Likewise with one of Tiny-G’s members, Kim Myung-ji decided to leave the girl group that successfully debuted in 2014. In this article, we will get to know more details about the former Tiny-G’s Kim Myung-ji’s full profile, fun facts, career journey as a girl group member, and her latest appearances in K-dramas. Let’s find out more in this article below!

Full Profile of Tiny-G’s Myung-ji

Real Name : Kim Myung-ji (Hangul: 김명지) Stage Name : Myung-ji (Hangul: 명지) Birth : Seoul, South Korea, October 9, 1997 Star Sign : Libra Height : 160cm (5’2″) Blood Type : B Religion : Catholic Education : Dongguk University Department of Theater and Arts Position in the Group : Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Maknae Agency : The Entertainment Official Site : Instagram ( @myongd97 )

Facts about Tiny-G’s Myung-ji

Myung-ji’s Debut with Tiny-G

The debut song for the digital single was “Tiny-G” (Little Giant) that was released on August 23, 2012, and was composed by hit composer Robin. The members were determined to impress music fans with a new song with the same title as the team name that highlighted the performance. The concept brought by Tiny-G was also very different from the girl groups that debuted in the same year. They showed more of their unique choreography with playful dance moves and also energetic ones. Kim Myung-ji was a member of Tiny-G who had the position of the youngest member of the group when she was only 15 years old. When she debuted in 2012, Myung-ji was still very innocent and was seen with chubby cheeks and a short hairstyle which is very rare for some K-pop idols. Even when she was still debuting, Myung-ji looked like an idol who came from the west because of her beautiful visuals, and she looked like she wasn’t Korean.

Disbandment and Solo Activity

One of the members of the girl group Tiny-G, Myung-ji reportedly left soon after debuting to start a career in acting in the news released in June 2014. This was announced directly by the agency GNG Entertainment who revealed, “Myung-ji has the passion to focus on a career in acting, which she has had since she was young. She has appeared in various commercials as a child artist. We finally decided to respect her wishes.” At that time, Myung-ji would only leave the group Tiny-G but would still be under the agency GNG Entertainment to continue his acting career. Meanwhile, the remaining Tiny-G members, namely Dohee, J-Min, and Mint, continued their careers in the music world. They made a comeback with the release of their latest mini-album which was released on July 3, 2014, and it became their first comeback with three members. In this era, Tiny-G restarted their career with 3 members, and they promoted in Thailand by debuting as the sub-unit Tiny-G M and releasing a song called “The Only One” followed by another single in Korean titled “Ice Baby.” Meanwhile, on the other side, Myung-ji confessed about her feelings to achieve her future career and her solo activities, saying “I don’t have to hide it. It’s not embarrassing, it’s a precious time for me while joining Tiny-G. It can be embarrassing because I was too young while debuted, but it’s not embarrassing to be part of the group. When I feel like I’m losing my original intention, it motivates me to look for it during my debut as an actress.” Kim Myung-ji pointed out that the time when her activities with Tiny-G stopped after withdrawal was also an indispensable time in her life. She said with a bright face that she was more mature because of that period, and she was able to cherish this moment when she started her solo career even more. “I love acting so much now that I want to show a good look as an actress, but I hope there will be an opportunity to do it as an OST or a musical actress later,” Kim Myung-ji stated.

Appearance on Mnet’s Idol School

Kim Myung-ji trained to become a singer, and she said that she remembered the time of having a lot of hardships with the members during her debut era in Tiny-G. These were precious times of becoming a better idol and joining the survival show that was aired on Mnet, which was Idol School. “I think I hated letting go of that experience. Somehow, there was regret for not being able to finish properly. I grew older and wanted to show my growth,” Kim Myung-ji said about her opportunity while becoming a contestant of the survival show. Kim Myung-ji mentioned her appearance in Idol School that aired in 2017 and said, “Because I have appeared in Idol School, I thought it would help to build a character.”

In one of the early episodes aired by Mnet’s Idol School, Kim Myung-ji had the opportunity to introduce herself as a contestant in a pink photo booth. Kim Myung-ji talked about her identity and also started her introduction with her charming point, which is her eyes. Then, she also demonstrated her charming point by winking in front of the camera. Kim Myung-ji also felt confident that she could get 5th rank in this survival show. Then, several times, she also demonstrated different poses when her photo was taken.

In the Debut Diagnostic Exam 1 which aired in episodes 3-4, Kim Myung-ji joined the Yukhoe Rice group with several other contestants such as Lee Seo-yeon, Park Ji-woo, Lee Haein, Cho Yu-ri, Lee Sae- rom, Hong Si-woo, and Lee Young-yoo. The Yukhoe Rice group performed “Whistle” by BLACKPINK. Meanwhile, Kim Myung-ji earned 35 individual votes and positioned as Rapper 2 during this episode. The Yukhoe Rice group also won an Individual Ranking +1 card which could be used during the final voting, and they could then also make video calls to their families.

In the Debut Diagnostic Exam 2 which aired in episodes 5-6, Kim Myung-ji joined Intermediate Performance A with several other contestants such as Jang Gyu-ri, Roh Ji-sun, and Lee Sae-rom. Intermediate Performance A performed “Hush” by Miss A. Meanwhile, Kim Myung-ji earned 83.1 for her Academic Achievement Level and achieved 4th rank during this episode.

In the Debut Diagnostic Exam 3 which aired in episodes 8-9, Kim Myung-ji joined the Wee-Woo Team with several other contestants such as Park So-myeong, Cho Young-joo, Lee Seo-yeon, and Lee Sae-rom. Suring the Debut Diagnostic Exam 3, they performed “Wee Woo” by PRISTIN. Meanwhile, Kim Myung-ji earned a score of 71.6 and won 6th rank during this episode. Unfortunately, Kim Myung-ji had her last performance on Idol School in episode 9 and was eliminated in 28th place since it was one of the lowest ranks in that episode.

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