In this article, we will discuss the leader of TRI.BE, Songsun. Songsun is not only the leader of the group, she is also in charge of the main vocal of TRI.BE. Songsun is originated from Seoul and she was born on March 22, 1997. A lot of netizens discussed how Songsun’s face resembles SNSD’s Yuri. But did you know that she is actually the cousin of SNSD‘s Yuri? Let’s explore more details of TRI.BE’s Songsun in this article. We will talk about everything about her starting from her profile, facts, pre-debut era, and more. Scroll down to find out more!

TRI.BE’s Songsun’s Profile

Let’s start with TRI.BE’s Songsun’s profile first before anything else. Check this out! Stage Name: Songsun Real Name: Kim Song-sun Position: Leader, main vocalist, lead dancer Birthday: March 22, 1997 Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: South Korea Height: 160 cm Weight: 42 kg Blood Type: A MBTI: ENFJ Family: Parents, little sister, cousin (SNSD’s Yuri) Nickname: Ssong Debut: 2021 Agency: TR Entertainment Instagram: @tribedaloca

TRI.BE’s Songsun’s Facts

To fall in love with her even harder, make sure to check a lot of interesting facts about TRI.BE’s Songsun below!

TRI.BE’s Songsun is the shortest member among other TRI.BE members. TRI.BE’s Songsun spent 9 years of trainee life. TRI.BE’s Songsun is the eldest member of her group. But, since she is also the shortest and has a round facial feature, she doesn’t look like the eldest member. WEKI MEKI‘s Ji Suyeon is her friend. When TRI.BE’s Songsun made a debut, Ji Suyeon cheered for her on Insta Story. On her debut day, TRI.BE’s Songsun sent a video message to SNSD’s Yuri, her cousin. Other TRI.BE’s members were born in the 2000s, Songsun is the only member who was born in 1997 or before 2000. As of 2022, TRI.BE’s Songsun is the only member who has a driver’s license.

Tri.Be’s Songsun’s Discography

You surely have to check TRI.BE’s discography to see how powerful Songsun’s talents are. Let’s see the discography of TRI.BE below!

Tri.Be Da Loca (February 17, 2021) Loca DOOM DOOM TA (Single) Conmigo (May 18, 2021) RUB-A-DUM (Single) LORO VENI VIDI VICI (October 12, 2021) WOULD YOU RUN (Single) LOBO -18 GOT YOUR BACK TRUE DOOM DOOM TA RUB-A-DUM

Tri.Be’s Songsun’s Pre Debut

TRI.BE’s Songsun had difficult times during her pre-debut era. She has been a trainee since she was around 15 years old. Songsun has spent almost 10 years being a trainee. Before joining TR Entertainment, Songsun was a trainee in Banana Culture Entertainment. During that time, Songsun had a lot of chances to debut in a new group. But, it kept on getting canceled. Songsun almost gives up. Fortunately, she is patient enough to wait for the day that she finally debut as TRI.BE’s leader and main vocal.

TRI.BE’s Songsun’s Cousin Is SNSD’s Yuri

TRI.BE’s Songsun is a cousin of SNSD’s Yuri. She said it herself in a pre-debut interview that her mother and SNSD’s Yuri’s mother are sisters. No wonder their faces look similar! At first, SNSD’s Yuri didn’t fully support Songsun to be an idol, since Yuri knew well how hard it is to be an idol. But later, not only that Yuri supports her cousin to be an idol, but Yuri also encourages Songsun to not give up on her dreams. Yuri also gives her a lot of advice as a senior idol. It must be fun to have a supportive and talented cousin like Yuri. That’s all the things that you must know about TRI.BE’s Songsun starts from her profile, facts, and other interesting info about her. If you want more people to show support and love her, make sure to share this article on your social media. They will surely fall for her charms too! Don’t forget to check out other K-pop articles from Channel Korea to stay updated about Korean entertainment. Cheers!

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