Their interaction is slightly unusual but very entertaining. Occasionally during the shooting, Heechul gave a bag hug to Min Kyung-hoon while other Knowing Bros members and guests cringed at their behavior. Unsuspected viewers must think that they are a special couple. However, their special bromance is one of the funniest things that viewers and fans are waiting for. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon’s brotherhood.

Teasing Each Other on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers

In Episode 39 of Knowing Bros, fashion model Kim Jin-kyung appeared as a guest. She was asked to direct a photoshoot for Knowing Bros. This time, the models were Min Kyung-hoon and Heechul while the theme was Bromance. She directed them well but both Min Kyung-hoon and Heechul ended up making a strange pose. Heechul bent slightly in front of Min Kyung-hoon but Min Kyung-hoon stood right behind Heechul, making an awkward pose. All members burst into laughter right away upon seeing their provocative pose. Kim Ji-kyung asked them to make a closer pose. They stood facing each other. Heechul wrapped his hand around Min Kyung-hoon’s back. Without realizing, Min Kyung-hoon placed his hand right above Heechul’s chest. Again, it was an awkward and provocative pose. Fans couldn’t help but cringe during the whole bromance photoshoot. During a performance, Min Kyung-hoon usually sings with his microphone high above his mouth and close to his forehead. Because of this, Heechul always teases him by saying Min Kyung-hoon sings with his head, not with his mouth. Other guests who appear on the program also tease Min Kyung-hoon by imitating his singing with the head pose.

Sync Harmonization During Collaboration

In Episode 51, Min Kyung-hoon and Heechul were preparing and synchronizing for their duet collaboration. Min Kyung-hoon was the first to enter the recording room. The producer praised Min Kyung-hoon’s voice. When it was Heechul’s turn, he tried to sing in Min Kyung-hoon style. Min Kyung-hoon noticed it and asked Heechul to sing in his own style. Min Kyung-hoon seemed not satisfied because Heechul kept imitating him. Heechul said that because their voices need to be synchronized, he must follow Min Kyung-hoon’s singing style. It was meant to be a duet performance but they were constantly bickering at each other during the recording.

Bromance That Went Wrong

In Episode 59, Knowing Bros members had to compete with all members of idol group Cosmic Girls in a flexibility challenge. As the Knowing Bros members are much older, each member can help each other passing the bar by leaning on them. In the previous episode, Kim Kyung-hoon successfully passed the bar by himself so he offered himself to be the last person. The first and the tallest member Seo Jang Hoon failed while other members succeed. The last two members were Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon. Min Kyung-hoon held Heechul’s hands while pushing Heechul’s back. Leaning on Min Kyung-hoon’s chest, Heechul enjoyed the skinship and looked so happy. All members of Cosmic Girls screamed and cringed at them. Ignoring the other people, Heechul looked at Min Kyung-hoon’s face with an incredibly wide smile. The episode was aired on January 21st, 2019. In Episode 193, Heechul apologized to Min Kyung-hoon for his dating rumor with Twice’s Momo. Before the recording, news surfaced about Heechul and Momo’s alleged romantic relationship. The agencies of both artists denied the rumor but apparently, one man was left broken-hearted from the rumor. During the opening scene, Heechul entered Knowing Bros set with light hops and a happy smile. Meanwhile, Min Kyung-hoon’s face was sad and disappointed. He hilariously scolded Heechul and grabbed his collar. Realizing that Min Kyung-hoon was sad, Heechul approached him and held his hands. Heechul confessed that Min Kyung-hoon is the one that he loves the most. Later on, Heechul promised to Min Kyung-hoon that if ever he found someone special, Heechul will let Min Kyung-hoon know first.

Taking Care of Each Other

In Episode 105, Min kyung-hoon said to the female guest, Yoon Se-ah, that his ears will turn red when getting close to a woman. So, he approached her to demonstrate it. Strangely, his ears didn’t turn red so he approached her even more. Feeling jealous, Heechul quickly pulled him away from Yoon Se-ah. His ears turned red instantly when Heechul held his hand and pulled him away.

Complimenting Each Other

In an episode of Knowing Bros, Heechul thanked Min Kyung-hoon and said: “Because of you I got a commercial deal. I will buy you lunch.” Min Kyung-hun was surprised because he didn’t do anything for Heechul. Heechul said jokingly that he earned a commercial deal because he imitated Min Kyung-hoon’s singing with the head pose. Upon hearing Heechul’s confession, Min Kyung-hoon hilariously yelled at him and said that he should be the one getting the commercial deal.

Latest News

Not very long after the passing of his two best friends, Goo Hara and Sulli, Heechul was spotted at Incheon Airport heading for an international flight on December 3rd, 2019. He looked lifeless and spiritless. He continuously looked down or made a phone call but his eyes looked very tired and weary. Fans are worried about his mental health. Recently, he deleted all of his Instagram followers and set his profile to private. Recently, on December 2nd, 2019, Min Kyung-hoon appeared as a host of KBS2’s Problem Child in the House. He must compete with other hosts and guests to complete some questions. The first person to answer all the questions can leave the rooftop house. Heechul is one of the funniest hosts of Knowing Bros. His interaction with Min Kyung-hoon is hilarious and cringe-worthy and the viewers can’t get enough of their bromance. That was all the information about Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon’s bromance in Knowing Brothers. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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