In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about the rumors that involved Jessi, where a news report says that she is pregnant. Is it true or not? Well, let’s check out the truth of Jessi being pregnant and her clarification in this article below.

Jessi Ho’s Pregnancy Rumor Is Not True

Jessi Ho is getting mean comments because of rumors about pregnancy. As expected, Jessi had the best response to the rumors when netizens told her about it during an Instagram live broadcast. Considering how iconic Jessi’s response was, it’s no surprise that her mention of pregnancy news was even funnier. “People say that I’m pregnant with someone’s baby. Sh**. I know that you all know about what I want. Like I said before, I want a baby,” she said with a funny reaction. After explaining the rumors, Jessi then countered them by saying that it must be wrong, but it didn’t seem like the idea was something she was against. However, when her expression was posted on social media, netizens couldn’t forget how unfiltered Jessi’s loud-sounding slurs were. Although she denied the rumors, Jessi said that she wanted an unexpected baby and proved that no one can control what she says.

Jay Park Rumored to Be the Father of Jessi’s Baby

Rumors have emerged that Jessi is pregnant with Jay Park‘s child. Not with Jay Park, Jessi is often rumored to be dating Lee Sang-yeob who is a fellow host of the show The Sixth Sense. With fake news circulating about Jay Park as Jessi’s boyfriend and getting her pregnant, there is nothing to confirm the news of Jay Park causing Jessi’s pregnancy since it was only a rumor.

Jessi Ho Responded to Her Pregnancy Rumor

In particular, Jessi is very honest about the future and how she sees herself. In the past, Jessi revealed that she wanted to have a family and wanted a child. “If I have a baby, I will raise him well,” Jessi said then went on and stated that she actually wanted to have three children one day. Jessi later admitted that while gaining fame and making a lot of money from her thriving career, she admits they didn’t make her the happiest. In fact, all she wanted was a family. “I will make a confession here. I made money while making music and gaining popularity, but it’s all useless now. I’m not happy because all I want is a family. That’s my dream,” Jessi said, where this statement became the starting point for rumors of pregnancy to spread.

Jessi Ho Talks About Settling Down and Having a Baby

Although she denied the pregnancy rumors, she still said that she wants to have children, which proves that no one can control what she says. For some fans, it may be a fact that Jessi has repeatedly said that she wants to get married, become a mother, and have children. When hosting The Sixth Sense, the singer under P Nation longed to start a family. Jessi’s attitude, which often discusses sensitive topics in front of the camera, including her desire to build a family and have children, has won praise from netizens. Through an interview with DJ Boom in one of the episodes of SBS’s Power FM’s Boom Boom Power, Jessi said that she grew up in a large family and wants to have many children when she gets married. Besides that, Jessi is already 34 years old, and she wants to get married quickly. Let’s hope for the best, so she can get married as soon as possible and make her dreams come true! Well, that was all the information about Jessi’s pregnancy rumor that is not true. Let’s keep giving Jessi a lot of support so she can be a good mother to her children in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and, stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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