Park Bo-gum and Irene become the MC partner on Music Bank since May 2015. Throughout their appearance, people get shipping them because of the chemistry they made. They have been succeeding in giving unique memory host couples along with the Music Bank program. Feeling nostalgic to see how they collaborated during MC of Music Bank, read on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

Park Bo-gum & Irene’s Special Collaboration

The South Korean music program, “Music Bank,” has a signature performance that involving their MC. This particular stage performance has always been waiting for the audiences, especially when Park Bo-gum and Irene come up to be MC couples. They were bringing the song “One and a Half” with a cute stage act that made people more hype and hysterical to see. Irene was wearing a pink blouse and white skirt matching with Park Bo-geum, who also has a pink-white outfit. In the beginning, they were holding hands awkwardly and shy, but in the end, they were showing romantic-stage collaboration well. Watch their first performances ever, which lead them as Friday Couple below!

Park Bo-gum and Irene also spotted teasing each other during hosting. Park Bo-gum once ever said his admiration for Irene’s beauty. He looked at Irene with his pure eyes like a kid. Irene also not lost her chance to respond to him; she like his eyes. Moreover, they are also sometimes showing their aegyo, which made people could feel crazy about it. During host, Park Bo-gum and Irene also did sing the original singer song at that time, and in the end, they will sing it together, so eloquent host couple!

On special Christmas, Park Bo-gum and Irene are also surprised their fans with their unique song “Jingle Bell Rock” with some cute choreography on Music Bank Christmas edition. This performance has been remarkable also in mind about them.

Irene Pranks Park Bo-gum

This couple never runs of ideas to surprise the audiences. In Music Bank in 2016, Irene was trying to prank Park Bo-gum during the live session. Park Bo-gum wasn’t realized for a minute to what happened, he kept trying to continue his line, but his worry couldn’t be hidden on his face. He tried to pull and helped Irene, who suddenly fainted in the middle of Music Bank’s life. Park Bo-gum showed confusion about what to do next, and Irene rescued him by standing up again. She then said, “Happy April Fools Day” to Park Bo-gum. Park Bo-gum had his silent shock and can’t say for a second. Irene laughed and smiled at him, then saying sorry, Park Bo-gum felt relieved and smiled back then they continue the program. It’s an unexpected moment. Irene succeeds in her plan. So cute!

Park Bo-gum Helped Irene On The Stage

In one moment, after finishing their program session, Irene was walking down the stairs, she tripped her step while Park Bo-gum directly caught her before failing down. Park Bo-gum, who is right behind Irene, saw this unpredictable event, and like a Superman, he moved fast to rescue Irene. This moment made their fans so much fluttered. If it was late, it might something terrible happened to Irene since the stair also looks high. On the other event, Park Bo-gum also reflects on grabbing Irene’s hand when she stepped down to the stair while she was wearing high heels. In one of the talking shows, Irene revealed that this gesture is always Park Bo-gum does to her. So sweet!

Park Bo-gum & Irene Last Speech

These best chemistry couple as MC Music Bank program has come to an end. From a source, Irene and Park Bo-gum finished their contract until June 2016. They have been together as a hosted partner in Music Bank for 14 months, so many memories, goofy, romantic gesture that has been entertained all the audiences. As from their label, Irene was busy preparing the new comeback with her girl group, Red Velvet, in the summer. While Park Bo-gum has to do acting in the drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

Regarding their final stage on the Music Bank, Park Bo-gum and Irene have prepared individual performances. Irene was saying her gratefulness to get the opportunity to contribute as MC on Music Bank, after this, she would feel lonely since she has been used to spending time in Music Bank for the whole year. In contrast, Park Bo-gum is said to thank you to the KBS, Music Bank, who believe in him and Irene to be host such a big event. He learned much from the singers that we have always focus on any work that we want to do. Park Bo-gum and Irene also saying thanks to all fans that are always supporting them. They sincerely give love to all people that have been cheering on them. They hope all their fans are always supporting them in everything they do in the future. They have charming personalities and alluring visuals that attract all people to tune on them. Park Bo-gum and Irene also get rumors that they were secretly dating, but there’s no evidence until now, so it may take only something that brought from fans that love these couple so much. They always keep invited to have a new project host together another time, such as hosted on Music Bank tour in Singapore in 2017. That’s all about Music Bank’s MCs with the best chemistry: Park Bo-gum and Red Velvet’s Irene’s lovely moments together. Keep supporting Park bo-gum and Irene Red Velvet in every project in the future. Are there any moments do you miss? Put your comment and share your thoughts below, we want to know!

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