Initially, they were parted into two groups: TREASURE and MAGNUM, but eventually, they were debuted as one group, TREASURE. Fun fact, before the group’s official debut, the company announced TREASURE’s official fandom name in advance! Are you curious about that? In this article, Channel Korea has introduced every detail regarding TREASURE’s fandom name, so stay tuned!

TREASURE Announced Their Fandom Name: Treasure Makers (Teume)

People were willing to wait for TREASURE’s official fandom because they were beyond worth waiting, not to mention how the members have prepared everything and put a lot of effort into their debut. Fun fact, shortly before their debut, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE’s fandom name is called “Treasure Maker”. The fans were fond of it because there is a TREASURE name within the fandom’s name as if they are united together.

TREASURE’s Fandom Name Meaning

Since the fans of TREASURE are called “Treasure Maker”, people start to wonder about the meaning behind it, especially the fact that there is also the group’s name within the fandom name. Although the name is “Treasure Maker”, however, TREASURE members refer to it as “Teume” for the shorter version and the fans are fond of it as well. Just like its original name, “Treasure Maker” has meaning that the fans make TREASURE who they really are, and how the group can always show their true side to the fans. Simple yet very thoughtful, isn’t it?

Fans’ Reaction to the Fandom Name Announcement

Ever since the first announcement of the group’s fandom name, many fans started to like it, especially after TREASURE members refer to it as Teume. For them, the fandom name is very special and they have given many positive responses about that! “Always remember that TREASURE calls us ‘Teumes/Treasure Makers’ only. We have a fandom name for a reason” “I’m so proud of this fandom” “The fandom is called Treasure Maker since we complete/make them whole” “YG announced TREASURE’s fandom name will be called ‘Treasure Maker’ I am sobbing” “The fact that TREASURE’s name is in our fandom name means we’re all in this together. Let’s do this!”

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After announcing the group’s name as “Treasure Maker”, choose sky blue as the official fan color, then released the group’s official lightstick, TREASURE eventually released the group’s fandom logo as well! The logo is quite simple yet sophisticated since it is written “Treasure Maker” with a huge M was written as well behind the “Treasure Maker”. Many fans were delighted when they saw the logo for the first time, and very happy since the logo suited the group and the fandom itself! Well, what do you guys think about TREASURE’s fandom logo? That’s everything about the meaning behind TREASURE’s fandom name! From the meaning, logo, and the colors of the fandom, all of the details are priceless and radiate such a warm feeling for both TREASURE and the fans! What do you think about TREASURE’s fandom name? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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