In this article, there’s detailed information about ITZY‘s diet plan. Are you curious about their diet plan and workout? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about ITZY’s diet plan, and what to eat during their diet until their transformation after losing weight in this article below!

ITZY’s Diet Plan

Through an interview at ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, the members shared their typical daily diet when dieting mode to keep the body in a proportional shape. This diet menu is easy to follow and if you are interested in trying it, let’s find out more about ITZY’s diet and menu plan in this session below! For breakfast, the ITZY leader chooses to drink water, sometimes, she replaces it with watermelon, which she usually enjoys as a snack. While having lunch, Yeji has three favorite sauces that she adds to almost all main dishes: mayonnaise, mustard, and peanut sauce. For the main menu, her favorite is meat, chicken breast, or thighs. At dinner, the singer born in 2000 does not overeat, she only eats a nutritious salad, and the mandatory menu is enough meat. ITZY’s Lia skipped breakfast. she starts eating at brunch around 12 to 1 PM. Lia likes something refreshing when she wakes up, she chooses to eat fruit or smoothies before leaving for practice. Lia’s healthy snack is cherry tomatoes topped with honey or balsamic sauce. Lia also admits that she likes vinegar, balsamic, and salt-vinegar flavored chips. Lia’s daily obligatory snack is donut glaze. she eats it to fill her stomach whenever Lia feels like eating something. Meanwhile, the favorite food of the main vocalist of the ITZY group is kimchi fried rice with added cheese as a topping. Lia also admitted that she likes rice. The first drink Ryujin enjoys when she wakes up around 10 to 11 in the afternoon is very cold ice water. Just like Lia, she also skips breakfast; Ryujin chooses to eat brunch with mixed vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms, onions, and spring onions. The most important additive for Ryujin is an oyster sauce to flavor the food. During snack time, Ryujin enjoys candy or jelly. For dinner, the owner of the real name Shin Ryujin is more flexible, she usually eats salad or the food she wants that day. Like some members who skip breakfast, Chaeryeong only takes supplements and drinks a lot of water. This habit makes her feel full without food. To maintain her body, this sister of IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon avoids foods that are too salty or spicy. Meanwhile, she chose meat or ice cream for lunch during the day. The youngest members of the ITZY group eat their favorite foods such as beef, pasta, burgers, or pizza as a lunch menu. Yuna also admitted that her mandatory snack is french fries. At night, the famous member chooses salad and chicken breast without sauce for her tiny waist. Yuna also manages her dinner time, so it doesn’t exceed 8 pm.

ITZY’s Workout and Exercise

Exercising is essential enough for K-Pop idols to stay slim, so ITZY member Yeji does it too. Before and after practicing the choreography of the song they will be performing, ITZY members do specific exercises. They will stretch for 15 minutes. Regarding their dance practice, it usually lasts for two hours or more every day. Many K-Pop fans have seen how complex and intense ITZY’s dance choreography is for every song they release. Therefore, it’s clear that the members burn at least 800 to 1,000 calories during practice. ITZY Yeji was able to maintain her slim figure through regular dance practice. Because she moves more than the average person, she can still eat sweets and not gain weight. Everyone knows that dancing is essential in the K-Pop world, and one needs a lot of practice to perfect choreography. In particular, ITZY’s choreography is known to be quite intense. Therefore, Chaeryeong and her bandmates need to spend an average of two hours practicing to learn the moves. Dancing that much will help her burn calories and lose weight quickly. This means ITZY Chaeryeong’s practice routine naturally includes dancing. Even during her training period, Lee Chaeryeong spent time in JYP Entertainment’s dance practice room to improve her dancing skills so that she would be chosen to debut in the company’s new girl group. She mentioned during the live broadcast that one of the exercises they do is sit-ups. Sit-ups are one of those abdominal exercises that don’t specifically burn belly fat but can help your stomach look flatter and firmer. Doing planks is also considered part of ITZY Chaeryeong’s workout routine.

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