For you who have been watching and following K-pop, you must be familiar with some groups from the previous gens of K-pop, including 2PM, SNSD, Super Junior, BIGBANG, etc. Can you believe that those groups debuted over ten years ago? Well, no wonder, the groups debuting in the current era have members mostly born in the 2000s. Just like the new boy group from YG Entertainment. The average of the year they were born is 2001. Just so you know, the group has 12 members with the oldest being born in 1999 and the youngest being born in 2005. Woah, can you imagine how young they are? But, they are all so talented because YG Entertainment trained them hard for years. No wonder they are all so prepared. But, in this article, we won’t be talking about the group in general. Let’s discuss one of the members, Bang Yedam!

Treasure’s Yedam’s Profile

The new boy group from YG Entertainment is called Treasure. You are probably familiar with the name because YG Entertainment revealed the members and made pre-debut projects for them way before their debut. The members also participated in some reality shows including YG Treasure Box, Stray Kids, and Mix Nine. Bang Yedam, has appeared on TV since he was little. Although he is not the oldest member in Treasure, he has the longest trainee period among the members. He also has talent in creating songs just like his senior G Dragon or Kim Hanbin. Now, let’s see more info about Bang Yedam in the profile below! Full Name: Bang Yedam Korean Name: 방예담 Chinese Name: 方藝潭 Stage Name: Yedam Nicknames: Dam-ie, Bang Namjoo, Dam Dadi, Dam Dadi Dam, Yedami, Da-mi, Birthplace: Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 173 cm Weight: 59 kg Birthdate: May 7, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Horse Position: Main vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Education:

Seoul Shinseok Elementary School Seoul Gwangseong Middle School Seoul Performing Arts High School

Blood Type: A MBTI Type: INFP Family: Parents Religion: Protestant Debut with Treasure: August 2020 Solo Debut: June 2020 Agency: YG Entertainment Instagram: @yg_treasure_official

Treasure’s Yedam’s Facts

Yedam likes ice cream, and his favorite flavor is green tea. Yedam trained in YG Entertainment for 7 years. Yedam likes purple, green, and pastel colors. Yedam’s English name is Kyle. Yedam’s English skill is good. Yedam has good skills in composing songs, and he likes to compose with Doyoung. Yedam has a tsundere personality.

Treasure’s Yedam’s Pre-Debut

After seeing his profile and facts, you probably wonder how Bang Yedam spent half of his life under the roof of YG Entertainment’s building as a trainee? He also has skills in singing and composing songs that are great for his age. Yedam is such a talented young idol, but why is he so talented? Let’s explore the previous life of Bang Yedam before he became a member of Treasure, even before he was a trainee in YG Entertainment. Yedam was born and raised in Seoul on May 7, 2002. His family lived in Mapo District, Seoul, which is not that far from YG Entertainment’s building. Yedam is the only child in his family, and he has a father who works in the music field as a composer of many animated songs and commercials. His mother also works in the music field as a singer. No wonder Yedam has a real talent in music. He started to sing when he was little. Since his father works in animation soundtrack music, Yedam participated in a song when he was 5 years old.

Treasure’s Yedam’ K-Pop Star Era

In 2012, the talented young singer Bang Yedam dreamed to be a singer just like his mother. He auditioned for a reality show from SBS titled Kpop Star Season 2. At that time, Yedam was still 10 years old in international aging or 11 years old in Korean aging. The judges of the show were BoA, a solo singer from SM Entertainment, Park Jinyoung from JYP Entertainment, and Yang Hyunsuk from YG Entertainment. All three judges were impressed by Yedam’s performance on each episode. Even at such a young age, Yedam was confident on stage, and he even sang some songs in English perfectly. Let’s check out Yedam’s performance on K-Pop Star Season 2.

Yedam’s brilliant performances earned him second place on the show, and the winner was Akdong Musician. Both Yedam and Akdong Musician became trainees in YG Entertainment. However, Akdong Musician debuted not long after finishing with K-Pop Star Season 2, while Bang Yedam who was still in elementary school had to wait years. Here is a bonus clip of Yedam when he was on WIN: Who Is Next, a survival program from YG Entertainment that debuted WINNER and IKON.

Who knew that years later Yedam would participate in a survival show again.

Treasure’s Yedam’s Debut with Treasure

Yedam’s journey to debut with Treasure is probably quite long. As you can see, people have watched him on TV since 2012. It took almost ten years until he finally became a K-pop idol like he was dreaming to be as a child. It started in 2019 when YG Entertainment made a pre-debut project called YG Treasure Box for their upcoming boy group. Just like the name, the new boy group will have the name Treasure later. The survival show had 29 trainees that competed against each other to get to the final round. The selected members would be included in the lineup of the new boy group. Let’s see some clips of Yedam and other members on YG Treasure Box.

After a long journey on YG Treasure Box, Yedam was finally chosen to debut with Treasure along with Hyunsuk, Junhyuk, Jaehyuk, Yedam, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan. A year after the show, the lineup of the new boy group added more members, including Yoshi, Jihoon, Mashiho, Doyoung, and Asahi. On August 7, 2020, Treasure made a debut with the song titled “Boy.” Let’s see the music video of “Boy” from Treasure!

Just like the title, the song is about a boy who falls in love with a girl who is pretty. The 12 members performed the dance well. They have nice hairstyles and fashion, too. Now, let’s see the dance performance of Treasure with the song “Boy!”

After seeing the dance performance, we can clearly see how cool the boys are while they are dancing. They look even cooler while performing the song. Good job, Treasure!

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