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TNX’s Taehun’s Profile

Real Name : Choi Tae-hun (hangul: 최태훈) Stage Name : Taehun (hangul: 태훈) Birth :  Incheon, South Korea, November 19, 2002 Blood Type : A Star Sign : Scorpio Position of the group : Leader, Dancer Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Taehun’s Fun Facts

TNX’s Kyungjun’s Profile

Real Name : Woo Kyung-jun (hangul: 우경준) Stage Name : Kyungjun (hangul: 경준) Birth : August 30, 2002 Blood Type : B Star Sign : Virgo Position of the group : Rapper Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Kyungjun’s Fun Facts

TNX’s Hyunsoo’s Profile

Real Name : Jang Hyun-soo (hangul: 장현수) Stage Name : Hyunsoo (hangul: 현수) Birth : September 16, 2003 Star Sign : Virgo Blood Type : O Position of the group : Dancer Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Hyunsoo’s Fun Facts

TNX’s Junhyeok’s Profile

Real Name : Cheon Jun-hyeok (hangul: 천준혁) Stage Name : Junhyeok (hangul: 준혁) Birth : September 20, 2004 Star Sign : Virgo Blood Type : O Position of the group : Main Vocalist Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Junhyeok’s Fun Facts

TNX’s Hwi’s Profile

Real Name : Eunhwi (hangul: 은휘) Stage Name : Hwi (hangul: 휘) Birth : November 11, 2004 Star Sign : Scorpio Blood Type : B Position of the group : Producer, Rapper Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Hwi’s Fun Facts

TNX’s Sungjun’s Profile

Real Name : Oh Sung-jun (hangul: 오성준) Stage Name : Sungjun (hangul: 성준) Birth : August 30, 2005 Star Sign : August 30, 2005 Blood Type : B Position of the group : Vocalist, Maknae Nationality : Korean

TNX’s Sungjun’s Fun Facts


TNX Made Their Debut On May 17, 2022

TNX is a 6-member group consisting of Choi Tae-hoon, Woo Kyung-jun, Jang Hyeon-soo, Cheon Jun-hyeok, Eunhwi, and Oh Seong-jun, which was chosen as the final debut group P Nation in the SBS boy group project. ‘LOUD: Loud’, which ends in September 2021. This boy group contains the meaning of ‘The New Six’, six new people who will challenge, overcome and grow together with the same generation. As P Nation’s first boy group and produced by PSY, TNX received a lot of attention in the global music market even before their debut. They also expressed their bold ambition to open a new era of K-Pop through the first reality show ‘The New Six’. On April 28-30, 2022, P Nation released several individual teaser images for TNX’s members. The members look so handsome and ready to be a bias wrecker with their debut! Check out the individual teaser images for TNX’s members below :

The debut of TNX was enough to live up to everyone’s expectations. TNX caught viewers’ attention at once with their powerful performance and choreography. They also seemed to have experienced stage manners, unlike any rookie group. Meanwhile, “WAY UP” is a new album that fulfills the desire for fresh and colorful music with six colors of emotion and strength, as well as a growth story after challenges and completions, all depicted in five songs consisting of various musical styles in their debut EP. Despite the short time since the end of SBS ‘Loud’, TNX continues to grow and debut with improved skills. It is expected that they will achieve great results in the global K-Pop market as they receive huge support from P Nation and PSY.

On May 17, 2022 at 6 PM South Korean time, TNX released their first music video titled “MOVE”. “MOVE” is the title track released by TNX in their first mini-album, titled “Way Up”. Through the music video for “MOVE”, TNX members presented their energetic performances to the accompaniment of powerful trap music. Well, that was all for the information about TNX and everything you should know about them. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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