Beside that, Sunny Hill also have very talented members. One of them is Eun-joo who debuted in 2019 when Sunny Hill was promoting their single “Nom Nom Nom”. But for now, Sunny Hill are on hiatus and haven’t released a new song yet. How is Sunny Hill’s member Eun-joo? Let’s take a look at Sunny Hill’s Eun-joo’s detailed rundown of information in the Channel-Korea article below!

Sunny Hill’s Eun-joo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Choi Eun-joo (Hangul: 최은주) Stage Name: Eun-joo (Hangul: 은주) Birthday: November 7th, 1988 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 165 cm (5’4″) Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs) Blood Type: O Education: Bachelor of Science in Police Administration, Konyang University Active Period: Sunny Hill (2019–Present) Position In The Group: Main Vocalist

Sunny Hill’s Eunjoo’s Facts

Debut as Solo Artist Ray.B

In 2014, Eun-joo successfully debuted as a solo artist and released her debut single simultaneously. In this debut, Ray.B also received several promotions as a solo artist to do stage performances. She also managed to get an award from the state for her hard work. The female singer, Ray.B presented a challenge to the music industry with the digital single titled “I Guess It’s Worth Living”. Ray.B is a singer characterized by an attractive low-pitched voice and a deep blues tone. In addition, Ray.B, who combines unrivaled singing skills and excellent dance skills, is remarkable that she has consistently performed various stage activities, including radio logo songs, participation in cartoon theme songs, and work on famous singer guides, even before her debut. The title song, “I Guess It’s Worth Living”, is an R&B dance genre with a strong addictive melody that is easy to remember once you listen to it, and is a song with the unique dark blues of Ray.B. The lyrics are characteristic of the image of a confident and attractive woman who is not bound by the broken-up partner, takes care of sadness, and heals herself. In particular, this is a song that was made by the composer Lee Cheol-won (aka Boy Flight), a hit song maker who has composed songs for the best Korean musicians such as K.Will, B1A4, and MBLAQ, including singers Lim Chang-jung, Baek Ji-young, and Uhm Jung-hwa. It is an affectionate song created by considering the tone and personality. “After the album release, we plan to visit the public through various activities such as broadcasting and performances, and various versions of the title song ‘I Guess It’s Worth Living’ will be released online on YouTube Ra.B TV.” The management also said, “We will continue to release songs from other genres of Ray.B and we are going to show it to the public by recreating it with a new and attractive unique color, so we ask for a lot of attention.” On the other hand, Ray.B is not limited in music genres, but challenges various genres and shows her infinite musical spectrum through her constant album activities. Singer Ray.B was appointed as the public relations ambassador of the (Chairman Oh Seo-jin). As a rookie dance singer who became popular with the song “I Guess It’s Worth Living”, Ray.B majored in police administration at university. Ray.B, who has been the first student to graduate from a four-year college one year earlier and graduated in three years, expressed her ambition to become a public relations ambassador with an upright and honest heart of a female police officer. The past winners of the awards ceremony hosted by the Korean Family Keeper include UN Secretary-General Nam Moon-gi, chairman of the Overseas Korean National Representatives Council, Sinmun-sun sports commentator, singer In Soon-yi, actress Goo Hye-sun, actor Jo Sung-ha, Sung Woo Park-il, singer Kim Tae-won, MC Park Mi-sun, and Baek Sun-ju. In addition, boy group Topp Dogg, Club Soul, Leon, Nikita, and actor No Soo-Ram have also been selected as ambassadors for the Korean National Guardian. Oh Seo-jin, chairman of the Korean National Guardian, said, “We are holding an awards ceremony in order to work together with great social leaders for a healthy and happy society.” The 3rd awards ceremony was held by Kwon Oh-eul, chairman of the Saenuri Party, and 7 judges, including Professor Park Jae-geun of Sangmyung University and Kim Seong-geol, chairman of the TangQ 21 Cultural Exchange Foundation, participated in the 28th Gyeonggi Province including Kwon Young-jin, Mayor of Daegu Metropolitan City and Lee Man-hee. A total of 19 people, including the Commissioner of the National Police Agency and Kim Jwa-yeol, a professor of industry-academia cooperation at Daegu University, were selected as the final winners. The Korean Family Guardian Awards is given to people who have made efforts to realize a healthy and happy society in each field of society, and the winners are selected through strict screening from among the nominated candidates by an organizing committee and a panel of judges composed of representatives from all walks of life.

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