One of the members of NMIXX is commonly known as Sullyoon. She is known as the visual of NMIXX. Besides being the visual, there are other things that we should know about Sullyoon. Are you ready to know more about the visual? If so, just keep reading, and you’ll find many interesting facts about Sullyoon!

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Full Profile

Real Name: Seol Yoon-a (설윤아) Stage Name: Seolyoon (설윤), or Sullyoon (설윤) Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, January 26, 2004 Height: 167 cm (5 ft, 6 in) Weight: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Position in the Group: Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, Visual Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram: @nmixx_official

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Fun Facts

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Pre-Debut Story

The pre-debut story of Sullyoon has impressed many K-pop fans and K-pop observers. Before she made her debut in NMIXX, Sullyoon made some spectacular covers during her training period. During her middle school period, Sullyoon started making covers of other K-pop singers. One of the most notable covers she ever made was of Davichi’s “8282.” She covered the song when she performed it during a music show at her school. The video of her cover was spread on Twitter. After her footage spread on Twitter, she gained public attention. At the time, Sullyoon was around 14 or 15 years old, but she already had a superb vocal quality. Through her high school story, we can see that Sullyoon had the quality needed of an idol. She proved herself to other people that she’ll soon become an amazing K-pop idol. She then decided to join a K-pop company and started training. Sullyoon started her training under Woollim Entertainment in 2019 with other Rocket Punch members, as written in the previous headline. She even almost made her official debut with the members. However, the company couldn’t make Sullyoon debut as a Rocket Punch member. Because the decision was finalized by the company, Sullyoon couldn’t do anything regarding that decision so she decided to leave the company. After she left Woollim Entertainment, she joined some K-pop auditions organized by other K-pop record labels including The Big Three companies (SM, YG, JYPE). Fortune really did come to her because Sullyoon passed the auditions for The Big Three and other companies such as Fantafio, FNC, and TR Entertainment. Because she passed so many auditions, she could choose one of these companies to become her permanent agency. After many considerations, she ended up choosing JYPE. After she made her decision to join Park Jin-young’s company, she started her training again at her new agency. During her training period, she continued to improve her singing and dancing skills. Sullyoon was a trainee who spent the shortest time in the company’s underground training room. Due to her prior training experiences, unlike other trainees, Sullyoon didn’t have to train for a very long time. She just trained for a year, making her the JYPE trainee with the shortest training period.

Sullyoon’s Debut With NMIXX Through the Lead Song “O.O”

In September 2021, JYPE started to announce the official members of NMIXX through individual introduction videos. For her video, Sullyoon covered Sunmi’s “Full Moon.” She highlighted her sweet and soft vocals through her introduction video. Like her previous covers, the “Full Moon” cover mesmerized many people. People believed that Sullyoon would be a perfect fit for the lead vocalist position. The cover was uploaded on NMIXX’s official YouTube channel, and the positive responses gained from the public have significantly increased the video’s views. Sullyoon’s “Full Moon” cover was the third video uploaded on NMIXX’s channel that passed the 1-million-views milestone. The video was the fourth introduction video uploaded after Jinni’s, making Sullyoon the group’s fourth member.

Sullyoon’s and the other introduction videos gained positive responses from JYP’s hardcore fans and observers. After the announcement, Sullyoon and the other members prepared for their debut album. Four months later, Sullyoon made her official debut with NMIXX on February 22, 2022. The group released its debut album Ad Mare with the lead single “O.O.”

Sullyoon Breaks JYPE’s Girl Group Visual Tradition

For more than a decade, JYPE has been known as the best agency when it comes to selecting visuals for their groups. JYPE has a tradition of choosing a member as the visual of the group in each of its boy and girl groups. So far, for its girl groups, the company always picks the maknae or the youngest member to be the visual. For example, there is Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Miss A’s Suzy, Twice’s Tzuyu, and Itzy’s Yuna (Sohee was the maknae before Hyerim joined the group). However, JYPE didn’t do the same thing with NMIXX. When JYPE officially debuted NMIXX, JYPE chose Sullyoon as the visual even though she’s not the group’s maknae. Sullyoon was born in January 2004, and the age gap between the maknae Kyujin is two years and four months (Kyujin was born in May 2006). Sullyoon is not even a member of the maknae line because there are four members younger than Sullyoon. Even so, Sullyoon is still considered the group’s visual. Actually, there are some reasons why JYPE (and fans) believe that Sullyoon is the perfect fit for the visual position in NMIXX. Many fans admire her visual, cute face, and perfect body proportions. One said that she is a mix between Twice’s Sana and Tzuyu, who we know are both very beautiful. Another fan also said that Sullyoon looks like Lee Hi and Fromis 9’s Nagyung. So, that’s all the things you need to know about the visual of NMIXX, Sullyoon! If you like this article, please share it with your friends on social media. Check out other articles about your favorite K-celebrities on Channel-Korea. Also, don’t forget to support Sullyoon and other NMIXX members!

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