Kim Ji-sung of TRCNG: From Child Actor to Boy Group Member!

Do you know about the charming boy group TRCNG? The name stands for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation” and consists of eight members! The group has a rapper with adorable visuals named Kim Ji-sung who has become Channel Korea’s main topic for today. Let’s get to know more about Jisung from TRNCG through the profile article by Channel Korea below!

Full Profile of TRCNG’s Jisung

Birth Name: Kim Ji-sung (김지성) Stage Name: Jisung (지성) Date of Birth: December 21, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 171 cm Weight: – Blood Type: O Position: High Rapper Occupation: Rapper, Actor Years Active: 2017 – Present Label: TS Entertainment Associated With: TRCNG Instagram: @arslunar

TRCNG’s Jisung’s Fun Facts That You Have to Know!

Jisung’s nicknames are Chocolate, Squirrel, and Rattata His nationality is Korean He attended Hanlim Multi Art School People say that Jisung looks like the Pokemon Rattata His favorite artist is G-Dragon from Big Bang, and he respects him a lot Jisung is interested in writing, especially taking notes Jisung’s additional talent is backpack kid dance His motto is: “You have to take a risk to get something good” Jisung is the hardest to wake up early in the morning He was a child actor Jisung appeared in the dramas The Queen’s Classroom (2013) and Monster (2016) Jisung is not very good at English, but he is trying to improve

Find Out TRCNG’s Jisung’s Ideal Type Here!

Through one of the TRCNG interviews, the members talked about their ideal types, including Jisung! So, what kind of ideal type does he have? Jisung was quite specific about his ideal type since he likes older women with long, straight hair, a pretty smile, and big eyes. We hope that he can find his ideal type in the future!

TRCNG’s Jisung’s Pre-Debut Story: His Career as a Child Actor

Before Jisung made his debut with TRCNG, he started his career as a child actor. He has appeared in over 11 productions, over 25 kids’ magazine photoshoots, and advertisements! In 2013, Jisung made a small appearance in The Queen’s Classroom as a student named Kang Min-jae. Even though it was a supporting role, Jisung performed well! A few years later, he also made another acting appearance as a cameo in Monster as the child from the shop. During that period, Jisung became a trainee of TS Entertainment. Jisung and fellow member Hyunwoo had the longest training time of over 5 years. His hard work paid off since he finally debuted as a TRCNG member in 2017!

Jisung’s Debut With TRCNG

After such a long training period, Jisung officially debuted as a rapper in TRCNG on October 10, 2017! Jisung and the other seven members released the group’s first mini-album New Generation with the title track “Spectrum.” TRCNG became the second boy group under TS Entertainment after B.A.P. Through the single “Spectrum,” Jisung and fellow member Hohyeon took part in the rap-writing themselves. A rapper and a songwriter, such a perfect combination, right? The group’s debut concept also gained a lot of attention since they provided different charms as a rookie group at the time! Following the success of “Spectrum,” TRCNG released other hit singles such as “Wolf Baby,” “Game Changer,” “Missing,” “Paradise,” and many more!

Focus Fancam Performances of TRCNG’s Jisung

If you guys are curious about TRCNG’s Jisung’s charms, go check out these focus fancam videos:

Jisung looks like a fairytale prince during TRCNG’s “Missing” live performance! With the mixture of his blonde hair and classic aristocratic outfit, his appearance is very eye-catching! Ever since the music started, Jisung showed off such powerful energy as well!

You guys have to see how gorgeous Jisung is with darker hair! With an all-black concept, TRCNG members including Jisung brought such sophisticated vibes during the “Spectrum” live stage! Not to mention, the way he sang his rap part also deserves admiration! That is everything that you need to know about Jisung from TRCNG! Since he was younger, Jisung had chased his dream to be one of the rising K-pop stars, and he even made a breakthrough appearance as a child actor. We hope to see more of actor Jisung sometime in the future as well! What are your thoughts about TRCNG’s Jisung? Leave your response in the comments down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your Twitter and Instagram!

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