BTS Members’ Height

The line-up of Big Hit Entertainment’s boy group BTS consists of seven handsome and multi-talented members, namely RM, J-hope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. All of them have different ages, different charisma, and also different height ranging from 174 cm, 177 cm, to 181 cm. So, here is the real height of each member starting from the leader of the group, RM, until their youngest member.

BTS’s RM’s Height

BTS member known as RM has the real name Kim Namjoon, he is the leader of this popular group, and he has a height of about 181 cm. Because of his height, when he wears a winter jacket, the jacket is too small and can’t cover his arms. Also, he has worn oversized trousers, but when he rolled them up they looked too short. Below are photos showing him in outfits that don’t match his size.

BTS’s Jin’s Height

The BTS member who is often referred to as “The World Handsome,” namely Jin, does have a handsome visual. Apart from his face, he’s also said to have a proportional height, where his height is 179 cm. Jin’s height can be seen clearly when he lies on the sofa in the photo above. He wore silk-satin pants with bent legs because the sofa size was shorter than him. And also you can see in the photo below, when he sits in shorts pants.

BTS’s V’s Height

Apart from Jin, BTS’s V is also touted as the most handsome member and has a perfect face shape. The perfection of his face is further enhanced by his height, as he’s about 179 cm tall. V has long legs which make him look taller, even more so when he is sitting, you can see his knees are taller than the sofa that he sits on. So, look at the photos below!

BTS’s Jungkook’s Height

The youngest member of BTS has an extraordinary charm, besides his good vocals, Jungkook also has a lot of talents. Even though he is the youngest member, Jungkook is quite tall at around 179 cm of height. Like the photo below, let’s see how much Jungkook adds to his height with the shoes that he wears?

BTS’s J-Hope’s Height

You certainly know who J-Hope is! J-Hope is the BTS member who is always a mood-booster for everyone around him (including fans and members), moreover, all the dance moves that he does always fascinate people! But did you know that J-Hope actually has a height of around 177 cm? Here is a photo of him without high shoes, and you can see his height!

BTS’s Suga’s Height

This rapper has a very cute-swag look. Suga is known for his cold attitude, but behind that, he is a very cute person! Suga is also cuter because of his height, which is about 176 cm. Regardless of his height, he looks the slimmest. So let’s see, how cute he is with an oversized jacket!

BTS’s Jimin’s Height

Besides Suga, Jimin is also called the cutest member. He is the angel of BTS and always gives smiles to everyone. This handsome angel has a height of around 175 cm and is quite small. However, Jimin has a tall neck so he still looks almost the same as the other members.

BTS Members Height Comparison

The growth in a person’s height isn’t too fast or drastic, especially when they have entered adulthood. This happens to BTS. Starting from their first debut, BTS members have quite different heights and the difference is only by a few inches such as 5’8″ and 5’11”. But over time, they have developed quite the dramatic difference, as can be seen in the photo below! In the photo above, about a few years after debut, you can see that RM is the tallest member and then J-Hope and V look almost the same height, as well as Jin and Jungkook. Meanwhile, Suga and Jimin are quite different. The photo above was taken in 2014 and the members seem to have a change in height. While the last photo above is around 2017, they almost have the same height and have a difference of only a few inches.

BTS’s Tallest Members

If we look at the members’ heights, the tallest one is their group leader, RM, who has a height of 181 cm, followed by Jin, V, and Jungkook who have the same height of 179 cm. These are the tallest group members!

BTS’s Shortest Members

If RM, V, Jin, and Jungkook are the tallest members, then J-Hope, Suga, and Jimin are the shortest members. Where J-Hope is taller than Suga and Jimin with a height of 177 cm, and Jimin and Suga only have a difference of 1 cm.

BTS’s Secret To Looking Like They Have The Same Height

Sometimes we like to be confused by their height and photos. For example, Jimin is the shortest member after Suga, but in the photo below, he looks as tall as J-Hope. It turns out that this is because of the shoes that they wear. They wear shoes that are heeled behind, so Jimin can look as tall as J-Hope.

BTS Members’ Current Height in 2021

In 2021, the height of BTS members hasn’t shown a drastic difference, except for Jimin. In addition to wearing slightly heeled shoes, it turns out that Jimin has also announced that his height has increased by 0,4 cm and defeated Suga, even he says that he will catch up to J-Hope’s height. That’s all information about the BTS members’ height from the tallest to the shortest member. So, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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