Full Profile of Victoria Song

Stage Name: Victoria/Victoria Song Occupation: Singer, Actress Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Visual Real Name: 宋茜 (Sòng Qiàn, Song Chien) Korean Name: Song Jeon (송전) Nickname: VicSong, SongTori, Big Mom, Wangki-ssi, Captain Beagle Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1987 Place of Birth: Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China Nationality: Chinese Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 168.5 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: A Debut Date: September 5th, 2009, with single “LA chA TA” Agency: SM Entertainment (2009–2019) Associated Acts: F(X) Education: Qingdao Virtual Elementary School (Graduation), Department of Ethnic Dance, Beijing Martial Arts Academy (dropped out) Official Instagram: victoria02_02


Facts about Victoria Song

She appeared in the TV show We Got Married, where her “husband” was 2PM‘s Nichkhun, in 2010. She is 168.5 cm tall and quite tall, but looking back at the pictures from elementary school, she is the shortest among her friends. The first time she came to Korea was December 4th, 2007. The first Korean food she ate in Korea was a Korean side dish. Unlike Chinese dishes, there were several side dishes, and when you ask for more, they will give you more. Fans call them angels by cleaning up trash on the stage or on the streets, helping people in need at the airport, or giving fans donuts, coffee, etc. as gifts. In September 2007, she was cast by SME through a Beijing dance competition. Specializing in traditional and Jazz dance, she is also known for her incredible flexibility. Victoria has appeared in other groups’ music videos, such as SHINee‘s “Replay” MV, Super Junior‘s “U” MV, Kangta‘s “In My Heart Someday” MV and “Breaka Shaka” MV, TRAX‘s “Let You Go” and “Blind” MV. In a photoshoot with a cat, she revealed that she is allergic to cats. She prefers dogs to cats. Victoria doesn’t like green onions and cilantro. She doesn’t like vegetables with strong scents.

History as an F(X) Member

Victoria debuted with F(X) on September 5th, 2009. F(X) was a 4-member multinational girl group that debuted under SM Entertainment. The members’ names are uniquely expressed in the form of f(x), a mathematical symbol meaning “function expression.” Like a formula that changes the result according to the value of x, it contains the meaning of promoting various activities in Asia based on the various charms and concepts of the members. The members are from various countries, such as Amber from the USA, Krystal from the USA and Korea, Luna from Korea, and Victoria from China. Actually, the group consisted of five members, but Sully left the group in 2015. Victoria was the leader of the group. She was also the main dancer and sub-vocalist. Victoria’s singing skills have been undervalued due to language barriers. She would only get small parts because of her pronunciation. In April 2011, f(x) released their first full-length studio album Pinocchio with the lead single “Pinocchio (Danger).” The single peaked at number one on the Gaon digital singles chart. Afterward, they released a repackaged album containing the title track “Hot Summer” which became one of the most successful singles of 2011 in South Korea. On June 10th, 2012, F(X) released their second EP called Electric Shock. Through Electric Shock, they won the Best Dance Performance – Female Group at the MAMA Awards in 2012. F(X) has been known well by the public. They received many awards from various music award shows in Korea. F(X) was still doing activities until the end of 2016, but after that, they started to halt from group promotions because the members decided to embark on individual music, acting, and modeling careers, respectively. Check out one of the most-watched F(X) music videos, here:


Becoming a Solo Artist and Leaving SM Entertainment

Based on her Weibo update, she wrote a long post announcing her departure from SM Entertainment and also thanking all of her fans. “In a blink of an eye, it’s been 10 years. On September 5th, 2009, I stood on the stage and made my official debut. I already understood at that time that hard work will always pay off, luck is also important, but chance favors the prepared mind. I only hoped that I could hold onto every chance, leaving no regrets. And now it’s the 10th anniversary, it’s an ending point, and also a starting point. I’m thankful for everything in these 10 years with SM; we will begin the next journey in a new manner. This is a new beginning, a restart to my journey, but I will still be me, I will continue to be myself, not forget the past and move forward. I will work hard to be a better version of myself; as long as my belief is strong, I will not be easily strayed from my path. Cherish every opportunity! You should cherish everything around you, really, everything! So, thank you for all of your hard work and bravery, which has helped me get everything I have now. Thank you to my family and friends. Grateful for all the trust and support given, and I hope I have not disappointed anyone, I will continue to give my best. So, would you be willing to walk with me for the next 10 years?”

— #REAL.C (@xxrealcode) September 5, 2019 Victoria uploaded a short video clip on Instagram celebrating their 10th anniversary. Check it out:

A post shared by Victoria Song宋茜 (@victoria02_02) on Sep 4, 2019 at 9:03pm PDT After her departure from SM Entertainment, Victoria continued to be a solo artist. On March 13th, 2018, She made her Chinese solo debut with the digital single “Roof On Fire.”

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