Around 2017, there was a rumor circulating about how he had heart surgery, which only had success rate of 30%, at the age of 15. In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you all the information you need to know about BTS’s RM’s heart surgery and whether it is true or not. So, stay tuned!

Kim Nam-joon’s Heart Surgery Information Compilation

So some rumors about RM having open heart surgery at the age of 15 surfaced around 2017. The surgery reportedly only had a 30% chance of survival. It’s a rumor because nobody knows whether it’s true or not. Some ARMY found a few specifics that might mean it happened, but they’re still not 100% positive. With some digging, they found out about this message. Translation: Everyone, a person named Kim Namjoon is in the middle of having heart surgery. He only has a 30% chance of surviving, but he’s still having surgery. He is in the middle of surgery, but please pray that this surgery will be successful. We are both apart of a crew and he’s like my little brother. He’s only 15, but he really loves and enjoys rapping. It’s going to be sad if a young boy like him goes to heaven. Please pray for him for at least 20 seconds. -Written by someone in DaeNamHyup (RM’s underground rapper crew) Some of RM’s lyrics in Intro: O!RUL8,2? may encourage others to do such things, or they might mean something else. Nothing lasts forever, you only live once so live not any others live Take chances and never regret, never, never be late to what you wanna do right now Because at one point someday everything you did would be exactly you will be This issue was originally posted on Naver, where DNH and other pages had been collected by a Korean fan. The page has now been removed. The pages actually speak about how a 15-year-old rapper named Kim Nam-joon, with an IQ 148, ended up surviving, despite being told he had such a small chance of living through this surgery, all while staying in the top 1 percent of students. So that sounds like RM, certainly. The interpretations also indicated that his choice in the rap career was a decision that actually makes him feel ‘alive’, because he felt like he had to seize life after being told that you might die. Some of his old lyrics: My father told me to enjoy life I want to ask my father if he enjoyed his life I want to ask why the natural became unnatural And why the unnatural became natural Why am I not in my life and in some other person’s life? This is real, it isn’t a gamble or a game, it’s just one life Who are you living for? My heart stopped when I was nine or ten Put your hand on your heart and ask what you dream was What is really was Well, what do you guys think about this issue? Do you really think RM had open-heart surgery?

Heart Surgery Rumor: BTS’ RM or Rapper Zico?

— 방탄소년단 아미 (@BTS_ARMY_INT) October 19, 2017 Another source from Twitter said that it was actually not BTS’s RM that was going through heart surgery, but former Block B member Zico. The source said that the only person close to BTS that they know had heart surgery was Zico. They were both underground rappers and doing collaboration when RM was 15. Zico’s mom tried to stop him from rapping because of his heart condition, and RM has even denied this rumor. But it’s still floating around. Zico had a heart condition when he was just a boy, which meant that he had to undergo risky heart surgery. This is very hard on anyone, but Zico not only had this condition, but also congenital asthma and a hernia. He is still suffering from severe asthma, which must be a serious obstacle for a rapper. Whether it’s Zico or RM who underwent heart surgery, let’s just pray for their health!

Relationship Between BTS’s RM and Rapper Zico

ARMYs might already know that, in his early days, RM had a quite connection with rapper Zico. Both of them were underground rappers before debuting as idols. RM’s underground rapper name was RunchRanda, it means ‘I am Runcha’. He has said it was inspired by a game character he had at the time. Meanwhile, Zico’s underground rapper name was Nakseo, which means scribble. RM and Zico have known each other since they were very young; they even shared the same dream of becoming a famous rapper. They did collaborations when they were teenagers, and wrote songs together, such as Gonna Give It To Ya and Fck Cockroachez. Their most notable song was Fck Cockroachez, which they recorded it in 2008. This means that RM was only 13 years old and Zico was 15 at that time. Check out their song below!

They also performed together!

Since they parted ways, RM remains in touch with Zico. He gets advice from Zico, even on some of the lyrics for BTS. In their early debut days, they even had a rap battle together.

Good luck to both of them!

BTS’s RM’s Real Surgery Information

The rumor that he had heart surgery when he was fifteen is still not confirmed, but one thing we know for sure is that RM reportedly underwent septum (nasal cavity) deviation surgery on February 5, 2018. This health problem is in the form of abnormalities that separate the right and left sides of a person’s nostrils, where the cavity shifts from where it should be and makes one nostril smaller than it should be. This can cause breathing difficulties. If left unchecked, it can also have an impact on the daily lives of sufferers. From a source, it is known that RM’s surgery went smoothly. “RM underwent septum deviation surgery. The operation went well and currently, RM has been discharged from the hospital,” said the source, as quoted by Allkpop. As a result of the operation, the BTS leader was required to rest for a while. He was asked to restore his postoperative health before returning to activity.

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