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Red Carpet

Located at Jamsil Arena, the event that focuses on song awards and albums was hosted by Leeteuk from Super Junior and Solar from MAMAMOO. Some idols appeared and were ready to enliven the event. There were EXO, BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, GFriend, GOT7, NCT127, SISTAR, Onew SHINee, MAMAMOO, BeWhy, and many more. And here are some photos and videos of K-Pop stars on the Red Carpet at the 2016 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.




And other celebrities


The show also showcased some of the most popular tracks from the past year with impressive performances! Performers in 2016 included BIGBANG, EXO, iKON, BTS, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, VIXX, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, WINNER‘s Mino, Block B’s Zico, AOA Cream, Mad Clown, Red Velvet, Zion.T, Baek Ah Yeon, B.A.P, and more! The final annual K-Pop awards ceremony ended, and the Kings and Queens of the GAON Chart K-Pop Music Awards of 2016 have finally been crowned! The world’s most famous and impressive artists gathered to celebrate the crowning of the hottest acts of 2016. Led by Lee Teuk and MAMAMOO’s Solar, the Jamsil Stadium was packed with performances, awards, and general celebrations for the closing of 2016.

A piece of horrendous news became a hot topic of conversation among K-Pop fans. This news concerns two popular boy band names from two different agencies, namely BTS and BigBang. BTS was lined up as a performer at the 2016 Gaon Chart Awards. Their action is very spectacular and makes fans hysterical. But behind the euphoria, there were protests posted by netizens, especially BigBang fans. VIP accused BTS of plagiarizing the concept of the stage of T.O.P from BigBang. Before starting the stage action, the giant screen on the stage shows the ‘No Signal’ sign with some additional effects. This intro is at the heart of the issue mentioned by fans and one of YG Entertainment’s production staff. The reason is that the concept has been used by T.O.P in the 0 to10 BigBang concert in Hong Kong which also recently took place. Significant similarities have led to a number of debates on social media. Although it has not been proven to have been plagiarized, a number of BTS Army sent an apology for the incident. VIP, the name of BigBang’s fan club, responded cynically to this incident. But some are also patient enough to wait for clarification from both Gaon and Big Hit as the agency overseeing BTS. Next is the video of BTS’ appearance at the 2016 Gaon Chart Awards.


List of Winners

Memorable Event

And since this event is a big event, there are bound to be some memorable reactions from K-Pop stars. Let’s check them out! Artists of the Year (Album): GOT7 (1st Quarter), EXO (2nd Quarter), EXO (3rd  Quarter), BTS (4th Quarter) Rookie of the Year: NCT 127, BLACKPINK Discovery of the Year: Dean (R&B), BewhY (Hip-hop), Bolbbalgan4 (Indie), Han DongGeun (Ballad) Producer Award: Bang ShiHyuk (BTS) Composer Award: Black Eyed Pilseung (TWICE “TT”) Lyricist Award: Jo YoonKyung (TaeYeon’s “I”) World Hallyu Star Award: SHINee Hot Performance Award: INFINITE, SEVENTEEN Fan Vote Popularity Award: EXO, EXO’s SeHun Performer Award: Kim Ryung (Chorus), Lee SungYeol, Choi DaeWan (Rendition) V LIVE Follower Award: BTS Choreographer Award: Son SungDeuk (BTS) Style Award: Choi HeeSun (TWICE) K-Pop Contribution Award: Sechs Kies Popular Singer Award: MC the Max While boy bands dominated the album subcategory, it was the female artists who stood out in the song section. Twice and BlackPink each took two awards of the artists, with the former winning the prize for April and October while the latter was awarded for August and November. Others who won an award were GFriend (January), Mamamoo (February), Jang Bum-jun (March), Urban Zakapa (May), Sistar (June), now-disbanded Wonder Girls (July), Lim Chang-jung (September), and Big Bang (December). The award for best new artists went to NCT 127 and BlackPink in the album and song category.

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