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Full Profile of Treasure’s Junkyu

Stage Name: Junkyu (준규) Birth Name: Kim Jun-kyu (김준규) Birthday: September 9, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 178 cm (5’10″) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) Blood Type: O MBTI Type: INFP Nationality: Korean


Treasure’s Junkyu’s Fun Facts

Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, is his birthplace. When Junkyu was in elementary school, his family moved to Seoul. Junkyu studied at Def Dance Skool along with Doyoung. Junkyu became a trainee of YG Entertainment in 2013 after he was accepted into Def Dance Skool. Junkyu has one sibling, an older brother. Junkyu was a fan of August Alsina. Junkyu used to model for NONA9ON along with MILLENIUM and Choi Hyun-suk. Junkyu used to be a little ulzzang. Junkyu likes to sleep and listen to his favorite songs. Junkyu likes to play League of Legends. Junkyu likes cider. Junkyu hates if other people lying in his bed. Junkyu takes a 3-hour shower. Junkyu usually wears a lot of colorless clothes. When embarrassed, Junkyu has a habit of turning his eyes away so that only the whites are visible. Junkyu owns 2 cats named Ruby and Aengdu, and he calls them noona. Haruto is his roommate. Junkyu has been voted as a “physical genius” because of his height, broad shoulders, and long, slim legs. Junkyu participated in JTBC’s competition show MIXNINE and finished at 35. After participating in MIXNINE, he lost his confidence for a while, and Yang Hyun-suk gave him gifts to encourage him to keep working hard. David is his English name. Junkyu doesn’t like texting and prefers calling. Listening to music, playing games, and sleeping are some of his hobbies. His vocal is the most suitable for YG’s style. His mottos are “I know the path I want to take so I’ll at it my way,” and, “No pain, no gain.” Junkyu aspires to deliver the meaning of the lyrics and to be a singer who can have a positive influence on people. In his childhood, Junkyu dreamed to be a professional gamer. “Koala,” “Snorlax,” and “pure” are 3 words that best describe him. Chocolate cornets are his favorite bread. Black is his favorite color. Dakgangjeong (Korean fried chicken) is his favorite food. Winter is Junkyu’s favorite season of the year.


Treasure’s Junkyu’s Pre-Debut on YG Treasure Box

Before his debut, Junkyu participated in YG Entertainment’s survival shows MIXNINE and YG Treasure Box. In MIXNINE, Junkyu didn’t make it to the debut line-up and was eliminated at 35th place.

After participating in MIXNINE, Junkyu lost his confidence for a while. This is shown in an early episode of YG Treasure Box. But later, Junkyu showed a state of gradually recovering and became more confident. In the show, Junkyu was a part of team A.

When it was time to pick a position, Junkyu was nominated as the visual representation of team A and he went head to head against Haruto, the visual of team J, in the second evaluation. When the evaluation stage began, Junkyu got nervous and his hands were trembling, but he soon gained his confidence, and he received praise from Yang Hyun-Suk.

In the final round, Junkyu was selected as the 4th member in the debut group Treasure and was set to debut with the group.  

Junkyu’s Official Debut with Treasure

Before being formed into a group of 12 people, YG Entertainment initially divided Treasure into two groups, Treasure (Junkyu was in here) and Magnum, which would be promoted as two separate groups and also as a group together under Treasure 13. However, due to several scandals in the agency, the schedule for the debut of the group was postponed. And, after some consideration, YG Entertainment decided to unite the two groups into one group called Treasure. After one member’s departure, Treasure proceeded with 12 members, Junkyu, Mashiho, Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Yoonbin, Jaehyuk, Asahi, Yedam, Doyoung, Haruto, Jeong-woo, and Junghwan. The group’s established fandom is named Treasure Maker, often called Teume. The group even created a special greeting for their fans, saying “Teuha!” (Teume hai) and a closing greeting of “Teuba!” (Teume bye). After YG Entertainment made three new announcements regarding the new boy group and said that the group would debut in 2020, Treasure began to release individual teasers of its members in February 2020. Same with everyone else, Junkyu’s teasers were focused on his youthful and carefree image as he smiles innocently and stares at the camera dreamily. After the debut was postponed, Treasure finally debuted on August 7, 2020, by releasing their debut single titled The First Step: Chapter One and the song “Boy.” The group’s debut met with massive success as they won numerous new artist of the year awards including Rookie Artist of the Year at the 35th Golden Disc Awards and Best New Male Artist alongside Worldwide Fans’ Choice at the 2020 MAMA. Check out Junkyu and the boys’ debut through their MV below!


Treasure’s Junkyu’s Visual and Personality

Many agree that Junkyu is one of the most powerful visuals in the group. His fair skin and the point under his right eye are some of his attractive points. When Junkyu laughs, he also displays pretty aegyo and dimples. But, unlike his soft and cute-looking visuals, Junkyu has a manly physic with height and long legs. His legs are very long, his shoulders are wide, and his pelvis is narrow, making him be dubbed a “physical genius.” Still, Junkyu looks cute as the shape of his mouth turns into a heart shape when he laughs. In terms of personality, Junkyu is, without a doubt, introverted. But, even though Junkyu likes being alone, he still feels comfortable amongst Treasure’s members. Because for him, they’re a family (aww!).


Treasure’s Junkyu’s Singing Skills

Amongst other Treasure members, Junkyu has a voice that matches the conventional YG-style with his unique tone. Check out his vocal skills below!


Treasure’s Junkyu’s Focus Fancams

With his beautiful physique, voice, and face, it is no wonder that Junkyu steals hearts here and there. Looking to get your heart stolen? Check out his fancams below!

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