BIG BANG’s Taeyang’s Masterpiece

Eyes, Nose, Lips is a song recorded and made by South Korean singer and Big Bang member, Taeyang. It is the second single from his second studio album, Rise (2014). It was written by Teddy and Taeyang. The song was recorded in the Gaon Digital chart and got in the K-Pop chart 100, going on to become the second-best performing single of 2014. Eyes, Nose, Lips is a slow R&B track, for which Taeyang participated in writing the lyrics. In contrast to his previous songs, this one’s focus is on Taeyang’s voice rather than his dancing. The music video for the song has already reached over 6.9 million views on YouTube, a testament to the song’s extreme popularity.

Background Release

YG Entertainment announced the song on May 29th, 2014, as the title track of the album, and that the song and accompanying music video would be released the same day as the album. Taeyang talked about the song with Billboard, saying it was the last song that was completed from the album, and was the reason for releasing the album. He also described the process of creating the song; while Teddy was writing out the chords, Becca came along and wrote out the melody on the spot. He said he liked it very much, and he truly believed his voice is really fresh in the song. After finishing the demo recordings, Eyes, Nose, Lips was described as “an R&B-style song with a solid piano sound” accompanying the singer’s “appealing vocals.” The song was composed in the key of C major, with a moderate tempo and fast beat, and features the lyrics. The song expresses a faint longing for the past loved one. The Star online noted that the track is a “heartfelt love song that’s heavy on the piano and low on audio enhancements.”


On Inkigayo, Taeyang performed the song for the first time on June 6, 2014. His second comeback stage which was on M! Countdown, he also performed it at the talk show. The song became famous, so on June 15, YG Entertainment announced a “cover project” in which its artists would be covering songs from others. Akdong musician was the first to release a cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips. That cover was followed by Tablo covering the song with as a rap version, with Taeyang appearing during its bridge part. Lydia Paek was the third YG Family artist to cover the song for the project.

Cover Videos

Do you know that this song was a real hit, and because of it. Taeyang and YG Entertainment made a cover project contest. The participants were from all over the world, not only fans but also celebrities. So this is one of them, check it out.


So, this was the first cover video, Akdong Musician was so smart to cover tho song, they made the song very catchy and easy listening.

Lydia Paek


Tablo X Taeyang


Park Bom

MAMA Great Moments 2018

Kim Bum-soo

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