Mire or Aoyagi Sumire is the only Japanese member of TRI.BE. She is also the youngest member of the group. Mire was born on March 26, 2006. In TRI.BE, Mire is in charge of the main dancer and the sub vocalist. Let’s get to know Mire better by reading this article! We will discuss more details of Mire starting from her profile, facts, pre-debut era, and more. Check them out!

TRI.BE’s Mire’s Profile

Let’s get to know TRI.BE’s Mire by reading her profile below! Stage Name: Mire Real Name: Aoyagi Sumire Position: Main dancer, sub vocalist Birthday: March 26, 2006 Birth Place: Yamanishi, Japan Nationality: Japan Height: 166.5 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type: AB MBTI: ENFP Family: Parents, older brother Nicknames: Su-chan, Sumare Debut: 2021 Agency: TR Entertainment

TRI.BE’s Mire’s Facts

TRI.BE’s Mire has a lot of interesting facts. Check out the list of her facts below to find out more about her!

TRI.BE’s Mire’s favorite season is spring. TRI.BE’s Mire’s favorite foods are macarons, rice cakes, and avocados. TRI.BE’s Mire’s favorite flavors of macarons are strawberry and green tea. TRI.BE’s Mire’s favorite colors are black, white, and lavender. TRI.BE’s Mire writes a diary before she goes to bed. She writes it in Japanese and Korean. TRI.BE’s Mire is close with Woo!ah!’s Sora because they joined the same dance academy.

TRI.BE’s Mire’s Discography

Make sure to listen to TRI.BE’s Mire discography with TRI.BE by checking all the lists below!

Tri.Be Da Loca (February 17, 2021) Loca DOOM DOOM TA (Single) Conmigo (May 18, 2021) RUB-A-DUM (Single) LORO VENI VIDI VICI (October 12, 2021) WOULD YOU RUN (Single) LOBO -18 GOT YOUR BACK TRUE DOOM DOOM TA RUB-A-DUM

TRI.BE’s Mire’s Pre Debut

Before her debut as a TRI.BE member, Mire spent her childhood life in Japan. She was born in Yamanashi prefecture. We probably can relate to her a lot, because even though she is Japanese, she has a strong dedication to learning about Korea after falling in love with K-pop. Mire started to like Blackpink when she was in the 5th grade of elementary school. She saved money to buy a Korean textbook to learn Korean. Knowing that Mire has learned Korean since she was so young, no wonder Mire has good pronunciation and even better Korean skills for a foreigner.

Mire’s Mother Was Against The Idea of Her Becoming a K-pop Idol

Mire has been dreaming to be a K-pop idol since she was so young, but her mother was against it. When Mire told her family the idea that she want to go to Korea and give up her education in Japan, her grandmother and father were supporting her. But not her mom. After a lot of discussions, Mire finally convinced her mother to believe in her dream. Later on, in 2019, Mire went to Seoul to reach her dream. At that time, Mire joined a dance academy in Gangnam. Lucky for her, she got accepted into a K-pop agency. Mire was trained for 6 months before debuting as a member of TRI.BE in 2021. Congratulations, Mire! That’s all the information about TRI.BE’s Japanese member, Mire, that you need to know. Not only that she’s beautiful, but the young girl also has a lot of charms and talent. Can’t wait to see more of Mire in the future! If you want more people to love her, make sure to share this article on your social media so more K-pop fans notice her charms. Check out other articles from Channel Korea to keep you updated with Korean entertainment. Cheers!

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