The top 10 ranks would be debuting as TOO, or Ten Oriented Orchestra. They made their debut on April 1st, 2020. TOO’s debut song was titled “Magnolia”. The members of TOO are Jihun, Chihoon, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, J.You, Kyungho, Jerome, and Woonggi. In March 2021, TOO officially rebranded and changed their name to TO1. However, we’re not going to talk about the group in general. Instead, today we’re going to talk about one of the members of TO1, Minsu. He is in charge of the dance and vocal position of the group. Minsu was born on March 20th, 2000. Let’s check out some more info about Minsu. Scroll down to learn more!

TO1’s Minsu’s Profile

Full Name: Kim Minsoo Given Name: Minsoo Stage Name: Minsu Korean Name: 김민수 Nicknames: Mom, the Dishwashing Fairy, etc. Birthday: March 20th, 2000 Nationality: Korean Height: 171 cm Blood Type: B Foot Size: 260 mm Education: Cheongju-dong, Middle School Juseong High School Hobby: Watching movies, listening to songs MBTI: ISFJ Family: Parents, an older brother Position: Dancer, vocalist Debut Year: 2020 Agency: n.CH Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment Group: TO1

TO1’s Minsu’s Facts

After seeing TO1’s Minsu’s profile, now you probably wonder a lot of things about him. Don’t worry, we have gathered some interesting facts about Minsu, which probably will make you fall for him! Let’s check out Minsu’s facts below!

Minsu takes care of other members really well. He also takes care of the dorm well too. He does the housework and cooks. That’s why he is called “the Dishwashing Fairy” and “Mom” because he seems like the “mom” of TO1. Minsu’s bubble tea order is taro bubble tea with 70% sugar, less ice, and double the pearls. Minsu hates cucumbers. He doesn’t like the texture, the smell, he doesn’t even want to see them. Minsu can’t also eat cucumber watermelon. Minsu likes peaches. He likes the hard peaches among them. He also likes strawberries. Minsu had a rich man’s looks when he was in elementary school. That’s because Minsu brought 24 colors crayons and colored pencils, which was not common at that time. Minsu is said to resemble the character Sad from the Disney movie Inside Out. Even TO1 members’ first impression of Minsu was the expensive guy or the “house master”. Minsu’s handwriting skills are really good and neat. Minsu is also good at drawing. Minsu has freckles on his face.

TO1’s Minsu’s Pre-Debut

We have seen the profile and some interesting facts about Minsu. Now that we have seen some of his pictures too, did you feel something when you see Minsu? Do you think that Minsu is probably coming from outside Korea? Or could he be someone who came from a wealthy family? Well, all of these questions will be answered in this section! Let’s check out Minsu’s story before he made a debut in TO1! If you think that Minsu is a foreigner or someone who has half-Korean blood, then you are probably wrong. Because Minsu is a full Korean. He was born with the name Kim Soohyun. But then he changed his name legally to Kim Minsu when he was in elementary school. Minsu was born on March 20th, 2000, in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. Minsu spent his childhood and teenage life in Cheongju, along with his parents and an older brother. He attended the schools there too, from elementary school to high school. Unlike other idols who attended a performing arts school, Minsu attended a general school. He enrolled in the science department in high school. Until finally, after he graduated from high school, Minsu moved to Seoul and became a trainee. As a child, Minsu has been always listening to songs. Maybe that was also the reason why he pursued the dream to be a singer.

TO1’s Minsu in World Klass

We mentioned how TO1 became a boy group after they went through a survival show. The survival show was titled World Klass, it aired on Mnet every Friday at 11 p.m. KST, from October 4th to December 6th, 2019. The show had a concept of eliminating participants until they got the top 10 trainees to be debuting as TO1 members. The participants were the 20 selected trainees from global agencies. Other than Korea, there were participants who came from the USA, Australia, China, Hongkong, and Japan. Starting from June 2019, the press con about World Klass had been held. After that, promotional events about the show were also held in various countries. Minsu was one of the participants along with other 19 trainees. He was a trainee with specialties in dancing and singing. During the filming, there were juries who judged their performances, and also evaluated each performance of the contestants. The show also filmed in various countries, and even had some musicians outside Korea as a judge such as Lil Pump. Let’s check out some clips of Minsu when he was in World Klass!

What do you think about Minsu’s performance? His great skills led him to be the rank 6th in the final episode. This means that Minsu would be debuting as one of the members of TO1. Good job, Minsu!

TO1’s Minsu’s Debut: “Magnolia”, Road to Kingdom, Etc.

After seeing Minsu’s cool performances in TO1, now you must be curious about what’s the story after that. Minsu was included in the final line-up of TO1, as part of the top 10 participants of World Klass. But do you know that TO1 made a debut almost half a year after the show ended? World Klass finished airing in December 2019, and it took some months for them to prepare for their debut. Besides Minsu, the other nine participants who became members of TO1 are Chihoon, Hanjun, Chan, Jisu, J.Young, Donggeon, Jerome, Woonggi, and Kyungho. However, due to some scandal, Hanjun left the group just a few days after the final line-up was released. Hanjun’s position was replaced by Jaeyun then, the participant who was ranked 11th. Before they officially made a debut, there was a piece of bad news surrounding Mnet regarding the Produce 101 series which was rigged. People were skeptical of Mnet’s survival shows and threw hate at them. Even TO1, who haven’t made a debut yet at that time, could be the target too. So, it was better to keep them safe until the scandal is over. Even so, TO1 were confirmed to join Road to Kingdom on Mnet in March 2020. It was a survival show consisting of 7 boy groups. They compete against each other to be the number one and go to Kingdom which would be aired in 2021. Even before making their official debut, TO1 were ready to serve their fans with their amazing performances in Road to Kingdom. On April 1st, 2020, TO1 finally released their first single titled “Magnolia”. Let’s check out the debut song of TO1 below!

Now that we mentioned Road to Kingdom. Let’s check out “Magnolia” in Road to Kingdom!

What do you think about TO1’s performance in Road to Kingdom? They were the maknae or the youngest group among other groups who made a debut years ago. Can you believe it? They are really awesome, right? But unfortunately, they didn’t finish as the number one group in Road to Kingdom. However, they still gained more fans and attention after participating in that show. TO1’s debut era was really something. You can share your love for TO1’s debut song, “Magnolia” by sharing this article on your social media!

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