But, sadly, in 2017, Leessang was announced to be disbanded since Gary and Gil were parting ways. Even though they disbanded, their songs were very memorable for all people. So today, Channel-Korea will give 15 song recommendations from Leesang’s several albums. Without any further ado, let’s get into the list song now!

#1 The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave

This song was released on October 6, 2009, and was the title track from Lessang’s sixth album, called ‘Hexagonal’. After the song released, it immediately hit the #1 position on Music Bank for three weeks straight! Gary, who produced the song, admitted on the reality show Strong Heart that the song was inspired by his ex-girlfriend who had a relationship with him for almost seven years. This song is also known for always appearing in Running Man whenever Garry and Song Ji Hyo had a moment together. Now let’s take a look into the music video:

In here is the moment when ‘The Girl Who Can’t Breakup, The Boy Who Can’t Leave’ appeared on Running Man:

#2 You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me

This is another song that Garry produced. Just like The Girl Who Can’t Breakup, The Boy Who Can’t Leave, this song is also dedicated for his ex-girlfriend. For the meaning of this song, it’s about a man who had a relationship that ended. Later on he realized how precious his girlfriend is and he regretted what he had done towards her int the past. Check out the lyrics video below:

Leessang’s Live Performances

#3 Let’s Meet Now

Another song from Hexagonal, called ‘Let’s Meet Now’, is one of the songs that is recommended for you. This song also features a band who called Jang Gi Hwa and Faces. Let’s Meet Now was used for Fish & Grill’s TV commercial not long after it was released. Here is the music video for Let’s Meet Now:

And Leessang’s live performance for the song:

#4 Ballerino

The title of the song suggests there is a sad story behind it. Ballerino was released in 2007 and dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. This song is perfect for anyone who’s just getting through a hardship with your relationship, and song featured a singer called Ali. Here’s the music video:

Live performance:

A new performance in 2015:

#5 I’m Not Laughing

This is yet another song that Gary wroteas a dedication for his ex-girlfriend, I’m Not Laughing. A song that was released in 2005, with a heartbreaking lyrics in it, it’s a perfect recommendation for the people out there who are broken-hearted right now. The Music Video:

Amazing live performances:

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