However, being a K-pop idol is not easy. As a Korean, it’s already hard to be a K-pop idol. The training period requires them to follow a tight schedule from morning until dawn. There is almost no time to sleep or mingle with friends. Not to mention, passing the audition is also quite hard since there are over one hundred participants. So, can you imagine being a trainee in a foreign country? You need to take a lot of lessons to learn to dance and sing until you hurt. But, there is no one in your family to greet you when you get home since you now live far away. That’s why, in this article, we will talk about one of the foreign K-pop idols to appreciate their hard work. We will be talking about Haruto, a Japanese idol from Treasure. Who is he and what’s his story? Let’s check out the sections below!

Treasure’s Haruto’s Profile

Haruto or Watanabe Haruto is one of the members of Treasure, a K-pop boy group from YG Entertainment. Treasure made its debut with 12 members, and four of them are Japanese. Along with Haruto, there are Mashiho, Asahi, and Yoshi who are also Japanese. The Korean members are Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Jaehyuk, Doyoung, Junkyu, Yedam, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan. In Treasure, Haruto is in charge of the main rapper position. Haruto was the first member to be announced as a member of Treasure. Knowing that fact, you are probably thinking that Haruto is so talented. Well, he is, but Haruto was actually so young at that time. He was included in the lineup for the upcoming boy group of YG Entertainment when he was 14 years old. Can you imagine being 14 years old and already succeeding? Well, let’s just get started to know more about Haruto in the profile below! Full Name: Watanabe Haruto Given Name: Haruto Stage Name: Haruto Korean Name: 와타나베 하루토 Japanese Name: 渡辺 温斗 Nicknames: Face Genius, Haru, Ruto, Naruto, Uzumaki Haruto, etc Birthday: April 5, 2004 Birth Place: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 182.8 cm Weight: 63 kg Foot Size: 290 mm Blood Type: B Family: Parents, younger sister Position: Main rapper MBTI: ISFP Debut Year: 2020 Agency: YG Entertainment Group: Treasure

Treasure’s Haruto’s Facts

So now you know that Haruto is Japanese since we have seen his profile. Haruto’s surname is Watanabe, and he goes by Haruto as his stage name. Sometimes, people call him Ruto or Haru for short. We also have seen some nicknames given to Haruto and other essential things about him. But, we don’t know much about his personality. So, instead of just wondering how Haruto is in real life, let’s get started to see the facts of Haruto. Check out the list of Haruto’s interesting facts below!

In January 2017, Haruto passed the audition for YG Entertainment’s Japan branch. Haruto’s trainee period was almost 4 years. Young Haruto once had seaweed hair just like G-Dragon because his mother is a BIGBANG fan. Haruto and Yoshi went to the YG Entertainment audition together. It seems like Haruto can’t eat spicy foods because he once ate food made by Jihoon and drank milk immediately. If Haruto were a girl, he would date Park Jeongwoo in Treasure. Haruto’s favorite flavor of Baskin Robbin’s is Very Berry Strawberry. Before Haruto joined YG Entertainment in Japan, he joined a dance academy, and he performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at the audition. In Treasure’s song called “MMM,” Haruto and Asahi both wrote the rap lyrics for the song.

Treasure’s Haruto’s Pre-Debut

Haruto was included in the lineup for Treasure when he was 14 years old. Not only that, but he also became the first member to be revealed. Can you imagine how big his talent is in rapping, his specialty? He must have trained so hard since he was much younger. How can Haruto, the little boy from Japan, end up becoming an idol in South Korea? Let’s see the story of Haruto’s pre-debut below! Watanabe Haruto was born on April 5, 2004. He came from Fukuoka Prefecture, and he was born and raised there. He lived with his family which consists of parents and a younger sister. Even though he is one of the youngest members in Treasure, in his family, Haruto is the oldest child. Haruto’s parents are both still young. They have been fans of K-pop since Haruto was a little boy. Haruto’s parents are big fans of YG Entertainment’s idol groups including BIGBANG and 2NE1. That could be the reason why Haruto is familiar with K-pop even though he’s from Japan. That’s why Haruto learned to dance and a little bit of rap when he was still a child. In the first year of middle school, Haruto was still 12 years old, but he was brave enough to join an audition. The audition was for YG Entertainment’s Japan branch. Haruto met Yoshi at that time. The two of them joined the audition together even though they didn’t know each other back then. Thankfully, Haruto passed the audition and Yoshi did, too. They trained in YG Entertainment’s Japanese branch along with other trainees such as Mashiho and Asahi. In 2018, Haruto was appointed to be a participant of YG Treasure Box in Korea.

Treasure’s Haruto in YG Treasure Box

YG Treasure Box is a survival show about YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group. There were 29 participants who were all male trainees from YG Entertainment. They were divided into 4 groups, A, B, C, and J. The J group consisted of the Japanese trainees. And, one of them was Haruto. The survival show’s first episode started airing in November 2018, and the final episode aired in January 2019. Just like any other survival show, YG Treasure Box aimed to get the best trainees to be part of YG Entertainment’s new boy group. That’s why the trainees were introduced in the beginning starting with their names, habits, specialties, etc. They also did some performances to show that they are worth it. And, just like that, Haruto was one of the youngest participants, and he practiced hard to be included in the team. He also practiced his Korean skills. Luckily, since he was still young, it wasn’t that hard for him to learn Korean. Let’s check out Haruto’s performances on YG Treasure Box below!

What do you think about Haruto’s performance in YG Treasure Box? The cool performances by him allowed him to be included in the lineup for Treasure. But, the fans wanted to see more members since they fell in love with other participants as well who couldn’t make it to the final lineup. That’s why YG Entertainment made another group named Magnum, which consisted of 6 members besides the 7 members of Treasure. Good job, Haruto!

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