Let’s get to know Chan, the rapper of TO1. Beware of falling in love with him!

TO1’s Chan’s Profile

Chan is one of the rapper idols in the K-pop industry that produces his own songs and writes his own lyrics. Chan has been a talented rapper since he was a trainee. He also has been a trainee at SM Entertainment. But things happened and then he moved to his current company and debuted as a TOO (now changed to TO1) member. Wait, not only a member but also a producer? We’ll talk about the details soon. First off, let’s see the profile of Chan below! Full Name: Cho Chanhyuk Korean Stage Name: 찬 Korean Real Name: 조찬혁 Stage Name: Chan Nicknames: Boss, Slowdown Guy, On-Going Princess, etc. Birthplace: Chuncheongnam-do, Cheonnam-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 180 cm Foot size: 270 mm Birthday: December 8th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Position: Main dancer, rapper, producer Blood type: O Hobbies: Taking a walk, filming with a camera, etc. Specialties: Freestyle dance Debut: 2020 Agency: n.CH Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment

TO1’s Chan’s Facts

Chan was really a talented musician and dancer even before he made a debut. Despite his young age, Chan has contributed a lot in the making of songs and choreography of TO1. What a real talent this boy has! Now it’s time to see other interesting facts about Chan in the list of Chan facts below. Check it out!

Chan is left-handed. Chan was doing boxing when he was a child. Chan doesn’t have an ideal type. Chan likes raw things the most, such as sushi and sashimi. Chan really likes Iced Americano, he can drink up to 4 or 5 glasses per day. Chan’s favorite color is black. Also, his favorite clothes are black, so he can wear achromatic colors. Chan eats Jjajangmyeon or Korean black bean noodles with sugar. Chan is surprisingly a big eater. He can eat 6 packs of ramen or 8 bowls of rice. Chan was timid when he was a child, but his personality began to change when he started to work part-time. Chan has worked part-time at a sushi restaurant, chicken feet restaurant, etc. Chan’s role model is his father. Even though he’s a big eater, Chan actually doesn’t like snacking. Chan has tried various colors of hair, and he wants to have long hair some day.

TO1’s Chan’s Pre-Debut

Chan’s profile, check. Chan’s facts, check. All of that might have got you to know him better. But it’s still not enough to just know him only from his profile and facts. You probably wonder how did this talented boy make it into the line-up of TO1? We mentioned before that he was a trainee of SM Entertainment. So, what happened and why did he debut with TO1 instead? Was he already talented even when he was a child? Let’s check out the story of Chan’s pre-debut era below! Chan was born with the name Cho Chanhyuk. He goes by Chan as his nickname that also became his stage name now. Chan was born on December 8th, 1999, and raised in Chonan-si, Chuncheongnam-do, South Korea. Chan spent his childhood and his teenage life in Chonan-si before he moved to Seoul. He lived with his parents along with his older sister who was born in 1993. Chan started to like dance when he was a child. He began taking dance lessons when he was in middle school. He thought that the dance club when he was in middle school was cool, so he joined the club and started his journey as a dancer there. Even before, Chan was into freestyle dance. That’s why one of his specialties in dancing is freestyle dance. You probably wonder if Chan has been into rap music too as a child. Well, not really. Instead of dreaming of becoming a rapper, Chan had been dreaming of becoming a baker and a boxer when he was very young. But destiny had other plans and led him to become a rapper. He started learning to rap when he was 19 years old. But it really appears as if he has learned it for several more years. Chan joined an audition for a K-pop agency when he was in high school. It wasn’t very clear about the information of which year exactly he went to Seoul and became a trainee, but he graduated from middle school in his hometown, so he probably joined SM Entertainment, the agency that accepted him as a trainee, when he was in high school. Chan then moved to Seoul and attended high school there. Chan went to Hanlim Multi Arts High School, the school that focuses on the performing arts. So, trainees or celebrities like him can adjust their busy schedules with the school. There, he met schoolmates who were into music. Chan met the friends that later on joined his crew as a rapper. However, Chan left SM Entertainment without any specific reasons to be revealed and he also dropped out of school. But he came back by joining the World Klass show in 2019. Let’s talk details about World Klass below!

TO1’s Chan in World Klass

Mnet is known for making survival programs to form K-pop groups. Some groups such as TWICE, WINNER, Stray Kids, IKON, WANNA ONE, I.O.I, etc. were made in a show that aired on Mnet. Now they had another survival program titled World Klass that trained 20 contestants that later on will be debuting in a new boy group with 10 members. Chan was one of the contestants who joined the show. There, he needed to handle challenges and create some projects to show off his talents. Among all of the contestants, only 10 of them would make it to the line-up, so they had to show their best. Lil Pump once joined the show to be the guest star and he became the judge of some rapper lines. They were asked to do a freestyle rap. When Chan was doing the freestyle rap of his own, Lil Pump said that he has a lot of potential. Let’s see some clips of Chan in World Klass!

  Chan finished at rank 2 in the final episode. It means that he became one of the members of TOO. Congratulations!

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