporting your idol and whatever they choose to be!

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