For an indie band, they’re quite famous in Korea. Urban Zakapa has released a number of singles as soundtrack for dramas, such as Let’s Eat, Doctor Crush, My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week, and tvN’s hit drama Goblin. Their music is guided by soft, harmonic vocals and a mixture of piano, bass, drums, and lyrics loaded with day-to-day experiences and joys and love pains. Those are some of many reasons why people enjoy listening to their music. In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you a list of the top 15 Urban Zakapa songs you must have on your playlist. So, stay tuned!

I Don’t Love You

If you’re currently going through a painful breakup or experiencing falling out of love in a relationship, I Don’t Love You is a perfect song for you. The ballad was released on May 27, 2016, and was the group’s first release in over a year. Actor Yoo Seung-ho and actress Lee Ho-jung are the music video stars. It has been reported that while Yoo Seung-ho was taking a break before the launch of his movie Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River in July, 2016, he gladly decided to star in this video because he is a fan of Urban Zakapa’s music. I Don’t Love is a gorgeous ballad with a sad lyric, for example: I don’t love you I’m sure you already know Even when I see you shedding tears My heart doesn’t ache anymore And also this: I don’t love you There’s no other reason I don’t even want to say I’m sorry or forgive me That’s all This is how I really feel What a painful song! Urban Zakapa really knows how to break our hearts. The music video is even sadder. Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Ho-jung acted as a couple who had a date in a fancy restaurant. Even though, on the surface, they look like a happy couple who never argue and don’t have any issues, Yoo Seung-ho felt unhappy with their relationship. Throughout the song, he appears with a fake smile, and his girlfriend doesn’t even notice it for one second. Lee Ho-jung seems like the only one who’s in love, while Yoo Seung-ho is clearly looking guilty about their relationship because he doesn’t feel the same way, but he also didn’t have the guts to break up. At the end of the video, Yoo Seung-ho proposes to Lee Ho-jung with a ring, but he’s already eyeing another woman. What a cruel song, with even more cruel music video, don’t you think? Netizens have the same opinions: [+1,1k] this is the evilest song I’ve ever heard [+388] This song was really heartbreaking! [+33] Beautiful, sad song. The video was executed very well. Yoo Seung Ho’s acting was DEAD ON

When We Were Two

For the next song, we have When We Were Two. This song is about missing your time with your ex-lover. Not necessarily missing them as a person, but reminiscing about your time together, when you were young and everything was simplre. The song released on November 8, 2017, as a non-album single. Written by member Park Yong-in, When We Were Two is an emotional, nostalgic ballad track. The music video features Choi Tae-joon and Lee Sung-kyung, who received their close friend Jo Hyun-ah’s request immediately. Check out the lyrics and feel the longing! It’s not missing you nor longing for you It’s not that simple I just miss the time when there were only two of us in the world So deep, yet so painful, right? Have you ever felt that kind of longing?

The Space Between

The Space Between is a collaboration between SISTAR’s SoYou with Kwon Soon-il and Park Yong-in of Urban Zakapa. The song released on September 24, 2014. The music video stars Ahn Jae-hyun and SoYou’s band-mate Nam Bo-ra. Ahn Jae-hyun falls in love with Nam Bo-ra in the 4-minute video. Check out the lyric about falling in love together, with the sweet voice of SoYou and Urban Zakapa! I love you, let’s start I want to hear those words, I want to do those things Am I the one who’s rushing? Why don’t you know anything? Netizens also love the song and the music video, as well! [+68] Not only is this a new favorite song of mine, but is also one of my new favorite video’s! That was absolutely adorable! Fun and cute [+40] THIS SHOULD BE A DRAMA!!!!!!!! [+13] That love love love love part is so catchy after the chorus! You can trust Urban Zakapa to make good music and even better music video!

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte was the hit debut song from Urban Zakapa, which released in 2009 and later featured on their debut album, in 2011. A lot of people said that this song makes them want a cup of coffee; it’s a reminder of the times you spent drinking a cup of coffee and reflecting back on your life. Check out the lyric: Baby baby you’re caramel macchiato Still, near my lips, your scent is sweet Baby baby, tonight Baby baby, you’re more than the scent of cafe latte Do you remember this feeling, this comfort Baby, baby, tonight What a lovely lyric! Here are some netizen comments about the song: [+505] it’s a sad song covered with happy music [+132] imagine its winter, walking into a coffee shop where it’s all lit up and warm. just a little coffee shop in the city where you can get away AND WARM UP OMG [+75] this song is so nice and relaxing to listen to. playing this and sweety you while doing overtime work on a Saturday. BTS also remade the song and made it their own with Coffee, check it out!

Ya Ya Ya

Ya Ya Ya is one of the 2014 drama High School Love On‘s soundtracks, the song released on December 5, 2014. You can check out the snippets of the lyric: If you wanna be my love (I wanna be your star) I want to see you several times a day Saying I love you, that it’s only you, if you hug me charmingly ya ya ya Everything will change So romantic and fitting with the story of high school romance. And netizens are loving it, too! [+3] Gahhh, Kwon Soonil’s voice is so clear and angelic!!! 💕 Bless!

My Love

If you’re going through a painful breakup and unable to move on, we can assure you that listening to this song will make you sadder! But don’t worry, listening to a good song can heal a broken heart, and that’s why the next song in our recommendations is My Love. The song released in 2011, as part of their debut album, 01. Check out these snippets of the sad lyric! Also this: Baby my love there’s us So remember our painful moment I hope it has gone now Also, I guess the other is the trace of our separation That left us hurt so much Our world, too Used to be dear and precious You are one and only that remind me of it  Here are some netizen comments: [+7] wow this song never fails to give me the feels [+3] one of the best kpop songs. 🙂 and kwon sun-il voice. [+3] just one shot of their voices and I suddenly got drunk Yep, Urban Zakapa is so addicting!  

I Hate You

I Hate You released on January 1, 2012. You can guess from the title what this song is about, right? Yes, this is about a breakup, again, and a more painful one. I Hate You is about hating your lover at the end of a relationship because they can’t show their true heart for you, it feels like their true feelings are unclear even until the end. It’s about heartbreak, regret, hurting each other, but not a pitiful one. Snippets of the lyric: My scarred heart and My tainted memories of that time Your face looking at me I hate it all I hate you And this: I didn’t beg you for love I just wanted your true heart Even on the day I saw you for the last time You had no true feelings I wanted your true heart Also this: If more time passes Will we be able to understand each other? But even then, let’s not meet I hate myself for being like this Wow, it’s getting more and more painful each time! Wanna know what netizens thought about this song? [+10] You can really feel the emotions come through each of their parts. What a talented group! [+9] daebak.. so emotional! loved it! [+3] This song is beautiful

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