First Love

At the top of the list, there’s the single “First Love” that was released on June 13th, 2013. It has become their sixth single and is known as the maxi-single. “First Love” was using pop and dance as its genre, with a mixture of melancholic R&B. Meanwhile, for the concept, After School made a special comeback for “First Love” with the ‘Las Vegas’ concept, as in the MV they also showcase pole dancing. At that time, the “First Love” MV was marked as one of the sexiest MVs ever. The members had been training for more than six months to showcase the best pole dance for that comeback. Moreover, the Las Vegas concept also made their charisma become more ‘seductive’ and chic as well. Through the lyrics, “First Love” narrated a story about first love, obviously. The first love that happened in the youth era, and mostly it was an unforgettable one. Even though it didn’t last forever, but the first love was precious because they couldn’t easily forget it.


“Flashback” was the fifth single album by After School, and it was officially released on June 12th, 2012. The single also marked the first appearance of the newly-added member Kaeun, who had recently joined the group. For the concept, After School members appeared with a sexy and mature concept as the members were wearing chic and sexy outfits. The members were kinda returning to their usual sexy image and appeared a bit ‘sultrier’. Through the MV, After School slew the performance within black outfits, harmonized dance, and a mixture of random flashlights! In another clip, the girls turned into angelic vibes with white outfits as well. For the meaning of the lyrics, “Flashback” was about someone who is nostalgic about their old love. Even sometime later, they still have a ‘flashback’ as they can’t stop missing the one that they have been in love with.


The single “Shampoo” was the title track for After School’s album Virgin. “Shampoo” was officially released on April 29th, 2011, with dance-pop and electro-pop as its genre. After School also appeared with their youthful and energetic concept while doing a tap dance, as the ‘clean’ image also emphasized the members’ talents and skills as well! The opening of the MV showcased After School members during their rehearsal. It was really different from their sexy image, since the members were looking youthful and gorgeous with their casual outfits! The MV also looked like a short movie with the appearance of Raina as an ordinary girl in their rehearsal room who was taught by the members and their tutor how to dance. “Shampoo” simply tells the story of developing love feelings for someone, as they wish they could be ‘shampoo’ that could be flowing down through someone’s hair, so their scent would remain forever just like the feeling!


“Bang!” was officially released on March 25th, 2010, and marked After School’s third single. It has pop and dance for the genre, and later on “Bang!” also got a Japanese version, which was released on August 17th, 2011. The “Bang!” concept emphasized the charisma of After School members as they appeared in a sexy marching band outfit. Not only that, but the members also trained how to play drums for five months. In addition, Kahi was the one who thought of the marching band concept. In the “Bang!” MV, After School members also look gorgeous and emphasize ‘girl power’ with the outfit! The song lyrics don’t have any particular meaning, but something to boost the energetic vibes and brighten the mood! After School also deliver a message about the confident side within ourselves through the upbeat melody as well!


“AH” has become one of the iconic singles of After School, especially since it was their debut single. The single was released in January 2009, and also included in the single album New Schoolgirl. In the “AH” MV, After School members were looking cute and girly in a uniform outfit, as they act as students in a classroom. In another scene, they were dancing beautifully with diverse colorful outfits! Their sexy image became the highlight, with a mixture of cute vibes! As sexy as the concept, the single “AH” also spoke about ‘sexy’ romantic feelings. The feelings also include a kind of physical affection that made all the men unable to deny their feelings!


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