Kwon Jung-yeol was the group’s main vocalist, and played the jembe, a sort of percussion played with bare fingers, while Yoon Cheol-jong played the guitar. Unfortunately, it was announced in 2017 that, after deciding not to renew his contract due to health issues, Yoon Cheol-jong would leave the group, leaving 10cm a solo act. In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you with the top 10 songs from 10cm you should have on your playlist, if you haven’t already. So, stay tuned!


The first of our recommendations is Stalker. Stalker was released on June 14th, 2016, and featured in the album 3.0. As the title suggests, the song is about a stalker and the object of their affection. If you’re currently experiencing admiring someone from afar, or have no guts to approach them, this is a perfect song for you. Check out the snippets of the lyric to feel more painful: Liking someone who shinesIf there is a standardI don’t understand but I have nothing to sayBecause I’m a quiet person with glasses And this: I love you this much, I want you this muchBut I can’t do anything, I can only lookBut do I make you that uncomfortable? Am I the bad one?But tomorrow, she will just show her back to me again It’s quite sad to admire someone from afar and not being able to do anything about it because you think you’re not worthy. The song really captures the feeling of admiring someone secretly and how painful it is to only watch them from afar. Stalker is a pretty popular song and many artists have covered it, such as Stray Kids’ Woojin, BTS’ Jimin, Wanna One’s Sungwoon, X1’s Cho Seung-youn, and more.

What The Spring??

The second song on our recommendation is What The Spring??. The song was released on April 1st, 2016, and is featured on the album with the same title. What The Spring?? is a lovely song with a sweet melody, you will think this song makes you want to fall in love when you first hear it… until you read the translation of the lyric. This is not a love song. On the contrary, What The Spring?? is cynical about love, to the point they said they wished a couple would break up. Check out the savage lyric! Do you really like spring you fools?Are cherry blossoms really that pretty you idiots?Flower petals eventually fall, I hope you all fall tooI hope you all break up And also this: Don’t hold hands, don’t link arms, don’t hug each otherPlease don’t do anythingDon’t have your heart flutter, don’t have a heart attack, don’t be happyDon’t come into my vision And fans are loving it too! [+435] when you are single and your best friend wants you to sing in his marriage. [+214] its so beautiful until you read the lyrics [+93] DAMN I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS SONG LOL I THOUGHT IT WAS A LOVE SONG BCS OF THE INSTRUMENT, BUT IT IS A SAVAGE SONG LOLLLLLL LOVE THIS You can trust 10cm to make a sweet melody with a savage lyric.


The third song in our recommendation is However. However was released on March 7th, 2019, and features in the album 4.3, after 10cm was already a solo artist following Yoon Cheol-jong leaving the group.  The main characters are always described as pathetic in 10cm songs. Again, this time, it is a sad and reserved person who can not entrust his thoughts and feelings to anyone. Because, after a breakup, no one can be cool and we’re all pretending to be all right. This song’s main character also pretends to be all right and happy, but that’s not true. But this song sounds more familiar and sad because it looks like one of us and we feel like we’re looking at a friend who just broke up right next to us. Check out the sadness in the lyric: I ran into some acquaintancesFor the first time in a whileThey came to me and said helloAnd started talking about you Also this: But actually, sadly, I’m not alrightEvery night, every night, when I close my eyesI hate you when you appear in my dreams It’s safe to say that 10cm really knows how to break our heart with a simple lyric that so relatable. Check out what people commented about this song: [+54] 10cm never disappoints!!! Amazing song 💕 [+50] I don’t think he’s capable of ever making a bad song!!! My GOD!! This gave me chills, it’s so beautiful!! [+44] Favorite as always! Keep producing the good ones!


The fourth song in our recommendation is Help. Help was released on August 28th, 2017, and featured in the album 4.0, 10cm’s first album as a solo artist. The song is sad, yet hopeful. It covers a lot of heavy topics in Korea, especially in the music video. The first being a man who lacks education and is trying to teach himself Korean. The second is how LGBT don’t feel safe, or feel like their outcasts. The third being divorce. The fourth being how being heavy is considered ugly. But when we’re all in pain, we overlook all that for comfort. Check out the snippets of the lyric! What medicine should I take so that I lie down and sleep? honestly, I know but I feel a bit uneasy all those tangled up problems I hate to talk about them but I am so fed up with them as well And also this: Help somebody help Somebody help Somebody help me please tonight  The song itself is beautiful, and it’s something everyone can relate to, whatever age they are. The message is incredibly strong, too. Songs like these are songs many people truly enjoy listening to. [+493] I can’t believe so many people out there haven’t found this gem yet.. [+76] Wow this really touched me and the song was really beautiful. An amazing work of art. [+46] here I am every single day using this song every time I feel alone and sad.. when I literally need someone’s help


The fifth song in our recommendation is Pet. Pet was released on September 4th, 2017, and featured in the album 4.0. The narrator, ‘I’, in Pet is in a little room, alone and waiting for ‘you’. ‘I’ want your love so badly and also hope for salvation from ‘you’. ‘You’ are the only one who’s allowed to be in this tiny little room. And therefore this place in Pet is a small world only for ‘you’ and ‘me’. As you can see in the thumbnail, the music video starred the handsome Yoo Seon-ho from Produce 101 Season 2. The girlfriend in the video is played by (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua. They made a cute pair, don’t you think? If you’re no interested in the song already, at least go watch the music video to see Seonho! Check out the cute lyric! All day, I’m only waiting for you to come home Laying down, quietly waiting When the bell rings, I sit in front of the door Wagging my tail in happiness And also this: I’m a fool who can’t do anything without you I can’t stand being 30 seconds alone, it hurts I can’t eat three meals if you’re not there, I starve Don’t leave me alone, don’t neglect me Check out what fans thoughts about the song! [+984] this song is so adorable and uplifting [+4] Such a relaxing song [+2] This song needs more exposure


The sixth song in our recommendation is Mattress. Mattress was released on August 23rd, 2018, and was featured in album 4.1. The song is lovely and the lyric is also sweet. Kwon Jung-yeol really proves that he is one of the best Korean male singers with his amazing voice.  Check out the sweet lyric! Tonight, you and I will go under the coversNot doing anything but looking at each otherThe person who blinks and laughs firstIs the loser so go and bring me something to drink And this: I don’t know why I keep hogging the coversBut I won’t do it ever againPlease stay in my sight, to the point where I get annoyedIt’s ok if you put your leg on me, it’s not heavy to me anyway This song makes you want to stay in bed with your lover and do nothing. So lazy, yet so romantic. Here’s what people commented about the song: [+145] ❤ Yas! 10cm king vocal as always💕 good vibes~ [+61] VOCAL KING IS BACK Y’ALL 🔥🔥 STOP SLEEPING ON HIM NOW [+43] His voice gives me chills, seriously. It’s like magic

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