​   The Story Begins is Twice’s debut album. This album is also Twice’s first extended play (EP) album. The Story Begins was released on Twice’s debut day, which was on October 20, 2015. The debut album was released through JYP Entertainment. There are six debut tracks, one lead single and five sidetracks. The title of the lead single from this debut album is “Like Ooh-Ahh,” and the titles of the five sidetracks are “Do It Again,” “Going Crazy,” “Truth,” “Candy Boy,” and “Like a Fool.”

Story Behind The Story Begins by Twice

February 11 – July 7: The Lineup Formation of Twice

As many Onces know, Twice was formed through a survival show called Sixteen. It was all planned from February 11, 2015, when the JYP Entertainment founder Park Jinyoung decided to make a new girl group. Because of this plan, the survival show started to air on May 5 through Mnet. Through this show, there were 16 candidates competing with each other to make it into the new girl group lineup. After Sixteen was aired for two months, Park Jinyoung finished his lineup for the new girl group. The announcement for this lineup was on July 7. This lineup consisted of seven winners. After doing some consideration, Park Jinyoung decided to include two eliminated candidates. These two eliminated candidates were chosen by Jinyoung based on his personal reasons and on the audience’s response towards those candidates. Because of this decision, Park Jinyoung once became a controversial figure. Many people didn’t agree with this decision. But, regardless of being a controversial figure, Park Jinyoung kept his lineup and still included the two eliminated candidates. The final lineup consisted of nine members. Jinyoung later announced that these members would make their debut in that year as a group. These nine members are the Twice members we know today.

October 7 – December 11: The Official Announcement, the Debut Preparation, the Countdown Live Broadcast, and the Release Day

The first official announcement about Twice’s debut day was on October 7. From this announcement, it was revealed that the group would make its debut on October 20. As a part of the announcement, a group photo teaser was spread through various media. Two days later (October 9), the second group photo teaser was revealed. This photo teaser contains information about the debut lead single. From this photo teaser, we learned that the title for the lead single is “Like Ooh-Ahh.” On that day also, the agency released a tracklist poster for the debut album. Following the tracklist release, Twice released individual video teasers from October 12 until 14. On October 15, they released their third group photo teaser. The next day, the agency released a music video teaser for the lead single. On October 17, an instrumental snippet of each track on the EP album was released. Two days later, on October 19, the members did a VLive midnight broadcast to do a countdown with their fans. The fans were really excited about this debut. After some minutes, The Story Begins was released officially. The album’s release day is known until today as Twice’s debut day. On that day, The Story Begins was released only physically. The digital version of The Story Begins was released on December 11, 2015, through music sites.

The Production of The Story Begins by Twice

JYP Entertainment once released an instrumental snippet of each track on The Story Begins. It was released on October 17, 2015. From this snippet, we can listen to some instrumental parts in this debut album. You can click the video below to listen to the instrumental snippets.

The Story Begins has one lead single titled “Like Ooh-Ahh.” This lead single was done completely by Black Eyed Pilseung. One of the Black Eyed Pilseung members, Rado, arranged this lead single. For the lyric writing and composing process, Black Eyed Pilseung collaborated with Sam Lewis to make this lead single. There were also other lyric writers, composers, and arrangers who participated in the album’s production. One of them was Park Jinyoung who wrote one of the sidetracks. Other musicians who participated in the album production were Daniel Kim, Jake K, Wakisaka Mayu, Julia Michaels, Chloe Leighton, and Choi Jinsuk.

Tracklist of “he Story Begins by Twice

On October 9, Twice released a tracklist poster for the album The Story Begins. You can see the tracklist by looking at the table below.  

Chart Positions of The Story Begins by Twice

The Story Begins charted on several album charts. Check the table below for the album’s peak position on every chart.   So, that’s all about Twice’s debut album. You can check out every track’s article from this debut album on the Channel-Korea website. Don’t forget to share this article through your social media. Have a nice day, fellas!

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