It also happens a lot in the Korean entertainment industry. Let’s name some celebrities who have a common name: Sohee, Jihoon, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Minho, Mina, etc. Well, we can’t just say their name without saying their group’s name or at least their full name if you talk about something about them. Because some people might not understand who we are talking about. So, instead of getting confused about some idols who have a common name, let’s learn more about one of the idols so we can differentiate them from one another. This time, we are going to talk about an idol named Jisoo. Of course, you will have some faces with the name Jisoo in your mind right now, but this Jisoo is spelled as Jisu. Who is this Jisu that we’re going to talk about? Let’s find out more about him in the sections below!

TO1’s Jisu’s Profile

In TOO (now changed to TO1), Jisu is in charge of vocals and dance. He’s one of the ten members of TOO, which is the acronym for Ten Oriented Orchestra. But, as of March 2021, they changed their name to TO1. They made a debut in April 2020. But even before that, Jisu and other members of TO1 had appeared on TV and people had gotten to know them. What happened to Jisu that made him known in public before his debut? Slow down, we will get there. But first, we’re going to talk about his profile. Go check it out! Full name: Choi Jisoo Korean Stage Name: 지수 Korean Real Name: 최지수 Stage Name: Jisu Nicknames: Soo-ji, Turtle, Desert Fox, Storm Transfer Student, Namcheon-dong Red Gloves Birthplace: Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 178 cm Weight: 62 kg Birthday: January 19th, 2000 Family: Parents, older brother Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit MBTI Type: ENFJ Position: Lead dancer, vocalist Blood type: B Hobbies: Watching animals, making animal sounds, etc. Specialties: Mimicking sounds Debut: 2020 Agency: n.CH Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment

TO1’s Jisu’s Facts

After seeing Jisu or Choi Jisu’s profile, now we know some essential things about him such as his birthday, birthplace, family, or even MBTI type. Jisu is actually an extrovert, so he is probably a mood-buster for the people around him! We know that he is one of the K-pop idols who were born in Busan. As a Busan man, there must be something about him that makes us think, “Aah, he’s really from Busan,” just like other idols who are from Busan too. So for now, it’s time to see some interesting facts about Jisu!

Jisu said that he wants to raise a turtle named Horsfield. If you look at him closely, Jisu’s face is very handsome. Jisu is shameless and it’s an advantage since it makes him funny. Jisu likes romance movies. Based on Kyeongho, Jisu likes to play League of Legends. Jisu was so skinny but he was trying to work hard. It was said that Jisu’s personality is kind and gentle. Jisu has a good personality and is really fun to be around. In Busan, Jisu’s house is really close to the beach. Jisu used to play soccer when he was young. Jisu has the same name as ITZY’s Lia, Choi Jisoo. Jisu can imitate voices such as cartoon characters’ voices. Jisu graduated from Busan Jungang High School and Namcheon Elementary School.

TO1’s Jisu’s Pre-Debut

Jisu was born with the name Choi Jisoo or can be spelled as Jisu. He is the youngest child in his family. Jisu was born in Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea, on January 19th, 2000. Jisu was born and raised there as he spent his childhood until he graduated from high school in his hometown, Busan. Jisu lived with his parents and his older brother Choi Jioh who was born in 1998. As a child, instead of dreaming to be an idol, Jisu had a dream to be a sommelier. But things started to change when he started getting interested in dance. Jisu started to take dance classes when he was still in school. He went to the dance academy called H.O dance studio which was located in Gwangan-dong, Busan. Usually, in a dance academy, there is a notification when there’s an audition for a K-pop agency, so the attendees of their academy can join the audition and hopefully, if they pass the audition, become trainees. And this is exactly what happened to Jisu who was in the H.O Dance Studio. He joined the audition and became a trainee. So, he moved to Seoul. Let’s see a clip of Jisu when he was in the H.O Dance Studio!

Jisu was such a talented boy even before he came to Seoul.

TO1’s Jisu in World Klass

Mnet is one of the channels of Korean cable TV that often produces a survival program. Indeed, a show with the theme of survival engages more viewers as it makes the viewers curious about what’s going to happen next with the participants. Some of the survival shows that have been aired on Mnet and managed to form a new boy or girl group are Sixteen, Produce 101 Series, Stray Kids, Who Is Next, etc. World Klass is another survival show from Mnet, including 20 participants that later on will be debuting as a new boy group called TOO, Ten Oriented Orchestra. The show was on the air from October until December 2019. Jisu’s name and face were revealed in July 2019 as the 5th trainee to be introduced. Only half of the participants would debut, so all of the trainees showed their best in doing the challenges that they had to take on. Jisu was one of the trainees that showed his best. As a dancer back in Busan, Jisu’s charming point was his dance, but he was also a good vocalist. Let’s see some clips of Jisu when he was in World Klass!

Well, the result didn’t betray the hard work that Jisu put in. He finished in the 9th place in the final episode. This means that he secured himself a position in the final line-up of the new boy group called TOO under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment. Good job, Jisu!

Jisu’s Debut with TO1

After the 10 members of TOO were chosen in the final episode of World Klass, Jisu and the other members prepared for their debut. It took months for them until they finally released their first single. One of the reasons could be because Mnet faced scandals about manipulating votes for their survival show. That impacted TOO and how people on the Internet perceived them. Even though World Klass was based on the voting of the judging committee and Mnet made sure that the show is not rigged, still, the fans had to wait for the postponed schedule of TOO’s debut date. However, in March 2020, Mnet confirmed that TOO would be joining a survival program titled Road to Kingdom with seven K-pop boy groups competing against each other to reach the “Kingdom” and it would be on the air the following year. TOO was the only rookie boy group that joined the show. They hadn’t even debuted yet when the company announced that they will be participating in Road to Kingdom. Not a long time after the announcement, TOO finally made a debut officially by releasing their first single called “Magnolia” which was released on April 1st, 2021. Let’s see the music video of “Magnolia” by TOO!

The music video really matched with the song. The boys dance and sing really well too. Can you spot Jisu? He’s so charming when he’s dancing and singing his part, right? Now it’s time to see the dance practice of TOO’s “Magnolia”!

It’s really great to see that the boys from TOO finally made a debut after all the storms. Congrats to Jisu and the other members of TOO for their debut!

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