Ever since he appeared in the Mnet and Stone Music Entertainment survival show titled WORLD KLASS, he captured the audiences’ hearts with his voice until he was announced among the top 10 along with 9 other members: Jaeyun, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, J. You, Kyungho, Jerome, Woonggi, and Chihoon. Aside from an angelic voice, he is also blessed with a manly face that gives him an impression of being capable and reliable. Want us to keep going? Check out all the things that you need to know about him in the following section below!

Full Profile of TO1’s Donggeon

Stage Name: Donggeon (동건) Birth Name: Song Dong-geon (송동건) Birthday: July 15th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean MBTI Type: ISFP


Fun Facts About TO1’s Donggeon

In Mnet’s WORLD KLASS, Donggeon finished in the 5th place. Donggeon has one sibling, a younger sister. ISFP is his MBTI type. His father was a pilot, so he traveled a lot. In the group, Donggeon filled the position as the main vocalist. Donggeon represents the “earth” element. Donggeon also represents a “lion” as his animal. Europe and Africa are the countries that Donggeon would like to visit. Donggeon’s English name is Colin, but fans gave him the English name Songbab (Bob). Song-Fish is Donggeon’s nickname since he was a trainee, given by Chan. Baby Lion is the nickname given to him by fans. Donggeon said that he’d like to have a nickname regarding his sexiness. According to Minsu, Donggeon is the member that misbehaves the most. Donggeon is managed by n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment. Vocal and acting are his specialties. Donggeon is a former C9 Entertainment trainee. Donggeon has a habit to fiddle with the ring. Donggeon easily gets scared. Donggeon has developed abs. Donggeon often sleeps without blankets. His arms are his favorite part of his body because that’s where the veins are. Donggeon is a fan of the Marvel movies and Avengers: End Game is the movie that he recommends. Donggeon said that he’d like to switch bodies with Jisu and wants his brazenness. Donggeon can sing with a high pitch. His body is mainly managed by upper body exercise such as push-ups. Donggeon is the member with the smallest face. Out of all the other group members, he has the strongest physique. Donggeon studied English in the Philippines. One of his favorite songs is Taeyeon’s If. Donggeon shares a room with Chihoon, Donggeon, Jerome, and Minsu. Donggeon has a little fear of heights. Donggeon is the strongest arm wrestler in the group and he can even beat all nine members alone. Michael Jackson is his role model. Donggeon said that he eats everything except beans and spicy foods. Donggeon has a big pair of hands. Donggeon is often teased by the members. Donggeon usually wears hoodies and sweatshirts. SHINee’s “Sherlock” is Donggeon’s number #1 track on the playlist. On his birthday, Donggeon almost received Hello Kitty underwear from Chan as a gift. Donggeon said that the first impression of Chan was a young man in the countryside. His childhood dream was to be a scientist. His life motto is: “Pride will ruin everything. So, stay humble.”


Donggeon’s Official Debut with TO1

Donggeon secured his spot to debut in a 10-member boy group under Stone Music Entertainment after he got selected as part of the top 10 in the Mnet survival audition program WORLD KLASS on December 6th, 2019. The group name was announced as TOO or Ten Oriented Orchestra which means “Orchestra aiming for 10 oriental values.” The 10 Asian values ​​are supposed to match the 10 members which are Donggeon, Jaeyun, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, J. You, Kyungho, Jerome, Chihoon, and Woonggi. In addition, the group also built on the five elements in the universe, such as wood, gold, soil, fire, and water. As for Donggeon, he represents the “earth” element of the group. When Stone Music Entertainment and n.CH Entertainment began releasing the introduction film and individual teasers for each member in February 2020, we could see Donggeon’s “earth” element through his calm and grounded appearance in the photo teaser with the white outfits. After their debut date was postponed from March 18th, 2020, to April 1st, 2020, Donggeon and TOO finally made their debut with the release of their debut mini-album Reason for Being: Benevolence, and the title track “Magnolia”.


TO1’s Donggeon’s Visual and Personality

In the group, Donggeon is in charge of visual and physical strength. It was a logical consideration since he has a very good proportion and is famous for his chocolate abs.

In terms of personality, he is quite quiet and shy. In the early episodes of WORLD KLASS, Donggeon couldn’t reveal himself and hid behind other members. In the beginning, there were many people that worried about his lack of personality compared to his impressive visual. But after his debut, it can be seen that he has grown a lot. Get to know him better through this fan video below!


TO1’s Donggeon’s Vocal Skills

Donggeon has a tone of voice that is generally low. He doesn’t have a high tone even when talking on a regular basis, so he is often teamed up with Chihoon in the low tone lines. But, actually, he can sing with a high pitch.

Due to his soft and charming voice, he is in charge of the main vocals in the team. In the first title track of TO1’s first mini-album, “Magnolia”, you can also feel a deeper and stronger vocal from Donggeon. Check out his voice in the clips below and above!


TO1’s Donggeon’s Focus Fan-cam

As the member who is in charge of the vocal, visual, and physical strength of the group, you can expect a charming explosion from Donggeon’s performances on stage. With his visual appearance and talent, you will be glued to watching his performance for hours and hours. Immerse yourself in the experience through a series of his focus fan-cams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the “angel voice” of TO1, Donggeon! Got any thoughts about him? Let’s chat about him in the comment section below!

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