In this article, we are going to discuss in detail all the information about Sunny Hill’s Jang-hyun who is the only male member of the group. Due to the increase in female members, over time Jang-hyun decided to become an active behind-the-scenes member to compose, arrange, and write lyrics for the group. Without waiting long, let’s scroll down below to get to know him better!

Sunny Hill’s Jang-hyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Jang-hyun (Hangul: 김장현) Stage Name: Jang-hyun (Hangul: 장현) Birthday: July 16th, 1985 Star Sign: Cancer Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Active Period: Sunny Hill (2007–2014) Position: Leader, Vocalist, Composer, Producer Official Sites:

Twitter (@SP4CE_ONE) Instagram (@prod_spaceone) YouTube Channel (SPACE ONE)

Sunny Hill’s Jang-hyun’s Facts

Jang-hyun’s Debut with Sunny Hill

Jang-hyun is known as a former member and also the leader of the group that debuted in 2007, Sunny Hill. He started his career by debuting with two other members, Jubi and Sungah. They released their single album Love Letter on September 20th, 2007. When Sunny Hill released their first album, it became a top hit and immediately reached success. At that time, Sunny Hill’s Jang-hyun was already in charge of being the producer and remixing some songs, including Brown Eyed Girl’s top hit “Sixth Sense”, which was revealed at the 2011 Daejeon Song Festival. Sunny Hill’s Jang-hyun was originally a student, but he got an opportunity and went to an audition called Battle Myth and then entered an agency called Good EMG. Then Jang-hyun became a member of Tmax before he eventually joined Sunny Hill. After a career as a member of a CO-ED group, finally, Jang-hyun joined the military in 2013 and decided to stop his activities with the group after 7 years. The only male member of the group, Jang-hyun, decided to become a music producer and went behind the scenes after his return from military service in October 2013. Sunny Hill could not hold back their sadness by releasing a music video after Jang-hyun decided to leave the group. As a farewell, the latest music video “Don’t Say Anything” was released. In the video, Jang-hyun is in a separate place with four female members, namely Kota, Misung, Seungah, and Jubi. This concept is likened to a farewell for Sunny Hill’s leader.

The rhythm of “Don’t Say Anything” was worked on with the mid-tempo ballad concept so that emotional nuances were reflected in the music video. Jang-hyun spoke the narrative in the song, as if conveying his sadness about leaving Sunny Hill to focus on working on music. Jang-hyun decided to leave Sunny Hill with the excuse to focus on pursuing a solo career as a producer. Even so, he still supports the career process of the other members of Sunny Hill. After Jang-hyun left Sunny Hill, the group consisting of 4 members and 2 additional female members finally launched their first full album titled Sunny Blues Part. A on August 21st, 2014, while the album Part. B was released on January 29th, 2015.

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