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British author Born: Broxburn, United Kingdom Books: Tressa: The 12 Year Old Mum: My True Story Siblings: Jason Middleton Parents: Tracey Tallons, Gary Middleton Tressa Middleton attracted huge press coverage aged 12 when she became Britain’s youngest mum – but the real story behind the headlines was far more complicated and heartbreaking. Tressa was the third child of four born to an absent father and an alcoholic mother who were regularly taken into care. Tressa was more like a mum to her youngest sister and later to her mother’s two young sons by other men. The abuse by her older brother began when she was seven but he used the family’s instability against her. He said that if she ever told, all the children would be taken permanently into care and they would never see their mother again. To protect them all she kept his dark secret. By now her mother Tracey was a heroin addict and unreachable to Tressa. Almost inevitably, she followed her mother down the road of addiction. However, by 2011 she was determined to turn her life around and now aged 20, she hasbeen clean for three years. She says: ‘I was raised in darkness and fear. Motherhood at 12 was hard but far harder was the loneliness of keeping my brother’s secrets. Now I want to share my story to help others overcome fear in their lives.’

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They were the poster children of ‘Broken Britain’ – a tragically abused girl who became a mum at 12, and a boy who claimed he had fathered a child aged 13. And in the years since their infamous rise to fame, Tressa Middleton and Alfie Patten have struggled to rebuild their lives, battling drugs, booze and heartbreaking tragedies. Over the weekend, reports emerged that a young girl in Britain has given birth to a baby aged 11, with social services investigating the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. The shocking birth is thought to make her the UK’s youngest mum, a title previously held by tragic Tressa, who spiralled into heroin addiction after she was raped aged 11 by her eldest brother, Jason. Alfie, meanwhile, insisted he was Britain’s youngest dad before a DNA test proved otherwise. Plunged into depression by the revelation, he was this year kicked out of his home after allegedly using it as a base for drug operations. Tressa had a troubled relationship with her brother, Jason, whom she said could be “loving one minute and different the next”. When she was just 11, he lured her to a derelict building site near their home and horrifically raped her. Traumatised by the attack, Tressa felt unable to tell her mother about the changes she was noticing in her body a few months later. She confided in a friend who bought her a pregnancy test which confirmed her worst fears – her brother had impregnated her. “Soon after I began noticing changes in my body,” Tressa later told This Morning. “I eventually did a pregnancy test and it came up I was pregnant. “I was too scared to tell my mum, so I told my aunt and then ran away. “Mum was furious but she calmed down eventually.” Tressa, who had spent a lot of time in care, dared not tell her mum that Jason was the father of her unborn child. Scared and alone, she claimed the baby was the result of a drunken liaison with a teenager and, after giving birth to a little girl in 2006, spent two years raising her alone – keeping her dark secret to herself. Aged 14, she finally revealed the truth to a friend and Jason was arrested. But when she finally confessed the truth, she was denied contact with her child, which was taken into care. After a trial in 2009, Jason was jailed for four years after DNA tests proved he was her baby’s father.

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