In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of Tritops who was the leader, which is Ban Hyung-moon. Let’s find out more about Tritops’ Hyungmoon starting from his full profile, fun facts, to getting to know more about his visual in this article below!

Full Profile of Tritops’ Hyungmoon

Real Name: Ban Hyung-moon (Hangul: 반형문) Stage Name: Hyung-moon (Hangul: 형문) Birth: April 4, 1980 Star Sign: Aries Height: 179 cm (5’10”) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Position in the group: Leader, Main Vocalist Official Site: ( @tritops4 )

Fun Facts About Tritops’ Hyungmoon

Tritops’ Hyungmoon’s Visual

K-pop idols are also widely known to have handsome and beautiful visuals, whether they are members of boy groups or girl groups. In this session, let’s find out more about Tritops’ Hyungmoon and his visuals that you should know! Tritops’ leader, Hyungmoon, is one of the leaders of the South Korean boy group who has a charm with manly vibes like in the photo above which is one of the latest photos from Tritops’ Hyungmoon for an interview. He still looks young and charming with his thin smile. Besides that, we can also see his visual which has its own charms such as his slanted eyes that are also the main attraction of his visual. When it comes to prince charming, there are several K-pop idols who look handsome by their own standards and can make the hearts of female fans beat fast. An example of this is the photo above which shows Tritops’ Hyungmoon’s appearance while having long, curly hair and wearing a messy outfit, giving a fierce impression for him who usually looks neat. But, this appearance certainly stole the attention of many people because he seemed like a bad boy that every woman could possibly fall in love with. Long, curly hair from Tritops’ Hyungmoon is one of the most suitable eras from him. Because of his hairstyle, his visuals shined even more and could gain many people’s attention. He seemed to have an image like most actors in K-dramas with this unique appearance. He is also one of the idols with very attractive monolid eyes, right? The visual of Tritops’ Hyungmoon certainly looks very handsome, especially with a look like this. One of the members who was born on April 4, 1980, looks very manly when wearing a suit and tie in red coupled with round glasses which makes his image look like a smart and also cool guy. Not only that but he smiled handsomely while holding a bouquet of flowers in front of him, adding boyfriend material looks to his visual and appearance. What do you think about Tritops’ Hyungmoon’s visual? Well, that was all for the information about Tritops’ Hyungmoon that you should know. Currently, Tritops’ Hyungmoon is busy as a music producer and is planning some future work ahead with the group. He also promoted in Japan with a group of musicians from abroad. For that, let’s give a lot of support and love so that Tritops’ Hyungmoon continues to do well and his career can shine even more in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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