It’s so hard to keep up with all the K-pop boys and girls that have debuted years ago who can be called the seniors and those who debuted in the previous year or two who can be called the juniors. Even liking only our faves can be overwhelming sometimes. But hey, don’t worry, you won’t get left behind just because you can’t stay updated on a lot of K-pop idols. In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the boys from K-pop that is just too adorable to handle. He came from a “big 3” company in K-pop and is part of the future of K-pop, it’s Jihoon! Who is Jihoon? Well, yeah, sorry. The K-pop industry has a lot of Jihoons. But, this Jihoon surely will make you fall in love as hard as you can. He’s Jihoon from Treasure. Let’s check out more about Jihon below!

Treasure’s Jihoon’s Profile

We told you before that K-pop has a lot of idols named Jihoon. Well, not only in K-pop but also in the Korean entertainment industry. Some include Park Jihoon, a former member of WANNA ONE, Lee Jihoon and Seo Jihoon the actors, and even the real names of some K-pop idols are Jihoon such as Rain or Woozi from Seventeen. Well, Jihoon is indeed a common name. But, Jihoon from Treasure is just as cool as other Jihoons. His full name is Park Jihoon. He was born in 2000. Before he made his debut, he was a trainee in YG Entertainment for years. Jihoon is in charge of dance, vocals, and is one of the leaders in Treasure. Let’s talk more about Jihoon by seeing his profile first. Check it out! Full Name: Park Jihoon Korean Stage Name: 지훈 Korean Real Name: 박지훈 Stage Name: Jihoon Nicknames: Jyun, Jihoon-Nam, Muscle Nam, Hooni, Dad, Flower, etc. Birthplace: Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 178 cm Weight: 64 kg Birthdate: March 14, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Position: Leader, lead vocal, main dancer Education: Hanlim Multi Arts High School Blood type: B MBTI type: ENTJ Debut: 2020 Agency: YG Entertainment

Treasure’s Jihoon’s Facts

We talked about how Jihoon has been a trainee for years in YG Entertainment. We also talked about YG Entertainment making a survival show that introduced its trainees who later debuted as Treasure. And, now you know that Jihoon came from Busan. Well, it is still not that much, right? Of course, Jihoon has more things to talk about besides his short information and essential things. Let’s see more facts about Jihoon in the list of Jihoon’s facts below!

Jihoon’s characteristics are humorous, witty, and a sensible style. Jihoon’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate. Jihoon’s favorite color is red. Jihoon’s face is really small, and he has a single eye-lid. In real life, Jihoon uses dialect a lot when he’s speaking. Jihoon likes to take pictures. He likes to photograph flowers. Jihoon is good in Japanese, and the pronunciation is also good.

Treasure’s Jihoon’s Pre-Debut

We have seen Jihoon’s basic info such as his hometown, his zodiac type, and even MBTI type. We have also seen some interesting facts about him. Jihoon is such an adorable person. Now, you might be wondering how Jihoon who was a trainee for a couple of years decided to be an idol. Was it his dream for a long time? Did he expect this? Well, instead of just wondering, let’s see the detailed story of Jihoon before he turned into “Jihoon from Treasure!” Jihoon, also known by his full name Park Jihoon, was born and raised in Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, Busan. He was born on March 14, 2000. Jihun spent his childhood in Busan and attended the schools there until he graduated from middle school. He lived in Busan along with his parents and an older brother who was born in 1997. As a child, Jihoon’s dream was just like any other child. He dreamt to be a pilot instead of a singer. However, he started to listen to songs and fell in love with music. Jihoon tried to join an audition when he was in school. He always wanted to be in YG Entertainment which was the agency that he looked up to. And, he finally made it. Jihoon became a trainee officially in April 2016 after he sang a song called “You in My Arms.” At that time, he was only 17 years old in the Korean age system or 16 years old in the international age system. Jihoon who went to a school in Busan had to leave his hometown and attended a school in Seoul, Hanlim Multi Arts High School. The school that he went to in Seoul is a school that focuses on performing arts which allowed Jihoon as a trainee to focus on school along with the busy schedule of being a trainee.

Treasure’s Jihoon in YG Treasure Box

Jihoon’s trainee life was hard. Since being an idol is a job that has to look perfect all the time, trainees must endure a lot of hard work. Jihoon said that he cried a lot of times when he was a trainee. Jihoon must have been through a tough time. But one day, he had to leave YG Entertainment in March 2018. Jihoon must have felt shocked when he was cut off from the company since he really wanted to be in YG Entertainment and he had a hard time enduring the pain. However, Jihoon was asked to come back to YG Entertainment by Yang Hyunsuk himself in August 2018. Jihoon was then included in the line-up of YG Treasure Box, a survival show that aired on JTBC from November 2018 until January 2019. The show contained 29 male trainees from YG Entertainment that later would debut in upcoming boy groups from YG Entertainment. Jihoon was included in Group B along with Jyunhao, Seokhwa, Yoonbin, Yunseo, Jaehyuk, Sunyeon, and Dohwan. Let’s see some clips of Jihoon on YG Treasure Box!

Although Jihoon’s performances were brilliant, he didn’t make it in the original line-up of Treasure. Thus, YG Entertainment put him into the second debut group, Magnum. Then, the two groups combined into a group called Treasure13.

Treasure’s Jihoon’s Debut

Jihoon’s journey to be an idol was quite a hard road. He didn’t only have to leave his hometown and move to Seoul at a young age, he also had to follow the trainee’s schedule that is as hard as a rock. He struggled, and he even got kicked out of the agency, but he was patiently waiting for a rainbow to come. Finally, the debut date for Jihoon was set. Jihoon was included in the line-up of YG Entertainment’s upcoming debut. Even though they have been known around YG Entertainment’s fans since they were on YG Treasure Box in 2019, YG Entertainment didn’t debut them just yet. That could be because, in the same year, YG Entertainment faced a scandal about Seungri and Yang Hyunsuk. Since it could affect the group’s debut career, they delayed the debut date for Treasure. In the end, in May 2020, YG Entertainment announced that Treasure will finally make a debut. They also released the plan for Treasure in the future with the two groups, Magnum and Treasure, becoming one. The group also can participate in writing and composing lyrics. What a great choice from YG Entertainment! And finally, the debut date came. YG Entertainment released Treasure’s first debut single called “Boy” on August 7, 2020. Let’s see the music video of “Boy” down below!

And, don’t forget that YG Entertainment also released Treasure’s dance practice of “Boy.” Let’s check out the dance performance of Treasure in the video below!

What do you think about Treasure’s debut era? The boys were so young and cute back then, right? But, they pulled off the concept really well. They look fierce and charismatic!

Treasure’s Jihoon’s Performances on Stage

Even before Treasure’s members made their debut, they showed great performances during YG Treasure Box. No wonder they performed amazingly after their debut. Let’s see the performances of Treasure on some music shows!

After knowing how Jihoon struggled to reach the place that he is in right now, you must be feeling really proud of him. So now, it’s time to see the performances that only focus on Jihoon on some music shows!

What do you think about Jihoon’s performances? He does well, right? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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