However, seems like this boy group that we’re going to talk about in this article hasn’t gotten that yet. There must be a lot of people out there sleeping on them. That’s really not right, people! But don’t worry, we will help you to get to know one of the members of the K-pop group you might not have heard of before. It’s Hayoung from TRCNG. He is the talented main vocalist of the boy group called TRCNG. It’s a boy group that debuted under TS Entertainment, the same agency as BAP, Secret, Sonamoo, etc. Before we discuss everything about Hayoung, let’s check out his profile first!

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Profile

Full Name: Choi Hayoung Given Name: Hayoung Stage Name: Hayoung Korean Name: 최하영 Nicknames: Bulldozer, Hongik Man, Red Guy, Shoulder Thug, Jukebox, etc. Birthday: August 22nd, 2000 Nationality: Korean Height: 181 cm Blood Type: A Religion: Protestantism Specialty: English, composition, exercise Hobby: Football, basketball, fitness Favorite Color: Red, black Favorite Musician: Bruno Mars, KARD Motto: Carpe Diem, “Enjoy this moment.” Family: Parents, younger brother Position: Main vocalist Debut Year: 2017 Agency: TS Entertainment Group: TRCNG

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Facts

After seeing Hayoung’s profile, do you want to know more things about him? Well, wait no more, here are some interesting facts about Hayoung!

Hayoung has a mature appearance for his age. Hayoung’s skin color is dark. Hayoung has a masculine beauty because his skeleton is big. Hayoung is really good at football. Even as a child, he was known to be “Zlatan” in his neighborhood. He is also good at basketball. Hayoung likes to compose songs. He has dozens of finished songs. He likes to stay up late to work on the songs. Hayoung has a humorous charm. He has a lot of excitement. Hayoung is a fan of Serie A’s football team Napoli.

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Pre-Debut

As we have seen from his profile, Hayoung was born in Seoul, South Korea. But was he raised there too? Hmm, well, there are things that weren’t explained in his profile or his facts. It’s the story about Hayoung before he made a debut. One of Hayoung’s specialties is English. He’s not good at English without a reason, he once lived in California. Let’s explore the details of the story of Hayoung’s pre-debut era, here! Hayoung was born with the name Choi Hayoung. He was born in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea, on August 22nd, 2000. Hayoung lived in Seoul and spent his childhood there. He lived along with his parents and a younger brother. When he was younger, Hayoung graduated from Ilshin Elementary School. However, Hayoung also lived in California for three years. With that amount of time, Hayoung learned to speak English fluently. After graduating from elementary school, he went to a Middle School Affiliated with the Seoul National University College of Education. As a child, Hayoung was just an active kid just like any other boy at that age. He liked to play sports such as football, basketball, etc. Hayoung has been interested in music too, especially K-pop. When he was in elementary school, he listened to B.A.P, one of the boy groups under TS Entertainment. Hayoung was really impressed by B.A.P, especially at that time, they were really popular. Their songs are good too. Hayoung was a big fan of Daehyun from B.A.P. Daehyun has a really good voice that inspired him to want to become a singer too. So, Hayoung set up his mind to audition for TS Entertainment later. And he really did that. Hayoung, after he deepened his singing skills, joined an audition of TS Entertainment. He passed the audition and became a trainee of TS Entertainment. After he graduated from middle school, Hayoung who was a trainee at that time, enrolled in the Seoul School of Performing Arts. It’s a school that is focused on performing arts, so he could improve his singing and dancing skills. Besides Hayoung, many K-pop idols and trainees from K-pop agencies have enrolled there too. Hayoung was in the same class as Haechan from NCT.

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Debut

Being a trainee is hard. Even for Hayoung, who was originally from Seoul. Can you imagine if he was from outside Seoul, or even outside the country? He had to endure the pain of training for almost 24 hours a day, and had to bear with the struggles of missing his family. Luckily for Hayoung, some of these challenges were not that hard, but it still wasn’t that easy. However, after spending some time being a trainee, Hayoung finally made a debut. He was included in the line-up of TS Entertainment’s new boy group. TS Entertainment announced the boy group’s name, TRCNG, in September 2017, just a month before they debuted. TRCNG itself is an acronym for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation”. Later on, they released the member’s profiles and names one by one. The group consists of 10 members. They are Jihun, Hayoung, Hakmin, Jisung, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Hohyeon, Kangmin, Wooyeop, and Taeson. They released their first single on October 10th, 2017. Their debut song was titled “Spectrum”. Let’s check out the music video below!

TS Entertainment also released TRCNG’s dance practice for “Spectrum”. So, if you like to dance and love to do a dance cover, you can check out this video!

What do you think about TRCNG’s dance performance? They are really cool, right? Hayoung, who was once just a little boy who liked to sing and play football, we can’t believe has turned into a cool guy who not only can sing well, but dance well, too! TRCNG’s debut era was really amazing. For your information, TRCNG was the group debuted by TS Entertainment, 5 years after their seniors debuted. They are also the first group to debut in TS Entertainment in 3 years, after Sonamoo made a debut. Well, hopefully, TRCNG will achieve huge success just like their seniors!

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