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About The Drama Kill Me Heal Me

The K-Drama series is about dissociative identity disorder and child abuse elements as pivotal topics. The interesting thing is the love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities and a 1st-year female resident who becomes a secret doctor for him. The love, romance, and comedy are well mixed together in this drama. This drama marks the reunion of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, who previously starred together in Secret Love (2013). In this drama, Ji sung is a person called Cha Do Hyun, a third-generation business owner who has 7 different personalities because of his traumatic events. He meets Hwang Jung-eum as Oh Ri Jin who tries to help him take control over his life. She is a beautiful first-year psychiatric resident who helps him secretly. Such an interesting story related to personality and psychology. Here are some of the personalities Ji Sung plays in Kill Me Heal Me:

Hwang Jung-eum and Ji-sung’s Second Chance In A Drama Together

They have acted together several times and have an on-screen chemistry that attracts people to watch their work. Hwang has become Ji Sung’s favorite person who she really enjoys working with. They have achieved in making an excellent working relationship which is unbelievable. Their first work together is The Secret Love. Ji Sung said, “We only have to look at each other in the eye and we can tell what the other person is thinking.” They are so looking forward to their working as a couple together again in their new drama Kill Me Heal Me.

Strong Chemistry And Funny Moments During The Drama Shoot

Hwang Jung Eum teaming up with co-star Ji Sung has delivered fantastic chemistry that can steal people’s hearts and has made this duo combination perfect in every aspect. Hwang Jung Eum has received several awards for her acting in this drama with Ji Sung and has increased even more her popularity.

Here is a video of their funny moments acting in the K-Drama Kill Me Heal Me, when Ji sung becomes some other character and they are having a conversation in raping style. Very funny indeed!

Interview And Impressions Of One Another

Ji sung expressed his admiration and praise for co-star Hwang Jung-eum in an interview, “We’ve said to each other ‘what kind of fate is this.’ For me, it’s two in a row. It’s hard to do two, much less two consecutive dramas with the same person.” He also admitted that Hwang Ji-eum is the one who gives him positive vibes and enables him to act well in different situations. He expressed, “When you’re acting, if your co-star doesn’t give you any reaction, there’s no use. Jung Eum does it all.” He continued, “It is because Hwang Jung Eum was there that the various personalities were able to come to life,” and praised her as an excellent actress. Ju sung added, “If I get the chance to work with Jung Eum again, I would like to, anytime. She says after she gets married. I think that’ll be the case.” Hwang Jung eum also praised Ji Sung and his acting skills, that made her enjoy working with him. Both of them are really special and skillful in acting indeed!

Showing Support To Each Other

Ji Sung has received several awards for his acting in Kill Me Heal Me. He said thanks to Hwang Jung Eum with the crystal eyes, he expressed that Hwang is the one who could make him team up on the scene and made it easy to act several characters. On the other hand, when Hwang Jung eum was asked whether she would like to work with Ji Sung again in the future, she replied, “Of course. I would really love to. But it will probably be maybe four years later? Since [Ji Sung] oppa is married, I would like to reunite after I am also hitched. The two dramas I’ve done with [Ji Sung] oppa have all done well. I think it’s a really good thing we have going.” Hwang Jung Eum also complimented his patience and mentorship, “If I don’t understand [the scenario], I can’t act. Whenever I don’t, I ask oppa, ‘Explain. I don’t get it,’ and he doesn’t get annoyed and explains it to me. I have two brothers who are 10 and 8 years older than me. Ji Sung oppa and I have just around the same age gap. Of course, Ji Sung oppa looks super young for his age (Laughs).”

Latest News

On January 7th, 2016, Hwang announced her marriage plans to Lee Young-don, the golf athlete and on February 26th, 2016, the wedding reception was held at Hotel Shilla, Seoul. She gave birth to their first child, a son, on August 15th, 2017. She also recently played as Wol Joo, the food cart’s owner, in the K-Drama Two-Way Pocha. This is a mysterious, fantastic story of a nightly food cart that goes back and forth between the living world and the world of the dead. Hwang becomes a cold woman with the help of a pure, clueless young man, by visiting the dreams of the customers and helping them overcome their past regrets. On the other hand, Ji Sung is active in tvN’s Run, which is about a running crew finding out people and getting some of the best running courses both in Korea and overseas, capturing his love of running and exercise. Later on, the crew will train themselves in order to take part in a marathon in Italy. That’s all about Hwang Jung-eum and Ji-sung’s chemistry. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below! Looking forward to their next project together!

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