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Chronology Of APRIL’s Naeun’s Bullying Controversy

On July 22nd, 2020, a piece of news was published that made everyone shocked regarding a member of girl group APRIL—Naeun. There was a netizen who posted her story on an online community claiming that she (called A) and Naeun were classmates in elementary school and she has been bullied by Naeun. “Due to what I went through in elementary school, I cried and made a fuss a lot of the time. So even now, my mom grits her teeth whenever she sees Naeun on TV,” said netizen A in a post on the Koreaboo page. You might like to check out: Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Bullying Accusations: Hiatus and Removal From Kingdom Netizen A also said that she and two of her friends including Naeun were so close, but one day Naeun and one of her friends decided to persecute her and beat her up. As reported by Koreaboo, she said: “Due to my shy personality I wasn’t able to ask the reason why they started to bully me and became depressed. Then one day, Naeun pointed towards me and said ‘She’s like a handicap’ and rated my face and body.” Still from Koreaboo, Netizen A also said: “Every time I see Naeun’s face, I’ve to be reminded of my past memories. She may say those things as a joke but for me, that’s all it is a big wound. I hope you haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to me.” Netizen A hopes that Naeun and her friend apologize to her for what they have done in the past that has hurt her deeply. This is the chronology of what happened according to Netizen A who claimed to be a victim of bullying by Naeun and her friend.

Official Agency Statement

Regarding the alleged rumors, Naeun’s agency (DSP Media) also took part in this matter. On July 23rd, 2020, the agency denied the allegations against Naeun. As reported from Allkpop, DSP media said: “After being alerted about this community post, we thoroughly checked the facts with not only our artist, but also her nearby acquaintances, and came to the conclusion that the allegations are not true. We have been collecting all evidence regarding this situation ever since the netizen first made the community post, and we have decided to proceed with legal action by hiring the aid of a law office today.” After knowing the rumors regarding the allegations made by Netizen A, DSP Media immediately looked for the facts and evidence related to the baseless accusations. DSP Media then made an official statement that what was reported wasn’t true or just a lie, and the agency plans to bring this case to legal action. DSP also said: “After today, we plan on responding with strong legal action against any spread of false rumors involving our artists. There will be no settlements.” In that official statement, DSP Media said that they would do their best to protect their artists by monitoring them regularly. And seen from this controversy, DSP Media is a responsive agency, assertive, and also doesn’t cover up the problems that occur.

Naeun’s Friend Speaks Up About The Truth

After an official statement from Naeun’s agency was issued, suddenly, there was also recognition from different netizens who claimed to be Naeun’s classmates. The people who claimed to be Naeun’s old friends talked about Naeun as a person with a cheerful personality, they said that she was liked by their teachers at school. Naeun’s old friend said: “Lee Na-eun was a cheerful person during our school days. The bullying rumors that accuse Naeun are completely unfounded. It’s ridiculous to think that Lee Na-eun has been bullying her friends at school. I remember, she got along well with everyone. I remember that our teachers at school liked her so much because she had a pretty face and a kind heart.” You might like to check out: Bullying Controversies in the K-pop Industry: What Actually Happened? The netizen who claimed to be Naeun’s friend said that Naeun is a kind person, cheerful, and also easy to get along with. So she thought, looking at Naeun’s personality it seems that the rumors that accuse her are false and contradict the real situations. Some media said that because of these rumors, Naeun had a hard time. She felt very hurt when she heard these rumors and cried a lot since she became the highlight. Even more, at that time, APRIL were preparing to make a comeback on July 29th, 2020, so it bothered her a lot.

The Real Story About APRIL’s Naeun’s School Bullying Issues

APRIL’s Naeun was rumored to have bullied her classmates when she was studying in elementary school. This all started because of Netizen A who talked about it through posts on the online community. And the rumors made everyone feel uneasy, even the agency that oversees Naeun immediately took action regarding the problems that befell their artist. After DSP Media denied the allegations and the statement of Naeun’s old friend who defended Naeun, the perpetrator apologized through the online community with a handwritten letter. On July 24th, 2020, the perpetrator who called herself Netizen A admitted that she was responsible for what happened because of her post. Reporting from Soompi, the letter contained: “I am writing this to take responsibility for the post I made on Nate Pann on July 22nd, 2020. All of the claims related to school bullying and APRIL’s Naeun are fake, and the content I posted about has nothing to do with me. “I sincerely apologize to APRIL’s Naeun and fans for causing harm by creating this rumor. Once again, I apologize for causing harm.” Previously, Netizen A had made accusations against Naeun and she wanted an apology from Naeun. But then after everything was cleared, Netizen A deleted her posts about the rumors and wrote an apology to those who were harmed by her. Regarding the existing rumor, DSP Media denied it and clarified that Naeun would still be participating in APRIL’s comeback that took place on July 29th, 2020, with the title track “Hello Summer”. That’s all about the truth about APRIL’s Naeun’s school bullying controversies. So, what do you think about all this? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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