However, there are a few rare cases of actors turning into idols. Well, now that the tables have turned, what happens to them? Usually, when we see a case of an actor turning into an idol, they are child actors or actresses. This means that they started their careers starring in dramas or movies, but somehow ended up becoming an idol. So, in this article, we will appreciate one of the idols who was an actor before. He is Jihun from TRCNG. Keep scrolling to explore more about Jihun’s charms!

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Profile

Full Name: Kim Jihun Given Name: Jihun Stage Name: Jihun Korean Name: 김지훈 Nicknames: Honey Face, the Actor, Uncle (Ahjussi), Dad (Appa) Birthday: January 9th, 2000 Nationality: Korean Height: 176 cm Blood Type: B Specialty: Violin Hobby: Riding bike, car (automotive enthusiast) Favorite Color: White Favorite Musician: The Script, DJ Khaled Motto: Let’s be grateful for everything that happened Family: Parents Position: Leader, lead vocalist Debut Year: 2017 Agency: TS Entertainment Group: TRCNG

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Facts

Now that we have seen Jihun’s profile, you must be curious about other things about him. Jihun has a lot of hidden charms that you probably haven’t heard of before. So, let’s check out the list of Jihun’s interesting facts below!

Jihun’s eyebrows are really dark and strong. Jihun’s hobby is riding a bicycle. He rides a road bike. Jihun really draws well. This is a video of his painting skills. Jihun is said to resemble a bear. Jihun has a teddy bear too. Jihun is the “house stone” or likes to stay at home. He dislikes going outside.

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Pre-Debut

We told you about how the actor Jihun turned into an idol. But what actually inspired him to become an idol? If he had continued the path he took as a child, he could have been a full-time actor, right? Hmm, this must sound too confusing for you. But then again, every idol has his own story. And Jihun’s story is an interesting one that involves his career path change from an actor to an idol. So, let’s check out the story of Jihun before he made a debut in TRCNG! You have probably guessed that Jihun comes from Seoul, since he was a child actor before. But actually, Jihun was born in Daegu, South Korea, on January 9th, 2000. However, Jihun was raised in Ilsan. He went to elementary school and middle school there. In Ilsan, Jihun lived with his parents only. He is an only child. As a child, Jihun started his career in acting instead of singing. He first acted in a drama when he was in elementary school. The first drama that he starred in was a drama titled Glory Jane that aired on the KBS channel. After that, Jihun got many other opportunities to star in dramas and movies. In 2013, Jihun starred in a drama titled The Queen’s Classroom, which aired on MBC. There, Jihun met various child actors. One of the actors that starred in that drama was Kim Ji-sung. It’s the same Kim Jisung from TRCNG. He was a child actor too. Kim Jisung asked Jihun to join a TS Entertainment audition a few years later. He agreed and the two of them joined the audition together. Both Jihun and Jisung passed the audition and became trainees of TS Entertainment. As you may know, TS Entertainment was known to be the agency of B.A.P, Secret, Sonamoo, etc. There, Jihun trained to sing and dance. He also moved to Seoul and left his hometown. SONAMOO PLASTIC SURGERY BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURE COMPARISON After he graduated from middle school, Jihun enrolled at the Seoul School of Performing Arts, the school that focuses on performing arts. So, compared to the regular schools, Jihun could balance between his studies and following the tight schedule of being a trainee. Jihun enrolled in the acting department. Seems like at that time he still wanted to pursue acting in the future even though he eventually became an idol.

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Debut

Jihun’s trainee life was quite hard. He had to train to sing, dance, and act too. Thank God he was already into acting since he was young, so it should not have been that hard for him. Jihun did it all when he was in school. And finally, he got a piece of big news about his debut. TS Entertainment released an announcement about their upcoming boy group called TRCNG in September 2017. TRCNG is an acronym for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation”. The group would make a debut of 10 members, who are Jihun, Hayoung, Hakmin, Jisung, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Hohyeon, Kangmin, Wooyeop, and Taeseon. Jihun was appointed to be the leader of TRCNG. A few days before TRCNG’s debut date, TS Entertainment released each member’s name and pictures. Jihun’s was released on October 5th, 2017. TRCNG released their first song titled “Spectrum” on October 10th, 2017. Let’s check out the music video of TRCNG’s “Spectrum”!

They also released the dance practice video of “Spectrum”. So, if you like to do a dance cover, you can check out this video to learn the dance moves.

Here is the debut stage of TRCNG in a music show. Can’t believe that they finally did that after years of being trainees. Good job, TRCNG!

What do you think about TRCNG’s debut era? They were so cool back then, right? Just so you know, the average age of TRCNG members is 17–18. In the Korean age system, the members who mostly were born in 2000 were 18 years old back then, including Jihun. While the youngest members were just a year younger than them. They were all still in high school. TRCNG is the first boy group to debut under TS Entertainment five years after they debuted B.A.P in 2012. And they were also the first group to debut in three years after Sonamoo made a debut under TS Entertainment. Hmm, TRCNG are really interesting, right? Who has fallen for them already?

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