Whether or not you’re a fan of YG Entertainment’s groups or singers, you must know their works or at least their names. That’s how big YG Entertainment is, along with other big agencies such as SM Entertainment and JYP entertainment. That’s why people are expecting a lot about YG Entertainment’s new boy group. They have succeeded in debuting their 3rd generation of K-pop boy group and girl group, but what about the 4th gen? In 2020, YG Entertainment revealed that they are debuting their latest boy group called Treasure. Yep, just like their name, Treasure is as precious as a treasure. Let’s talk more about one of the members in Treasure, Jeongwoo!

Treasure’s Jeongwoo’s Profile

Jeongwoo is a member of Treasure, the latest boy group from YG Entertainment. In Treasure, Jeongwoo is in charge of the main vocals of the group. He is also one of the maknae line since he was born in 2004, though the youngest member is Junghwan who is only a year younger than Jeongwoo. Treasure’s members have been on TV since 2018 or even before that. One of the members, Yedam, joined a competition called K-Pop Star in 2013. Some members appeared in the reality show Stray Kids in 2017. A year after that, they had their own show, YG Treasure Box, which aimed to form an upcoming boy group of YG Entertainment. Enough with the introduction, let’s check out Jeongwoo from Treasure’s profile! Name: Park Jeongwoo Stage Name and Given Name: Jeongwoo Korean Name in Hangul: 박정우 Nicknames: Choco Jeongwoo, Handsome Shoulder, Tension Man, Baby Wolf, Rap Jeongwoo, etc. Birthday: September 28, 2004 Birthplace: Eoyang, Iksan, South Korea Height: 180.4 cm Weight: 65 kg Foot Size: 285 mm Blood Type: O MBTI Type: ISFP Family: Parents, older brother Education:

Iksan Eoyang Elementary School Seongsan Middle School Seoul of Performing Arts

Agency: YG Entertainment Group: Treasure Debut Year: 2020

Treasure’s Jeongwoo’s Facts

Jeongwoo might be young, but he has a lot of charms that you probably can’t guess. Looking at his profile, you might be thinking that he is a quiet boy, but is he? Let’s get to know him even better from the list of interesting facts about Jeongwoo! Check out the list!

Jeongwoo is left-handed. Jeongwoo has broad shoulders that are 50 cm wide. Jeongwoo has grown much taller after he joined YG Entertainment, and has even gotten taller after he filmed YG Treasure Box. Even though Jeongwoo is the main vocalist, he shows interest in rap, too. He rapped a lot when he was on YG Treasure Box. Among the team members, Jeongwoo is the type who shows a hilarious side. When he was still in the academy, he said if he passed the YG Entertainment audition, he would buy his friends tteokbbokki. Jeongwoo said that he was shy when talking to strangers. Jeongwoo likes to watch camping vlogs. Jeongwoo’s Baskin Robbins’ favorite flavor is Rainbow Sorbet.

Treasure’s Jeongwoo’s Pre-Debut

Jeongwoo is known to be an Iksan boy along with Junghwan. For your information, Iksan is a city in North Jeolla province in South Korea. It’s quite far from Seoul, and you probably wonder how the Iksan boy came to Seoul and even became an idol? Being a trainee itself is already hard, not to mention the pain he had to endure of longing for his family, friends, and hometown. So, it’s time to get to know Jeongwoo better by seeing the story of his pre-debut era! Jeongwoo, who is also known by his full name Park Jeongwoo, was born on September 28, 2004. The day Jeongwoo was born was the same day as Chueseok or Korea’s Thanksgiving. He was born in Eoyang-dong, Iksan-si, Jeollabok-do, South Korea. Not only was Jeongwoo born there, but he also spent all of his childhood and some of his teenage life in Iksan. Jeongwoo is the youngest child in his family. He lived with his parents along with an older brother. It seems like Jeongwoo was already into music when he was younger. He tried to learn more to sing while joining a music academy in his hometown. This is the same academy that Junghwan attended, too. But, it only took 2 days for Jeongwoo to get a chance to join an audition. He went to YG Entertainment’s open audition in Iksan. There, he met Junghwan for the first time. Jeongwoo was so awkward with Junghwan at that time since it was the first time they met. He gave Junghwan a sweet and sour candy. He thought that he didn’t know what to say, and Junghwan wasn’t the type of person who greets someone first either. But, because of that, they get close. They even passed the audition together. Jeongwoo officially became a trainee in March 2018.

Treasure’s Jeongwoo on YG Treasure Box

Jeongwoo passed the audition when he was in middle school. It was around 2017 when he finally moved to Seoul and transferred to a school there. As a trainee, Jeongwoo had to follow a tight schedule for almost 24 hours a day. He trained hard, not only in dancing and singing, but also in some other aspects such as acting, rapping, and languages, too. The turning point of his trainee life was when Jeongwoo was included in the YG Treasure Box survival show. The show aired on JTBC’s channel starting from November 2018 until January 2019. The show had 29 participants who were divided into 4 groups, A, B, C, and J. Group J consisted of Japanese members. Jeongwoo was in Group C. The aim of YG Treasure Box was to find members for the upcoming boy group of YG Entertainment. During each episode, they needed to show that they should join the line-up. Let’s check out the performances of Jeongwoo when he was on YG Treasure Box‘s reality show.

Due to his hard work, Jeongwoo finished as one of the seven members that would debut as a new boy group called Treasure. It was supposed to be only 7 members, but due to high demand, YG Entertainment released a new line-up for another new group called Magnum.

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