Lim Chang Jung become popular for hits songs that are vocally challenging to sing. Until now, he has already released 14 full-length albums. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of all about Lim Chang Jung’s top 5 songs that you must listen to. Stay tuned!

Open The Door

“Open The Door” (문을 여시오) was released on October 30th, 2013. The song was written and composed by Sinsadong Horaengi and Choi Gyu Song, re-arranged by Baek Min Hyuk and Sinsadong Horaengi. “Open The Door” was featuring Kim Chang Ryul. The song is about encouraging the average shut-in or homebody to “open the door” to escape the ordinary, tedious and insufferable, in return for sunshine, nightlife, and all those possibilities that await them right outside their windows. The music video was well-received by the public. The music video consists of many guests, such as U-KISS, Kim Su Ro, Lee Jong Hyuk, Bobby Kim, Kim Jae Dong, Bang Eun Hee, DJ.DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul, Lee Ha Neul, Jung Jae Yong, Yoo Se Yoon, Super Junior’s Heechul, Solbi, and many more. Check out the MV below!   Music Video



“Again” (그때 또 다시) was released on May 16th, 1997. The song was written by Park Joo Yeon, composed and arranged by Kim Hyung Seok. “Again” is the title track of the album Again (그때 또 다시). The album consists of 9 tracks. “Again” is one of the songs that made Lim Chang Jung the legend that he is today. It’s a legendary masterpiece. Not only he won the Golden Cup for five consecutive weeks on the top 10 K-Pop charts, but “Again” also won the first place on MBC’s Inkigayo BEST 50 for three consecutive weeks and SBS’ live TV song for 20 consecutive weeks, achieving the terrestrial K-Pop ranking program Grand Slam. The song also won the grand prize at the KBS Music Awards. Music Video


Long Time No See

“Long Time No See” (오랜만이야) was released on March 10th, 2009. The song was the title track of his 11th studio album. It was written by Lee Dong Won, composed by Bae Eun Jeong, and arranged by Kim Ji Woong. Based on the lyrics, “Long Time No See” is about a broken-up couple who had met again but can’t have each other anymore.

Music Video


A Glass Of Soju

“A Glass Of Soju” (소주 한 잔) was released on June 5th, 2003. “A Glass Of Soju” is the title track of Lim Chang Jung’s 10th album. The song was written by Lim Chang Jung himself, and composed by Lee Dong Won. Soju (소주) in Korean means “burned liquor,” it refers to an alcoholic drink that is very popular in South Korea. Soju is always consumed as a communal drink. Based on the lyrics, the song is about the thoughts of the lover while drinking a glass of soju. Check out the song below!   Music Video



Marry Me

“Marry Me” (결혼해줘) was released on May 16th, 1997. The song was included in the Again (그때 또 다시) full album. The song was written, composed, and arranged by Kim Hyung Seok. “Marry Me” is the 3rd song of the album. The song has been received well in public and used most often to celebrate wedding ceremonies. This song also won first place for five consecutive weeks and won the second Golden Cup. It’s the 2nd legendary masterpiece song after “Again.” Music Video

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