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In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you information about Jessica’s top 10 songs that will make you feel badass, so stay tuned!

Jessi’s Singles

First, we will introduce you to Jessi’s singles from her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar.  Check this out!

Unpretty Dreams

Unpretty Dreams is one of Jessi’s singles from the Unpretty Rapstars Season 1 Compilation alongside other contestants. The song is written by Jessi and rapper Gray. She performed it on episode 7 of the show, and the audio was officially released on April 24, 2015. The song basically screams swag, hip-hop, and girl power with the lyrics like ‘some call it music, I call it life, I didn’t choose it, music chose me’. Wow, she’s really an inspiration for everyone! Another her quotable lyrics from Unpretty Dreams: Got no time for back and forth, Serena in the Wimbledon I’ll make a racket a punch I gotta pack it, ha Life is hard. I’m sure it will get harder You can trust Jessi to make a great song with powerful lyrics!

Raise Your Heels (뒷꿈치 들어) (featuring Dok2)

Raise Your Heels is Jessi’s single with Korean rapper Dok2 as a featuring artist. The song released on November 30, 2015. Many people said Raise Your Heels is like a Korean version of Rihanna’s Bi*ch Better Have My Money. The two of them are awesome women, so what’s wrong with listening two versions of badass songs, right? The lyric is badass, too! Who’s popular right now My name flooding in Everyone raise your heels straight up in the air   Ssenunni is Jessi’s single that release on September 15, 2015. The song was written by Jessi, herself, and 237. Fun fact, Ssenunni always gets played on variety shows every time someone is doing some badass or swag act, how cool is that! Check out snippets of the lyric! Even when I see me, I can see the superior genes that’s right got my space jams on super fly Everyone asks me Who’s your mama? Who who? They hashtag Jessi sexy Don’t forget the iconic lyric ‘you think you’re Flowsik, but ma flow more sick’! So badass, right?


Gucci is the title track of the Jessi’s mini album, titled Un2verse, that was released on July 17, 2017, which also featured collaborations with performers such as Changmo and Year of the Ox. Jessi wears fresh platinum locks and sings in the MV, ‘I feel like Gucci, baby’. The song is about being carefree and feeling above everything. Jessi, herself, wrote the lyrics with Swings and Antonia Lee Macklin Jr. Check out the lyrics! I drive my own car, just get in next to me There’s a lot to show you, let’s eat, I’m the food All the way to the top, that’s my mission Kiss my ass, competition Badass words, as always, from Jessi.


Jessi’s latest single, Down, is a cool tropical song produced by rapper GRAY, that is ideal for the warm summer. The song released on July 6, 2018, and was written by Jessi with Double K. Many people said that by watching the music video they gained confidence about their body, just like Jessi is confident about her own body. Not only her music and lyrics, her music videos are also inspirational! We stan a queen! The snippets of the lyric: The way that I move my body Your breathing is getting rougher  So badass and sexy at the same time!


For our next recommendations of Jessi’s badass songs, we move along to Jessi’s collaborations as a featured artist on other artists’ songs. Let’s check it out!

Cheetah – My Type (feat. Kangnam & Jessi)

My Type, featured in Unpretty Rapstars Compilations album, is a collaboration between Cheetah, Jessi, and MIB’s Kangnam. The song was released on April 24, 2015, written by Jessi, Cheetah, and Verbal Jint. People really love the collaboration between Jessi and Cheetah in this song, who were the winner and the runner-up of Unpretty Rapstars season 1. Some of them also said ‘I really think Jessi should be in US market than Korea’, because of her crazy rapping skills in English. Check out the lyrics! The speed when we’re walking together Clothes that you don’t want me to wear Tell me without leaving anything out, girl every little thing I’m confident enough What do you think? Jessi deserves to be more recognized internationally, right?

Microdot, Dumbfoundead, Jessi & Lyricks – K.B.B (가위바위보)

K.B.B is a collaborations between Jessi, Microdot, Dumbfounded, and Lyricks. The song was released on December 27, 2016, written by Dumbfounded, Microdot, and Lyricks. Actually, Jessi has almost no verses in this song, but her name is the first on the artist list. So cool, right? The lyric also full of swearing to the point that one netizen said, ‘This is what happens when you take home Korean-Americans to their homeland…. one lit af hip-hop music is born!’. So badass! Since all of them are fluent in Korean and English, the song also has both languages and the switches to both languages don’t sound awkward at all.

Park Jin-young – Who’s Your Mama? (어머님이 누구니)

Who’s Your Mama? is J.Y Park’s song that released on April 12, 2015, which featured Jessi. The boss of JYP Entertainment is the one who’s doing all the work writing, composing, and arranging the song. Here are the snippets of Jessi’s part on the song: I was born with a sexiness, boys don’t stop hitting on me Now everyone recognizes me, hey Jessi sexy Heads shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes They ask me where I got it from Well, no one will doubt Jessi’s sexiness after watching the music video!  

Heize – Me, Myself and I (feat. Jessi & Wheesung)

Me, Myself and I is a collaborations between Heize, Jessi, and Wheesung from Unpretty Rapstars Compilation Volume 2, which was released on September 26, 2015. For your information, Heize is a big fan of Jessi’s, and she looks like Jessi’s baby sister in the music video because of how cute she acts around her. Stan both of them! The song is really dope, too!

Jay Park – Run It (feat. Jessi & Woo Won-jae)

Run It is Jay Park’s song which featured Jessi and Woo Won-jae. The song was released on January 17, 2018, and produced by Gray. Both Woo Won-jae and Gray are artists in Jay Park’s own label, AOMG. Here’s snippets of the lyrics. Baby oh the world is yours I’ll give it to you Can you hear me Tell me oh Your visions You make them come true You know we run it run it Not only the lyric is powerful, but the music video is also inspiring too, go check it out! That was all the information we could gather about the top 10 Jessica Ho songs you must have on your playlist! How is it, already feel badass? Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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