There have been times when he burst in tears because he wasn’t feeling his best or when he was feeling down and sad. That was a very natural expression to show when someone is not feeling well. In this article, Channel Korea will tell you all about BTS’s V’s sad moments, such as V crying in Paris last year, V crying when he performed The Truth Untold in New Jersey in 2018, crying at MAMA 2018, crying at a fan signing event in 2016, crying during the Wings Tour, and BTS’ V Crying on Bon Voyage.

BTS’ V Crying in Paris in 2019

Starting in the middle of 2019, the Korean group idol, BTS (Bantan Seoyeodan) have been doing their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. BTS started their tour in the boys home country, South Korea, and then traveled to performances in other parts of the world, including Paris, France. On June 7 and 8, 2019, BTS gave two concert performances in Paris. With the concert fast approaching, memories from their 2018 Paris concerts were fresh in many fans’ minds. When BTS performed in Paris the previous October, V wasn’t feeling his best. He was sick with the flu, but rather than thinking of himself, he worried about how his health would affect ARMY’s enjoyment of the concert. Backstage, V burst into tears after his performance when his fellow members Jimin and Jungkook asked him what was happening. Even though fans loved every second of the show, V felt that the performance wasn’t as perfect as it could have been. Even though they didn’t know what was wrong with V, Jimin wiped away V’s tears and sweetly rubbed their foreheads together, and  Jungkook rubbed V’s neck while trying to cheer him up. Later, when the group was taking a group photo, V was still down in the dumps. Jin told V not to cry because it breaks his heart, while RM encouraged V to let it all out. One after the other, the other BTS members comforted him and assured him that they all knew exactly how he felt, because they’d all been through it. BTS fans, ARMY, also sent him cheer-up support through their social media and spoke nicely to comfort V. How beautiful the relationship is between BTS and ARMY.

BTS’s V Crying While Performing The Truth Untold in New Jersey in 2018

Concerts are a truly unique experience where you get to listen to your favorite band surrounded by people who have a similar taste in music and love a group that you like. It’s similar to the feeling that BTS and ARMY are connected each other. During the “Love Yourself” concert held at the Newark Prudential Center in New Jersey on September 29, 2018, the member burst into tears, catching attention from Jeff Benjamin, a former Billboard K-pop reporter. Jeff Benjamin tweeted a tearful photo of BTS V  singing “The Truth Untold”. After his tweet, V’s real name, Taehyung, made it to Trending No.1 on Twitter in several countries, including Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. ARMY (BTS fans) also noticed that V was noticeably affected by the crowd while he was on stage. Multiple people caught the singer and dancer shedding a single tear. V’s tears were spotted by fans during the group’s performance of “The Truth Untold”, which makes sense because “The Truth Untold” is a serious, melancholy ballad, from their album Love Yourself: Tear. The teardrop falling from his big, shiny eyes could clearly be seen through the stage’s screen. V bursting into tears became literal as the song reached its final bars. It definitely looked like he was crying just a little as the rest of the guys sang, “But I still love you.” Fans almost immediately began flooding Twitter with crying emojis and purple hearts in solidarity for BTS’s V’s own apparent tears. Although fans were unsure of why he was crying, the ARMY was supportive of one of BTS’s own showing his emotions. A fan wrote, “It’s hard to see him like this. I don’t think that I can finish watching this song being performed live anymore. As much as I love this song, I love Taehyung (V’s real name) more. It’s just so hurting. I’m so sad. I love him so much.” Whether V’s tear was of the happy or sad variety, it’s clear that any time one of the BTS guys wants to wear their heart on their sleeve, the ARMY is going to be right there to support them and back them up. This outpouring of support for V makes one thing clear: that BTS fans are loyal, supportive, and truly love the band’s music.

V Crying at MAMA 2018

The boys attended the Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 14, 2018, in Hong Kong, where they unsurprisingly won almost every award they were nominated for. Throughout the night, the boys won the awards for Mwave Global Choice, Best Asian Style, TikTok Best Music Video for “IDOL,” and Album of the Year for Love Yourself: Tear. But it was when the boys hit the stage to accept the last award of the night, the daesang (“grand prize”) for Artist of the Year, when things got truly emotional. At the event, BTS gave their speeches one by one.

First, J-hope stepped up first and said, “ARMY, I worried a lot before coming here. I want to show you our best all the time without any mistakes so we always prepare the stage with worried hearts. This award. I would’ve cried today no matter if we won this award or not. I wanted to repay because we worked so hard and received so much love from you guys. Thank you so so much and I want to say thanks to the members who are together with me at this moment. Thank you. I love you.” Next, Jimin said, “ARMY, thank you. Over the year, there could’ve been many hard times you  had know. We times where we got together and had discussions. What we felt is that we have so many people around us. So we want to thank you guys for always giving us encouragement. We really wanted to receive this award here again. Your pride in us is our pride. We will show a better side of us next year and show you guys this award again.” V continued, “Mom and dad who are watching this, thank you for taking care of me. This award is unbelievable and I will become a hardworking singer who isn’t an embarrassment to this award. We receive so many amazing awards at the end of the year. ARMY is such a meaningful gift. Thank you so much and I love you.” SUGA next said, “Thank you ARMYs. I’m happy to be receiving the ‘Artist of the Year.’ ARMY’s who are always watching us, I will consider this an award by you and will work hard. I want to thank our families who gave birth to the 7 brothers. 2018 was a year that made me wonder if I could be this happy in my life. I will make 2019 an even more amazing year.” RM said, “When we came out of his studio, we laughed a lot. We thought, ‘He must be going through a hard time lately.’ People around him also tried to stop him; they thought that such a great composer was putting an end to his career. Yet he believed in us so much when we had nothing, and I want to give this honor to him. We love you and respect you, and we’ll continue to work hard together with you.” The youngest members also stepped up and give his speech. Jungkook said, “We worked hard to prepare our performances while thinking about ARMY. We’ve received the Album of the Year award today. We really just wanted to become artists that you can be proud of, and it’s the same way now.” He shared that he wants to be a source of comfort and strength for everyone, and added, “In our hearts, ARMY is forever No. 1. Thank you so much, we love you.” Lastly, Jin said, “I remember early this year. We were mentally struggling at the beginning of the year. While talking amongst ourselves, we even considered disbanding. I think it’s so fortunate that we got ourselves together and was able to bring good outcomes. I want to thank my members who helped me get myself together and the ARMYs who love us.” After Jin’s speech, the members heavily sobbed, especially V. It could be clearly seen that BTS struggled for years to hold tight their dream to be the best K-pop idols and they have made it and will go on forward. Good job BTS!

BTS’s V Crying at a Fan-sign Event in 2016

In October 17, 2016, BTS held a fan-sign in South Korea. Fans was found a heartwarming and sad scene at this fan-sign because of one of BTS’s members, V, was crying during the fan-sign. He read a message from a fan and started crying while trying his best to smile, and fans who witnessed it say that he held her hand for a quite a while, then left the event. He returned after a bit and had calmed down. Fans do not know what she wrote in her message, nor who that ARMY was that gave the letter to him. But, fans know that his tears of happiness were genuine.

V Crying during the Wings Tour

During BTS‘s 2017 Wings tour, Jin and V  had a pre-show argument that left both members nearly too emotional to perform. The fight was included in episode 4 of Burn the Stage, BTS’s candid, behind the scenes documentary. RM said that the gap between him and  Jungkook was too large. V realized that to fill this gap, he would need to move from his current stage position to position “two”. In order to get himself to his place on time, V told Jin that he would need to pick up the pace to get to position “one”. V suggested that Jin run faster to get to his mark, since V can only start running once Jin does. In reply, Jin said that he was already running as fast as he could. When V refused to drop the subject, Jin became frustrated. Jin demanded to know why V kept complaining when he was already doing his best. As BTS’s leader, RM told V and Jin to get their acts together because the problem wasn’t one that could be solved before the show. After RM intervened, Jin was quick to apologize and comfort V, who was on the brink of tears. Meanwhile, all the BTS members burst into tears and sobbed in their final speech during the concert. They wrapped the last Wings Tour with a warm and happy ending together with their beloved fans, ARMY.

The finale show in Seoul brought a crowd of excited fans at home and from abroad to the stadium area beginning hours prior to the concert, making the concert venue a scene of a global festival early on.

BTS’ V Crying on Bon Voyage

During Bon Voyage Season 3 Episode 6, Jimin  helped V get through an emotional moment in a very touching way. Shortly before filming began for Season 3 of BTS‘s travel-reality show, V’s grandfather passed away. As such, V did not join his fellow members for their Malta vacation until shortly after his grandfather’s funeral. Although it’s not clear if it was his paternal or maternal side, but he was raised by his grandmother until he was 15. His grandparents must have meant a great deal to him. As soon as Jimin and J-Hope realized V was crying, they immediately stopped what they were doing to check on him. When they found him sitting alone, in tears, J-Hope sat beside V while Jimin hugged V from behind. In other episodes, V was crying again because of letters that he wrote to his fellow member and also his best friend in the group (because they were in the same age).

The members wrote handwritten letters to one another, and V had written his for Jimin. However, while he began to reflect on their humble beginnings and read the letter to him, V began to cry! The letter had said, “Jimin-ah, hello~ Writing you this sincere letter is making me cringe but I am trying to go on. Please understand. Since our trainee days, we came to Seoul without a clue. We woke up, put on school uniforms and attended the same school. We ate together, went to practice and returned to the dorm. Then we talked at night.” The letter was already built up an interesting atmosphere for fans as V began to wipe away his tears. “After 6 years like that, you are now my dearest friend. Before our debut, you once got anxious about it. At the time, I had a meeting with the company and they asked me what I thought of you being on the team. I thought it over and said that you were there for me through the ups and downs, you were the one who laughed and cried with me,” said V. He continued, “So I said that it would be good if such a good friend could debut with me. It felt good to say that and I was happy to be able to debut with you. All our good memories made me happy and I am sorry that I am always on the receiving end.” This is when every watching probably began to cry, too! V finished his letter saying, “When I am in the bathroom crying, you cry with me. You also come to see me at dawn to laugh with me. You care about me and have me in your thoughts. You work hard for me and you understand me. You listen to my concerns and like me even though I am lacking. Let’s walk on a road with happiness. I love you, buddy.” Such tear-jerking words! Member Jimin laughed and responded by saying, “I think about that a lot so stop crying, you punk!” Their brotherly love is too cute. Keep supporting each other, BTS!  

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