You Might Also Like: Let’s Check Out iKON’s Bobby’s Appearance in ‘Show Me The Money’ and How He Won the Competition! Bobby appeared to be viral after his sudden news on his Instagram account. He wrote a handwritten letter about his wedding announcement. Moreover, he stated that his wife-to-be is now pregnant, and his baby will come to the world in September 2021. Let’s check the truth behind iKON’s Bobby’s wedding announcement in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay curious!

iKon’s Bobby’s Announcement About His Wedding on Instagram

The 25-year-old Korean rapper-idol has been making K-pop fans both excited and shocked by this extraordinary news. Here’s the letter that he uploaded to his Instagram. But, here’s the translation of the letter in English to understand what he explained: “Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby. I do have something to tell you after I took so much time thinking about it. I already committed to marry the person I love. Furthermore, I will become a dad this September. I’m happy to welcome the new family member. However, I also feel sorry to the fans who must be hurt or crushed by this news. I know I should have been telling you earlier, so I apologize that I said this late since I worried more than anything because of this. I hope I will become a better person not only for my parents but also for iKON’s members and for all fans that supported me. I will work harder and hope this news does not cause harm to the other members and all fans that are waiting for iKON to come back.”

iKon’s Bobby’s Fiancé’s Pregnancy

On August 20, 2021, Bobby told in his hand-written letter that was uploaded on his social media that his fiancé is pregnant and ready to welcome his first child in September. Bobby didn’t mention any information about the wedding details and the name of his fiancé or wife-to-be. It was supposed to protect her from the spotlight and unnecessary news.

Netizen Reactions Due To iKon’s Bobby’s Wedding Announcement

It’s a jeopardy reaction among netizens regarding Bobby’s announcement. Some of them show their shock and some of them are also supportive. This is a compilation of people on the internet towards this news: “I’m so proud that he’s taking responsibility and not leave the child.” “What? I was shocked.” “Congrats to you!” “It’s same as EXO’s Chen 2.0” “I think, he’ll join the dad idol group, LOL.” “IS IT TRUE?” “I feel poor for his fans.” “It’s amazing that he’s taking responsibility for his own child.” As people get to know the sudden update of iKON’s Bobby, there are possibly plenty of mixed opinions. An idol is also a human who has life-like people in common. Hopefully, let’s support Bobby with his decision and future work.

Past Interview With iKon’s Bobby About His Dream

Earlier in November 2018, Bobby answered the questions that were uploaded by the YouTube channel Gam Gyul Kon titled “Yunhyeong, Bobby 30 Questions.” This video was part of Naver Vlive X OSEN channel Star Road where Bobby and Yunhyeong became the guest. One of the questions asked was about what he wants to be when growing up. Bobby answered that he wants to be a pilot but now he wants to be a singer. Then, he stated he wants to be a good dad. It looks like his dream has now come true. Check the snippet of the video below!

That is all about iKON’s Bobby‘s wedding announcement and the pregnancy of his fiancé. Let’s send a positive message and support to Bobby for his brave and future career. What do you think about this news? Don’t forget to share this article too on Twitter!

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