BTS’s Jin and Suga Went Fishing

BTS members Jin and Suga went fishing with Big Hit Entertainment labelmate Lee Hyun and B1A4’s Sandeul very early in the morning. Jin explained, “It’s 2 in the morning, and I came here with Suga to go fishing.” He continued, “We’re going to set out on a boat. The boat suddenly got bigger. It got upgraded to a boat made for 70 passengers.” Jin also added, “We’ve been trying to gather people for 2 weeks now. Isn’t this boat made for fishing for tuna?”

On October 30, the BTS members shared a photo on Instagram that showed the four of them in front of fishing boats. They wrote the caption, “We caught two short-arm octopus with Sandeul, Lee Hyun, Jin, Suga.” This made them laugh so hard they cried. Jin revealed that he rented the fishing boat with Suga, but that it was a lot bigger than they expected. Despite the unexpected size of the boat, Jin proceeded to fish for croakers and the two even put on an eating show on the boat for all their fans. Such a playful experience, very fascinating.

J-Hope’s Dreams Come True in L.A

J-Hope’s vlog was started when J-Hope was driving to the airport and eating on his plane ride to Los Angeles. He chose to spend his hiatus from work activity by visiting LA, his dream city. He ate again in his hotel room, before heading to the music video’s set. J-Hope was very energetics he vlogged his trip to Los Angeles, California. He was showing fans his mini-mukbangs and his time filming for ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’. The vlog itself finished with scenes of J-Hope typing out captions for his vlog.  J-Hope and Becky G released the “Chicken Noodle Soup” video last week, after they got interacting about the surprise collaboration on Twitter.

RM’s Adventure in Europe

Another turn is RM’s vlog, which he released on October 4.  RM was spending his hiatus by having adventures in Europe. He travelled to Milan, Italy, and then Venice. RM was very excited wandering around to check out an art museum and the world-famous canals. He also visited Vienna, Austria, which allowed him to visit a carnival, as well as doing some “Namjooning” on a peaceful summer night, and biked through the city like any ordinary 20-something like his post said. RM also spent time dining, wining, and exploring the gorgeous outdoors in Copenhagen before flying back home to South Korea.

V-Log With Hyungs and Yeon-tan

In this vlog, V got a vacation with his famous friends Choi Wooshik, Park Seojoon, and Peakboy, who are collectively known as the Wooga squad. On the video, V was trying to get the courage to jump into the water. He eventually became known for being afraid of heights. He finally overcame his fear and showed how courageous he is by jumping successfully. They also did fun workout sessions. Post-vacation down time was also logged in the video, in which V is seen showing off his famous self camera profile angle, which made fans excited. V also went PC gaming with his sibling when he had family time. His bare face made viewers go crazy for his handsome self. At another point, after a long time, Taehyung visited an Internet cafè with his younger brother, and played a soccer game with him. V was so excited to see pörk belly on the café’s menu, like he’d never seen it before. In the end, Yeontan,V’s pet dog Tannie, and V made people smile and admire by showing their cuddle-time interaction. The video conversation in translation said, V : Tan, wake up..Tan, wake up V : Are you tired?

Jimin’s Special Confession from Paris

During the group’s vacation, Jimin met with his friends to make a fun trip through several countries, including France. Jimin, who had the most vacation videos leaked by the public and got controversial attention from the fans, visited Paris first. In the clip we can see from the moment he was on board the plane until when he toured the Parisian streets with a huge smile on his face. He visited many places during his stay in Paris. Look at his happy smile, which is so full of enjoyment. Jimin was posing next to different murals and beautiful places. He also had the opportunity to try different dishes and drinks. But, eventually, that was not all. Jimin made another stop on his trip, which was Hawaii.  He went with his friends. This time, Jimin enjoyed nature and chose to wear very cool outfits. After showing different images from his walk, Jimin took time to talk to his fans and tell them more details about his stay in those places. As part of the end of the video, Jimin mentioned how well he had felt during his stays in Paris and Hawaii, and took the opportunity to send a very special message to BTS and the ARMY. The idol admitted that he had missed his teammates a lot, and that his fans were present in his mind and heart all the time. So lovely, Jimin!

Jey~ Key~ Gym Time

This vlog of Junngkook was revealed on October 11. Jungkook shared a new vlog to conclude all the BTS’s vacation video log series. In the video, he takes viewers through his upper body workout routine at the gym. Waw! For the first workout, Jungkook wears an outfit which is not suitable to gym’s dress code: a long-sleeved plaid shirt, beige pants, and sandals. This outfit is not the safest style to lift weights in, but he looks comfy and handsome lifting this barbell! Then something great happened, Jungkook did about a billion pushups. What! Jungkook’s second workout also focused on strengthening his upper body. With help from his trainer, he did resistance training and weightlifting for his chest, back, and arms. Jungkook also said he would be a “shoulder gangster” if he had Jin‘s worldwide shoulders. He was envious of Jin’s natural build. He said,”If I had Jin-hyung’s body, I’d be a “shoulder gangster”. He already has broad shoulders as it is. With a body like Jin-hyung’s, you don’t have to work out. I envy this hyung.”   That’s all about BTS Vacation Vlog reviews. Which one do you like? Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts in this bracket below!

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